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About customs and pluralism of opinions

As long I write to not that? About 8 years, it is not less. Never bought points, did not create clones, the vast lists “I recommend“ - local communications, on purpose “to praise cuckoos and“ did not make roosters, did not arrange scandals with the purpose to draw attention - I consider that your ability to awaken reader`s interest and quality of texts have to be an indicator of your popularity, let also very slow, is silent even to the best. Though it not the most important. However, I do not get out of scandals recently. For one simple reason for which, both at the time of Pasternak and Mandelstam, and in our times, the subject of devotion of some to the state, his politician and to his leader is more important than the quality of texts, meanings in them that as as you write. There is such hassle.

The writer, or the writer, or “as if the writer“, the story-teller and the storyteller which here the majority, and I carry myself to the last - so I play about thoughts and words sometimes in vain, - homo the sapiens, a big biped monkey too, and nothing monkey is alien to it. And even opposite, at all acuteness of thoughts and feelings with which the writer`s nature allocates or at least and “as if the writer“, the level of emotional heat, love and hatred, will be a time more here, than among representatives of other forms. And in vain someone told there - wrote that the poet and the writer are a mind, honor and conscience of an era. He told it is idealistic, again on that emotional heat - as he wanted that was. And in practice, how many on average writer of mind and conscience, exactly as much and opposite: nonsenses and dishonesties.

The writer - a being, as a rule, weak, often tactical and tendentious - talent at it, maybe, and about - go - go and e - ge - the gay. And here will powers at it and courage often a zilch. And therefore where wind will blow, there he also will write down, zaprichitat on the talented harmony. Also will serve that environment, that mister and in a belt to bow.

It is also incorrect to think that the writer is without fail mind to which it is always necessary to listen. Talent = mind. Elokventny loquacity and beauty of images = mind. Literary authority = mind. Different there are talents and writers. The talent is just ability - and not always truly intellectual, it is simple to throw out kolenets and to put letters in words, and words in offers, and offers in stories and books, it is better than the others. The extensive amount of various beaten truth in the head, is frequent as the mountain of beaten crocks in which it can be stored nothing real, many of which cease to exist already presently, only and says that about their doubtful intellectual value, and it is not enough advantage of them. Exclusively. Therefore I would beware to be guided by literary talent every time as on there is nobody the Delphic oracle broadcasting to us truth and representing exclusive mind. Though sometimes it happens and vice versa: the writer is also the invitation to reflect. Also there is a mind. But it at first should be revealed. And it oh as is difficult. And then the literary glory and popularity in certain circles will speak rather not in its advantage.

In view of the above-stated simple bases and my so vast retreat which, however, can explain which - that it to the person yet not absolutely spoiled literary activity, want to pass to the main thing: over the country the call was stopped “Mercilessly fighting against the fifth column and national traitors!“, “Krymnash!“, “You give the Russian world!“ also went - there went the booze - a party, fight against dissent, traitors to a prozarushny harmony. What means on prozarushny? Well, means stealthily, small and pakostno, as well as it is accepted at people of okolopisatelsky work: to scribble denunciations to the administration, to dispatch slanders, to get off in groups of the shouting adherents and a prozara - to poison everyone whose opinion does not fit into the outline established by the administration and their such correct living position for this day.

It would seem, the writer, the fact that “mind, honor and conscience“, the talented clown and non - the conformist as nobody other has to be dolgoterpy to unpopular opinion, understand the movements of others mind, the reason of conscientious disagreement, but far from it: the internet writer straight away begins to spend all the energy not for that there to understand something, without speaking about “to accept“, and rushes to all heavy, at first to prove an absolute wrongfulness of a public deviant, then resorts to not literary expressions, a basis which is a great and mighty Russian mat (the hounds poisoning Pasternak though wrote talented denunciations with a lofty style, and these use foul language as shoemakers in a dark gate), and then when the sheep who published itself(himself), a sheep quietly bleats that a sheep as the majority does not wish to be and does not hurry to the general shelter, knocks on both hands to the owner that they you banned, forbade, and even excluded prozarushnik from their close, unanimous formation.

One more reception of fight against dissent on some would-be-literary websites, this podtiraniye - a vymaryvaniye objectionable to the harmonous correct majority of reviews and comments. What is interesting, frankly dirty and silly, like “A bough you, but not Russian! Let and Obama in an ass e be farther than you. et!“ or “You, a nit to kill, pidar!“ they leave - they them neither in a form, nor according to contents do not confuse, apparently, opposite at all, they are proud of the such patriotic pose a la “a fist in a muzzle“, and they dexterously delete your, literary and reasoned comments. It here high writing.

But also it is not sad. The Internet - the majority - the return sokratovsky “The crowd me praises similar close attention and indignation - what bad I made?“ - “The crowd abuses me - means a right way we go, the companion“ it as an appreciation to both your word, and your universal position. Sadly that the intellectual and civil level of similar “well-wishers“ as at that literary monkey who seized upon the handle with paper.

For example, they are sure that the world is uniform and gomogenen, and there can be only on their worm representation, from a manure heap about this world, and any another - that is, worm (it seems, such in the Middle Ages most loudly shouted that Earth flat). Everyone who though how many - nibud it is beaten out from their template and does not share their point of view, becomes the enemy and the traitor.

And strive to shower their ability to bunch also from this feeling of comradeship and the number of the same shouters as they, they as any crowd, get drunk, become impudent non - the conformist with stones of the high and just anger. So far they alone, they are capable to think something, and behave decently. But once the two is tightened - the three same, they shouters as they get drunk, fly into a rage, rush to attack and strive to bite more painfully.

Still they like to pay attention to trifles and forms, including them, but not contents and meanings, most important. To modify on a foolish harmony of a surname of opponents as if they in the fifth class of high school. They very are interested in your national identity - Russian you or went by. If Russian, then one or the other: or you are a freak, or Judas because all Russian people argue only as they. And if not Russian, means pindos, geyropeets, vakhabit. In a word, to pay attention to “a curve nose“ which, in their opinion, the sufficient proof of your initial perversity and sinfulness.

They like to quote various popular aphorisms from magazines with crossword puzzles, believing that in it great wisdom. To tell trite jokes as argument. Sometimes they quote the Bible and classics, but at the same time they do not have enough mind to understand in what context that Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy came to this enlightenment, or that, for example, on any thesis there is always an antithesis and nothing in this world is absolute.

They, on the intellectual simplicity, sincerely do not understand that their pathos patriotism with which they got drunk long ago, patriotism cheap, sofa in their case not worth a farthing - there is them not nothing to them not standing word tomorrow, and least business to prove what they are patriots, they as chameleons will replace the color on more moderate, and even considerably opposite. But so far this great knowledge is not opened for them and therefore they rustle, demand Lynch`s vessels and receive from this noise and the friend from friends considerable pleasure.

One more feature, is the missing housewives arguing on destinies of the world. Consciousness level - kitchen, but the scale, scale - that what! Russia vs Ukraine, Putin vs whole world, good vs evil. And they almost in the center of events, in a pink armor on a front line. Yes, it intoxicates. Fight methods - as in women`s prison: sophisticated abuse, virtual foam from a mouth and desire to tear the opponent in scraps. Level - it is primitive - naive, but with a claim for the validity.

All this sometimes ridiculously, sometimes not really. While these “writers - the Internet - patriots“ at distance of the extended virtual hand, it is possible to suffer them, it is possible to laugh at them. But the trouble is that “these writers“ lead also real life, with real people. And when they should come up against real situations, I am not sure that somebody, not so the writer and mnogoterpimets will not take a hand not the virtual axe once and will not knock them already vsamdelishno on their stoyerosovy head. In what it will be right.