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Whether wolves how they are painted are so terrible? And as to beat off them …

Outside dense evening twilight. Though look out of the window, priplusnuv to cold glass a nose though is not present. Almost nothing is visible. Only the club is looked through by a black silhouette against the dark sky. to

Here - here from - for the rivers, from Shmarny, have to suit wolves. Therefore it is better not to go outside. And what for? And in a hut it is good. Warmly. Not that outside. Where as soon as the sun came, became cold at once. Even in the old, taken-in dedovy jacket and that is chilly.

Another matter - at an oven. Grubka almost burned through. But still it is visible in a door chink as there, inside, cheerfully dance rare it is reddish - yellow uvulas of a flame. So to close a vyyushka early. But that is a dedova care. And he does not hurry. It is noisy sipping, drinks hot tea with the grain pieces which are dried up on a zapechka and tells something about station and grain to the granny who washes the dishes after a dinner and, busy, does not remember yet that it is time already and to sleep.

What “to sleep“? And fairy tale? Here, just! It is necessary to look at the book that brought from library of the grandfather in the evening. With pictures. It is possible and to be determined by them that to ask to esteem after you wash and you will dive under a blanket.

But it was not succeeded to reach pictures. Boom - boom - boom! - roared suddenly from the yard. Wolves. Precisely - wolves. Break gate. The granny already closed them on a latch? Or they only on a hook?

Boom - boom!

- Hey, there is who in a hut live!

No, not wolves. They only in fairy tales talk. And so - click teeth. I … Howl still!

If not wolves, then who? And curiosity overcoming the fear which nestled somewhere in a cold stomach … And when quite recently the drunk tea managed to cool down? Tail - for the grandfather who was already in time to jump out on a porch. That having caught its trouser-leg, to look out carefully aside noticeably the gate rocking under strong blows …

- And well, do not indulge! Who there? I have a gun. Now, to a shmaln zhakany! Will not seem a little.

- έ - ύ - aa … Okholon, grandfather. That I, Kolka.

- What such “Kolka“? We do not know. From where still “σνσχεκ“ it was found out?

- Yes as. From the farm I. Son of elder sister of your son-in-law.

- Olya, perhaps? Kolka?.

- Yes, I. I! Long still with zemely under gate you will pickle us?

- Now, now, Nikolay. I open. And you what here you do? Well, march in a hut!

That is already to me. Only what hut? Kolka. Kolka here. Perhaps what tasty from the farm brought? Hazelnuts? Or dried pears? So - them to gnaw that not especially, but if the granny cooks compote …

And to the grandfather not to me any more, potters at gate with a latch. Here, they and in what second the grandfather, Kolka - in light spot that looked out to the yard of a doorway of an outer entrance hall and a slanting, oblong rhombus laid down on the cold earth creaked. Behind its border, one more low figure is closer to the fence which is hardly guessed in the dark, a vague silhouette.

Oho. A military peak-cap with a blistyuchy peak and blue okolyshy, boots, a jacket with gold buttons … Badges! White rope. Same as that on which the granny usually hangs up to dry the washed clothes. Only at Kolka it is much shorter. Also it is not tense, and hangs down from a shoulder in some flourish. What only it on it dries? Footcloths? Precisely - footcloths! More on it nothing will go in. And so very much it is even convenient. Took off boots, washed and hung up right there. Let dry. And on Germans. From the automatic machine: that is that is that! Fine Kolka thought up.

Only … and where its automatic machine? He is a soldier. How without weapon? In hands … No. Some small bag which Kolka holds for a strap at the top tied by a rope. And in other hand … Overcoat. It., and the blue shoulder strap is visible.

Well - uu … In general, even I know. If the overcoat is not put on as on that which is almost not visible so it in a skatka has to be. Through a shoulder. έ - eh. To me overcoat and military peak-cap, I … Correctly made everything. And the automatic machine would not lose.

However, it was not succeeded to dream of what I, unlike Kolki, was a good soldier. All dreams scattered on small pieces and promptly dashed away in the dark starless sky from loud:

- Well, sho you stand? Prokhodte in a hut. Posnidala Tika, all shche heating. Zakhodte, Mykola. Now, on Steel nakryyu. Povecheryaete. And that hto z you? And vidkilya you?

The granny who left a hut on a porch made the inviting gesture towards an outer entrance hall.

- Yes not, oh. I for a minute. To take away the brother and - home, on the farm. And - aa … It? Zemelya. Vitka. From the Long Glade. In Old met. Too got demobilized. The tankman is former. We are with it for this business … Slightly shuddered at station in buffet. For the commonwealth of different types of military forces.

- Yes where you, Nikolay? - got into conversation of the grandfather - Where at this time of night? Remain. You will have supper, you will spend the night. There will be enough place in a hut. And in the morning - home.

- Not - not, the grandfather. Also do not persuade. Home, home. Two years was not, and here remained … Through the small river, the ravine. Less than in an hour of the house we will be. Give, bring together Kostyan. Well, a trifle, you will go with me? On the farm. To the aunt. At you here, except curia and a pylon - anybody? And we have a milk. Pair. How, Koskin, a milk - that hots - tsa?

Faugh - uu … Milk. Warm. The mood became somehow imperceptible to spoil.

- And wolves?.

- What?

- Well, behind the small river. On the Shmarensky meadow. Further. In the wood.

- Tyu - uu. Bad perhaps? What wolves? That is in the winter. And - not every year. And now they went to the wood. Far - it is far. Well, if that, so we their stick.

- What stick? At you is not present. And automatic machine where?

- No, so will be. Let`s break out. To Bolsh - ushchy! And automatic machine … What automatic machine?

- Well, yours. Soldier`s.

Without paying attention to the friend who sprinkled behind his back a short snicker Kolk, having taken couple of steps to a porch, - at - ooh! And I already at it on hands who is strong pressed to prickly cloth of a single-breasted coat.

- Not, Koskin. The automatic machine there, in part remained. It to the demobee is not put. I already all. Civil person.

- And a dog boundary of army with you did not release?

- Not. How it, Kos? And who will protect border? And why to us boundary? We have a Pirate. You remember the Pirate? You remember?

- I remember. Kolya …

- And?

- And at the Pirate of a shchenochka is?

- So give, gather. Let`s come to the farm, we will look. If at the Pirate is also not present what, we with you a shchenochka will not find? You will bring then to the grandfather with the woman. And watch that, they in the yard even have no dog. And you know how to choose a puppy that he a good watchman was then?

- How?

But here the granny promptly puts in a ward:

- Yake kutenya? Sho you, Mykola, having invented? In nich, from dytyny. Lis. That shche y vypyla at station. And ne show nychy. I will not let. Potim, in the afternoon a yak - nybud you pryydt, zaberesh. And even father to a vzha soon bude. With yy and pita.

- However, Kolya. Where. Night already outside. Then, as - nibud in the afternoon, you will come. And it is even better if with the father. In a week Alexey will arrive also itself with Kostik on the farm will set.

- And what, the uncle has to be soon? This news. Everything, we then scratched. It is necessary to warn mother that put home brew. The brother on a visit will welcome soon. Just and the demobee we will wash. So, Kos, you will come from batyany?

- Yes.

I having bent down to the most Kolkiny ear:

- And you a shchenochka will find?

On what, also, in an ear, hardly audible whisper:

- Naidoo. And still you know that?

- Sho?

- I will make a slingshot. You want?

- Yes - and. Kolya … You know?

- What?

Quietly - it is silent that nobody heard:

- I love you. Strongly - it is strong.

To feel in reply a short, but strong touch of a warm, wide forehead somewhere around the ear.

And already transferring me to the grandfather from hands to hands:

- Well, all right. So we wait. Keep well. So far, grandfather!

- Would remain, Kolya.

- Not, we went. Well that, Vityok, to the course?

So Kolka also left. In terrible, impenetrable darkness of cool spring night. To, on the farm. On the way to beat off wolves a big and heavy stick.