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Why problem it is more important than progress, the suffering is more important than happiness, and the negative is more important than a positive?

of the Problem are more important than progress. Suffering it is more important than happiness. The negative is more important than a positive. Why it so? The matter is that the first - always the reason of the second. From the solution of problems progress appears. From the termination of sufferings happiness appears. From analysis of a negative the positive appears. Any more all this cannot appear from anywhere!

I Will give an example. Let`s say you carry water in a bucket full of holes. As if you quickly did not carry water (positive approach), it all the same all will pour out on the road. And if you close up holes in day (negative approach), then you will carry water even if you will go not really quickly.

The same and with happiness and suffering. If to you the splinter - what sense to you from search of happiness stuck into a finger? Take out a splinter, the suffering will pass and happiness will occur at once.

As a matter of fact, the success, happiness and a positive is negative terms. In the sense that it is the terms designating absence something another. The success is a lack of problems. Happiness is an absence of suffering. The positive is a lack of a negative. And that something began to be absent - with it something and it is necessary to work.

In general, so-called “positive approach“ is just a method of avoiding of problems. Instead of solving those problems which the person really has the person begins to dream of something good. But its problems are not solved from - for dreams about good! They remain with it what he at the same time would not try to obtain yet. And they will remain with it forever until he is engaged in them and will solve them.

It is still important to understand the following. Problems which the person has - the phenomenon real and here the success of which the person dreams - is unreal. It is absent. Problems are, there is no success. And what sense then to be engaged in what is not present? Be engaged in what is!

Actually all our problems remain with us only because we are not engaged in them. The reason of a tightening of any problem - its avoiding. How many we will ignore the problems - so much they and will proceed.

And vice versa. If to begin to pay, at last, attention to the problems - they can begin to disappear already only from - for it! At least, many pain in a body disappears only because we began to watch them. And if something does not disappear from pure supervision, then thanks to supervision it becomes clear to us how this problem to solve. And then we will begin to solve it and we will solve.

From - for the fact that people ignore suffering they also cannot reach happiness. People can look for all life happiness, but they do not find it. Why? Because it is impossible to find what is not present! Until you solve the sufferings, happiness will not be. And how you will find it if it is absent yet?

By the way if someone studied the Buddhism, then could notice that Gautama Buddha never told anything about happiness. He spoke about the termination of sufferings. Happiness is just the termination of sufferings. And to stop sufferings, it is necessary to be engaged in sufferings, but not happiness.

Figuratively speaking happiness at us is always, but it is covered with sufferings. As clouds cover the sun. The sun already is - but from - for its clouds it is not visible. Deal with clouds - and the sun immediately will appear before you.

Therefore stop looking for success, happiness and a positive. All of you equally them will never find. Deal better with problems, sufferings and a negative. And only then you receive something good - because it always was with you, but bad which you ignored, prevented you to notice it.