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the Doe-rabbit was dobra. Above all she liked to embrace. For this habit the doe-rabbit was loved and hated, it was at the same time both her advantage and negative line. When at a meeting she embraced the girlfriend to protein, both increased mood. And when big-eared rushed on unfamiliar animals on the street, they were frightened and tried to escape, crawl away or uprygat quicker.

Once the doe-rabbit tried to clasp a wolf in the arms, and he nearly ate it. If the bear did not come to the rescue in time, everything could end tragicly. Another time she tried to catch a bird who podraznivat a doe-rabbit in the soft pads, flew over it and derisively chirped. In the afternoon big-eared it was not succeeded to carry out the plan, but when there came night, she on a tree got into a nest of a birdie and embraced her.

On bird`s squeal ran together animals, arranged meeting at which decided that the doe-rabbit needs to be isolated from society. Having listened to a sentence of animal court, the upset doe-rabbit left the wood expensive to heart. Looking from the high rock at native places, the doe-rabbit bitterly cried. Tired from got down, she fell asleep.

is Later several days spent in loneliness and contemplation of world around, the doe-rabbit decided to change the life. From acquaintances she knew that often people get domestic decorative rabbits, feed, and, above all - often they are embraced. As the doe-rabbit was very beautiful, she not without the bases hoped to get to the house to the careful hostess.

the Way to the human world was not simple. But the doe-rabbit was not frightened and went to the dream. Whether long shortly big-eared reached the settlement in which foxes lived. Red the doe-rabbit because she was more beautiful and kinder than them was not pleasant. They got big-eared under lock and key and starved until she grew thin and fell down in powerlessness.

All the time of the conclusion the doe-rabbit sang songs and smiled. It melted heart of one of foxes, she stole big-eared of an imprisonment and hid at home. After several weeks of rest the doe-rabbit found the lovely completeness again and became as before it is fine. Saying goodbye, she strong embraced and thanked chanterelle. The doe-rabbit had a remarkable mood. She went towards the aim soft, but confident steps.

Soon to it was necessary to face a new obstacle. Big-eared got to a nest to a hare who wanted that the doe-rabbit made friends and forever remained with it. The hare fed her with the best viands, gave expensive dresses, but she was unshakable. Eventually, gray released big-eared, having taken from it the promise, to write it letters.

the Doe-rabbit went - went, went - went and at last, reached the huge megalopolis in which on streets there went cars, and in shops sold carrot and sparkling water. Not for long it was necessary big-eared to wander about the city alone. Soon it was picked up by employees of one of nurseries of the capital. The maintenance of this place suited a doe-rabbit, but she did not plan to remain here forever.

In a week a doe-rabbit of a visor to herself the young girl who was engaged in drawing. She caged her and fed with a dry feed. It was not pleasant big-eared. She did not want to eat semi-finished products, she became sad. And the lovely hostess understood sufferings of a doe-rabbit. The artist learned on the Internet about features of rabbits and began to care for the alumna podobayushche.

Very well was to a doe-rabbit in the new house. The careful hostess built for her the special open-air cage, fed with natural products, allowed prank. She everyday embraced big-eared. In the light summer days the girl lay in a hammock in a garden and read the book. The doe-rabbit settled down near the hostess and utykatsya by a muzzle in it as a sign of a full consent and love.