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From where it is our fears and addictions? Mother me took away

From a boarding school. For spring vacation. I then, probably, in a class the third - the fourth was. So far she there, in the city, did some things … Probably, on the market came, bought something on a trifle. So far there, so far on station. Generally, the ravine to approach - begins to get dark.

Yes I in boots. Since morning frost as if. And from station left - the road under the spring sun already floated. There is a pool, there dirt - and not to take place in boots. And boots - new. Two-three of times only and nadyovana … It is a pity! I - here will bypass. There - on a roadside where still the crust keeps. What walker from me? And mother has a basketful - will not run. Here also we trudge little by little.

From station fellow travelers were. So they in boots. Became and went, went... Only we also saw them. We go one. With mother together.

Which - as reached the ravine. It it is also not visible, and like any noise.

So gets dark already. At first and not to understand and what rustles - that. Wind, perhaps? In the field or on the lugovena, maybe, it it is not so heard. And right there - the wood. Here it, nearby. Behind the ravine. Trees, probably, also rustle with the naked branches that for the present in foliage to put on and do not gather. It is good if which - where on the southern slope of a kidney begin to bulk up.

Approached closer … And on the ravine - water! In a day to snow - that melted from hillocks. What to do? Somehow on our party it is necessary to get over.

Well, mother tucked in a hem for a belt. Me - on zakorka, and - through the ravine. And under water - … Under water - that, ice! It is slippery. Waters - decently. Also it rushes - a stream. Rages. I feel, with a force mother pushes. And it also holds me on zakorka. Carefully goes. To slip, fall God forbid. In total. Precisely I speak - utopl. Darkly. Around do not smother. Precisely, mother - utopl would fall. Oboye.

I asked then. Those which ahead of us left, in boots. They joined hands and so, a chain, passed. And before dark. And we - already in darkness. And one. Precisely I speak - utopl. I had a terrible fright while mother passed the ravine … passed

A, put off me. I already also did not watch that there under legs - dirt, pools. Not before. Put off me mother and speaks:

- Run the sonny, to a hut shvydchy. There bake still has to be warm. Skiday all wet and - on it. Muffle there in an old sheepskin coat properly.

I also pripustit very much. Came running home. Precisely, furnace warm. Did not manage to cool down yet as her mother since morning before to the city to go, heated. Threw off boots, socks, trousers and - on it.

I lie. Through some time it was warmed it seems, and most all the same - bangs. In total bangs. In a hut it is dark. Behind a window - zg not to see. Wind still rose. That the torn-off edge of iron on a roof - “Bam-Bam“. That in a pipe - “at - uu“. And there is no mother everything and is not present. Both is not present, and is not present.

Behind these passions also forgot absolutely that me - that it on zakorka threw, and left a basket on that side of the ravine. It should have returned. To take away a basket. And then again - on our side of the ravine. And I - run. And it with a basket, ustamsh, after three crossings …

A in a basket … No, here it was worth coming back behind it? Perhaps, mother in the city grabanut bank while I in a boarding school collected the simple belongings? With gold it in that basket had ingots? Bread of loaves how many got also candies - small pillows … Grams three hundred. On all our crowd. Only as without them? You will not cross a threshold, from a hut, flat to a windowpane, the turned white noses and yet - eyes. And in them - the mute, but obviously guessed question:

- What, mother? Brought what gift sweet of the city?

How to throw that gift? Wait, imps. Hope.

And bread. It is that too as? How many forces in it are put how many sweats descended before he on a city store counter the owner laid down?.

And the ravine. Here what we through it popyorlis? Would go slowly a hillock to the Longest Glade. There, if that, and it was possible to spend the night.

Cow. Cow... Who without mother will milk in its evening? We had no other option as soon as through this ravine of proklyatushchiya.

I have been through a lot then. Therefore, even now how many years already passed, itself - gray long ago, and here that is, that is … I do not love the ravine! Not that I am afraid. No. And now, as I go on it … And as if breaks me and mangles only from within.

No, I do not love the ravine …