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On the bank of Samarki fast (Verses and prose)

Alexander Filatov

on the bank of Samarki of fast

Verses and prose


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About the author

Totskoye of the Orenburg region - the native village of Alexander Nikolaevich Filatov. He was born on July 27, 1950. In 15 years with the schoolmate for the summer went to work the general worker in municipal department. In 1967 finished a ten-year school at Totsky high school after which worked as the mathematics teacher at May Day eight-year school of the Totsky area (in the village there were not enough teachers).

Served in army of 12 years. Passed conscription service in rocket strategic forces in Uzbekistan (two years was on alert).

Worked as the graphic designer at plant. Graduated from evening art school in Samara. Was a teacher and the additional education teacher. More than twenty years worked with the beginning Totsky`s authors, Sorochynsk and other districts of the area. Ten years trained the beginning journalists, poets, prose writers, artists of the settlement of Totskoye - 2. At schools and legal college taught subject matters and directed circles: “Painting“, “Scale (poetic club)“, “Spark“ (association of young journalists“, “A gold feather“ (children`s literary association), “The Russian checkers“, published with children of the newspaper “Novaya Shkola“, “BEMS“, “Totskaya zarya“. Was a student of a regional competition of author`s programs for the subject “Fundamentals of Journalism“.

For the first time printed verses in the newspaper “Motorostroitel“ of Kuibyshev plant of M. V. Frunz. It happened in August, 1971. Studied at Literary institute of A. M. of Gorky USSR Union of Writers. Participant II and III All-Russian seminars of army writers (. Threshing barn, Dubulta) and VII All-Union meeting of young writers (Moscow, 1979). Delegate of congress of the Writers` Union of the USSR (1989) .

Alexander Filatov is the author of publications in newspapers “Literary Russia“, “Red Star“, “Soldier Otechestva“, “South Ural“, “Orenburg Oblast“, “Evening Orenburg“; in magazines “Soviet Soldier“, “Volga“, “October“, “Standard-bearer“, “Ural Pathfinder“, “On a Fighting Post“, “Army“, “Orenburg Region“, “Our Contemporary“, “Moscow“; the almanac “Gostiny dvor“, more than forty collective collections of poetry and prose which left in publishing houses of Samara, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, Kaluga and Moscow.

A. Filatov is the author of poetic collections “Spring March“, “That will be tomorrow? “, “Let`s talk alone“, “Work, service and love“, “On the bank of Samarki fast“.

Winner of creative competitions of the district newspaper “Za Rodinu“; regional - “The Komsomol tribe“; II - oho a regional Totsky bard festival of an author`s amateur guitar song “Our general house - Earth“ in the nomination “Author of Verses“.

Head of regional association of totsky writers “the Oberezhny circle“. In eleven years of work four pupils became winners of an award of S. T. Aksakov, published a number of books.

the Author - the author of collective collections of literary works of totsky poets and prose writers: “The Oberezhny circle“, “On you, the village, a good reputation …“, “The steppe yes the steppe - beloved Totsky land“.

Artist, author of drawings, etudes and pictures, participant of garrison and regional exhibitions of amateur and folk arts.

the Member of the Union of journalists of the USSR since 1982 (nowadays - the Russian Federation), the Writers` Union of the USSR since 1990 (nowadays - Russia).

the Winner of a literary competition of Valerian Pravdukhin (2012) .


* * *

to me likes a bud gesture

To vivifying beams,

I of the rivers a prompt tin,

I a chirr sorochat …

In the steppe only in appearance everywhere calm -

In a movement every instant.

Close eyes and you will feel

of Layers underground shift.

Here the brown bayonet

of the Last world rots. Dig

, try, you are deeper than

a spade.

The cartridge

Deadly yellowness will flash to you in eyes,

A a checker threw a squadron

For luck to the globe … Everything will twist

- will process the steppe -

Mighty it.

But forever

bread with a taste of bitterness From fields where there was a war.

* * *

I do not accept though burst,

All charges - a slander:

Bath in a time of repressions

Was fourteen years old. I do not understand

though burst, -

in the years of great war

Became the communist in an entrenchment - whether

Is a fault drop here? whether

Is guilty the boy country,

the Chosen correct way -

, not American,

to Bullets held up a breast?

* * *

On an outcome day of the sixth …

I did not accept new life -

of Falseness and high cost …

I with criminal simplicity.

On an outcome of troubles of day:

I did not find a right niche. I Will subtract

day, and it - me will cover

From cares with a roof.

On an outcome day and a century -

Is read the burial service an era … by

On an outcome - the Person … Is bad


* * * nights noisy, warm, short Became

to Vitaly Horokhorin


of the Dawn in herbs hide - soon a haymaking.

Berries gentle, mild

of the Grass tynutsya quietly by berries both in eyes, and in a nose.

of Komaryyo accursed, midges boring

Stars force to recalculate us.

Here a complex challenge, here a task difficult -

Eternity with infinity - yes on each eye!

… Till the morning we will be washed, to a kosterka we will draw near: there is no

a catch kind if in the small river swelled.

For the time being with fish we will miss each other.

Aside kirsanovsky will be started singing by a rooster.

A fogs sleepy, corpulent, dairy

Slowly are going to become clouds.

familiar is connected by Paths strong - strongly I - the Book of our homeland long to us to thumb through


* * *

to Svetlana

Zaplakano the person

At my window -

to It pismetso

Of the size of a window leaf!

A wind fingers

of the Strip of a cloth

I in a crack of vanities impudently of

the Fox muzzle.

It where lamps.

It here, it is angrier and more evil,

It rushes among avenues,

Forcing down bulbs.

- Darling! - I shout, -

of Offense to me pour out - Me the melancholy Brought

to a nonsense

almost …

Ya I cannot any more.

I - to hell brakes! -

Are intolerable more

Latches to me!

… But here the thunder-storm passed. Absolutely the thunder-storm passed


I you before me,

As the sun summer.

* * *

Still yesterday was to us as if it was sung: We together spent by


I did not want to leave on service -

Such silence was yesterday.

Quietly lived local places,

Only trains rustled at the station.

When troops entered Afghanistan,

That we knew nothing about it …

As obliges colleagues there.

Already ascended a star over an obelisk.

Touched a disturbing suitcase, there is no

A in this case at all risk.

If not to sleep …

As it is simple - to go crazy! -

the Small river and the island at us on the way.

First here a miracle - a dawn

Hot burns not for nothing … with

If not to sleep, not to sleep at all,

It is possible to become free birds -

silently to fly up under clouds

Together and for ages.

We made big fire,

embraces Us the Universal scope. That the soul to rescue


It is necessary to go crazy!

If not to sleep, to sleep at all,

Can and be glanced in the future -

As if dream, to meet a dawn … by

- It is possible! - I speak to you.

If singing is so good

the Released our soul,

That we it in a cage weary -

we Sleep, we sleep, we sleep?



I we with you in fog of stars, my love. Put

. we forgot

A about Earth, my love.

Only waved wings we -

I escaped from eternal darkness:

Flows the river pure light … is not present

A on Earth of freedom.


Warm embraces of all times meets us.


Such familiar and native for our eyes.

are grabbed with the Chord hearts -

Light without the beginning and the end:

Is fine music of planets … is not present

A on Earth of rest.


Earth in spinning of years went crazy long ago.


hurries to save our sinful world love.

Why are left the creator?

Why we live with his face?

Why we this this world, When in soul do not have

of hope?

You - got entangled with Valls

in clouds,

Weightless on hands.

your plumose soul

is Surprisingly good.

Ya for you composed this waltz,

For a refrain there was not enough ink,

Began to spin my head -

To anything other words!

You shake among stars,

the World around both is quiet, and is simple.

your optimistic soul

is Surprisingly good.

Ya for you was composed by this waltz,

That people loved you.

Began to spin my head -

To anything other words.

Here you go on the ground,

Smile joyfully to me,

I is turned my head -

To anything other words -

Sorrowless life ahead,

the Infinite song in a breast! there is no

more perfectly than joyful eyes -

This waltz was composed by me for you.

* * *

Boringly! In concrete houses

Grey thoughts crowd.

Wants to howl, but - to laugh!

In cold, in a smooth surface, in the dark …

I Will laugh to spite -

the Song I will sing naughty:

- I was lucky, it was lucky -

Life I to death am jealous

Of these sad houses,

To garbage small thoughts.

Let a gray rain and fog

On - over houses hung … I Trust

: - to shine a star,

the Sun through clouds will break through!

Is possible that you want to forgive,

If though someone laughs.

* * *

A poplar, aspens, elms -

of Kindness forest elements.

Stood the boy clear-eyed

With a shrill tear … Pogrusti`s

, the friend, while

did not get stuck In squabbles of the world.

I will rescue you … not a miracle -

Topolyok, an osinka, an elm.

* * *

Vzbezhal on the hill also stumbled,

As though life broke -

the Decline in a feather grass the river flew,

A the steppe in my eyes flew.

Yes that river! Began to smell by sea

Terrestrial and even unearthly.

I wanted to argue with wind - so free

C, naughty!

Here nothing broke

its viscous centuries …

For the first time here the soul decided

to Fly up a star for clouds.

* * *

Forest plantations, strip arable lands.

the Yellow Sea - ears, ears …

In a dark hollow - fog a deposit.

the Gopher leaves - what disappointment!

Camomiles a tape narrow -

the Totsky pattern, and behind it - Buzuluk curl.

Helmets of hills are the former mountains,

the Mirror to a mirror - the rivers, lakes …

the Wedding collective-farm - guests happy.

of the Cloth white - long - long.

… A miracle - patterns of the earth of our Russian

Hand interweave into a pattern Orenburg.

* * *

This smell is familiar to me long ago -

the Painty smell, a varnish and gasoline,

Since those times when I in the

basket was Brought on a session at cinema.

This smell to me is familiar for a long time …

Sitting alone under the lock,

Tested for color and I began to smell taste -

Experience by laughter is remembered by the father.

And with fear mother remembers -

In thoughts washes those clothes again.

did not sit I under the

lock the Mother`s crying darling Any more.

I absorbed this smell of

With optimistic delight from a picture long ago!

Ah what happiness Was given to

to me at the beginning of life long!

What happened? Carried away pictures …

Why the father drops brushes?

Why a gray-haired web

Is tenacious holds a smell in childhood paws?

* * *


I an eraser erases

the Incorrect stroke of a pencil …

A at nature her crystal soul is struck


From life - in life! - law of art.

From life - in death! - to all law.

… But there is Love a sixth sense.

I exists the Prophetic dream.

* * *

Each point on the place,

Each line … But,

Full of gloss and flattery,

Was stuck out a spot!

My God, for the sake of what

of my Veins of a mayat?

Poses to me an ugly face speck -

work not that Again.

Years of creation, science

Ate my nature …

Only stubborn hands

Remember relationship with the nature:

Again - all points on the place,

the Line to the line - a class!

I - unexpectedness of a message:

All harmonious - in us!

* * *

The conductor, the conductor,

to me

to Become related with you -

Is together easier to live doubly …

- Remember me.

The conductor - in a cage the bird,

Will be enough

In the platform to pine -

Wandered over the country …

- Remember me!

The conductor, the conductor,

I cannot Say goodbye to you

On yours on fault …

- Remember me.

* * *

It is possible to live as there lived all Saints -

to be the in a commune of pigeons,

Only not to find already the desert -

Everywhere - everywhere you among people.

is connected by Related threads -

Old, the strongest, for ever.

Everything have to you. And you are obliged to be indebted

, the good person.

All this you not in edification

Ya now banality told -

This main principle of the universe

You to me and somehow prompted.

* * *

Find yourself among the acquaintances -

the Smile, gesture, a favourite mot. Find

the orders and the laws

I even the hell the person!

Not about losses the speech, not about losses -

to Them nest numbers whether but in it the trouble,

When in any village groan doors,

I in the yard - a nettle - an orach? Find

yourself in a half-forgotten grove -

In flowers, in meadows, on the river bank,

I at last, it is more courageous, quieter, simpler than Idi`s

there where our old men … their

A less. It dropped out such

to All of them for life - the Lord do not bring!

All of them here. And you do not wait for rest:

All our basic - ahead!

The Russian song

Lingering, gentle something -

you will reach sense Not at once,

A how to understand hunting

of the Singer a heart-felt shiver!

Such melancholy is unusual -

Without edge, to the bottom …

to False tears foreign, -

your truth is not given Them.

You leave. Bezmolvye of loss

Will fill a colourless haze.

Where you, native, where you?

Ya I will not be able to live without you!

* * *

March sudden behind,

Ahead - educational fight.

the Respite - leave -

We will look for a St. John`s Wort.

There will be a tea and is fresh, and is abrupt,

With a spicy smell of a fire.

On your lips will stand

For a moment of wind … Let a few

salons of the Stream free steppes -

Tea of the darling party

To the seventh sweat drink


Present with ancient force

Us, a curly St. John`s Wort,

That to a morning dawn

to Win educational fight!


“Probably she walks, with another now, perhaps …“.

- You, Vanya, surprise, you it, the guy, throw! Give

- strike with a chord! - the bayan will understand you -

Along a garden - a kitchen garden after a stitch will lead.

On that that in the Urals, on that what not to forget …

You was not robbed - you happy to be:

Favourite Lyubasha you from service waits for

Here feeds the son with porridge, here extinguishes a spark,

That the word to lullabies of the sonny to caress.

I of the husband will not deprive of the letter … Yes, it is necessary to look for

the Wife such, every day the letter! you Own

, Vanya, a treasure and how you, Vanya, could?

“Probably, it walks, with another now, perhaps …“.

- Vanyusha, you surprise, throw thin thoughts! Give

- strike with a chord! - the bayan will understand you -

Along a garden - a kitchen garden after a stitch will lead

There where Lyubasha waits for darling you. Lyubashenk`s

- a milasha was exhausted, loving:

Offsets at institute and difficult - the first - the son. Separation soul studit

, separation drives dreams … Give

- strike with a chord! - the bayan will understand you -

Along a garden - a kitchen garden after a stitch will lead.

* * *

I learned that the grief still of

Passes to people with relay -

I was told, everything goes to Leta, we will finish with

I zryashny conversation.

No, we will continue - the tree without the roots

Will lose young leaves -

is time to Live cloudlessly and purely,

is more purposeful and more right.

… Exciting memories a source,

Remembering destinies of millions.

I to cling to life as a sprout

On asphalt of dead grounds.

* * *

Minutes of rare rest

In a shadow of aspens, in calm of birches,

something Will gush suddenly such

Inexplicable to tears …

From heat stalks of a St. John`s Wort

Lose yellow flowers.

I also something expensive

B yourself is lost by you …

not to inhale a dushitsa,

rye Infusion, infusion of herbs here.

to Whom is not a pity to lose soul,

That, I think, is not right at all.

* * *

Between the sky and the earth across Samarushka - the river,

Fraternized with water, I departure with light baggage.

Is inescapable draft inOlya to the party, where turn.

On a wave, on the midstream, well the soul sings!

Coast I thumb through the book and I bathe in clouds.

Even the sun as if fish, I will take in the hands.

the Inescapable current gives new turn -

On a wave, on a midstream most, life hurries forward!

Hi, lovely freedom! With you it is easy for me to live.

Ya - relatives of elements water, I will departure far.

Young, healthy, gentle, - I fall in love with islands …

On a wave, on the midstream, as always, the soul is right!

* * *

At the Sacred spring we with you so far,

my fellow soldier, the commander of a regiment.

A the road is far and the way,

is disturbing But always the spring will have somebody.

We will take with ourselves waters dead and live,

I will rescue us from trouble a bucket field.

Let the road is far, to us the way -

As always is not terrible, the spring will have somebody.

Every day from fight in fight - we are fighters with you.

Will recover any moisture key here.

At the Sacred spring the share is hard - for

to preserve Us, my companion, the commander of a regiment.

Again we in native places, again - not in mountains.

Hi, the best of birds - a nightingale in bushes! we will live

At the Sacred spring so far,

the Peacekeeper and the hero - the commander of a regiment.

* * *

the village Disappeared - the nettle grew …

A in the big capital there is not enough beer!


wind to Marina Lapikova

Wind does not know the purpose.

Wind - one is free.

Wind what you are fit for? you Remember

about what we sang?

Sang … Or perhaps

our simple souls -

the Truth that we loved,

the Truth howled that us will destroy.

Wind got stuck in a snowdrift,

the Rain pours disappointment -

Was it free, it seems,

was not with the wind to a slad.

In the past - his Lyubov,

In the past - its blizzards …

In the world is always free

The one who does not know the purpose.

* * *

Started to blaze the half-sky - Zarozovel`s

a log hut.

Smells of a birch and bread,

In the lake - winds a carving.

The unruly tramp,

it would be necessary it on a trick …

lake home brew Dances,

Bends a sandy table.

In a droplet of everyone, in a dewdrop

the Sun sparkles an earring.

A on shoulders at Russia -

the Rainbow a smooth arch.

* * *

Celestial bodies,

are separate But the uniform beginning is hidden in them -

All real in one hands That mother swung

that a pramateriya was.

She gave birth to all and parted

I billions of years did not notice,

That did not distinguish own children,

without knowing borders of the good and evil.

And so everything was mixed around:

Between brothers appeared the enemy and the friend,

I in honest fight any was not afraid!

Two fought … Only third suddenly

Interposed defiantly in the matter of the first two …

How to untie contradictions knot?

* * *

Oh, cherry! As the wine drink -

not to choke with tart juice!

not to overcome it a swoop,

infinite it.

Behind each berry - a star,

Behind each branch - constellation.

A behind the village on moving

Shout invitingly trains.

But not to frighten off such calm which

B secrets of a garden stick.

Where you under cherry sleep tight,

of any alarms is not necessary to me.

Oh, cherry! As the wine drink -

not to choke with tart juice!

I let to itself is costed highly

by the Moon under stars - one!

* * *

Friends returned me letters a pile -

Ya did not give a pile of letters to them: Everything to a line I threw

in a fire chamber,

Moreover and hit heat!

And then shouted at a party,

That loved, I love and I will find …

As the daughter would adopt her,

That for all sufferings I will not collect …

All would forgive! The voice got lost

in the depth of the confused wattle fences.

the World reliable to pieces became torn!

But once we will meet it.

* * *

Augustus in the yard verses reads -

the Word as if he a berry, sucks,

of the Breeze does not notice at all,

That under legs bears leaves.

He does not notice the first leaves,

which Whispered a name of September.

Augustus - time of comprehension of truth -

of Vital dust and silver.

New August, it is carelessly young,

It is careless, can therefore,

That on heart blood knocks as a hammer, -

the Cold, an icy cold are not terrible to it.

Simply this August very much Russian -

Kind, musical, gold …

does not accept prospect dim -

of Useless life and empty.

* * *

You loved the become silent small streets,

the Twilight of a rain, the city grief.

Understood you even fir-trees -

celebrates Loneliness let.

You loved the loneliness -

Chose deaf places,


wants to stroke legonechko All last leaves of a bush.

Those places where the soul opens

Very simply, a simple key, -

I the dream imperceptibly comes true …

I should not long for anything.

* * *

A cloud the village a rain of an iskhlestal -

melancholy Wet everywhere.

Glorious summer was tired to stream

To the Yellow Sea of

sand the Sun and leaves, a rusty grass,

the Scattering of mature seeds … the Willow of shaggy shakes

the head,

Falling in unsteady fog.

Quickly comes a time of an enlightenment

of the Rivers and the coastal woods,

without noticing resistance

of Greens and voices.

At way gather songs and birds -

I fade in the distance.

Kind souls, light faces …

We could not depart.

* * *

It is heavy to recognize how It became lonely

to heart in whirl of days,

That does not distinguish an eye

of Pleasure of the flashing fires at all.

If suddenly hours frighten at midnight, by

If the silence suddenly frightens, -

It oppresses to a shower bitterness -

That is vulnerable and gentle it.

And with soul close and far -

Unfamiliar, inaccessible to you,

it will Never be lonely -

It is necessary to trust fiery words!

* * *

There is no Not eternity final!

Ask that revived -

They in detail described

Otherworldly this world.

There is no Not eternity, of course, -

Is inevitable separation,

A before it - such flour,

That light grows dim all Universe.

Not eternity not to frighten Who the way conscience will measure

of Togo who will believe Eternity by

… Who lives will help


An open-air

to the Artist - the teacher Vasily Egorovich Pankratov

Odoleval big Volga

the Tram water, slowly.

to us

of Autumn Zhiguli the soul opened gradually.

My friend, prepare quicker a sketchbook!

Proran, mooring... And here - dab …

A on everything - successful will be

the Etude where Volga and sand.

As whiff - the inspiration

forced to Forget affairs …

Stand, a hand! Even a moment

I you will kill that gave rise.

* * * Lovely fall - time of etudes,

of Cheerfulness time and time of an ostuda,

Time of gifts of unrequited love …

As you are beautiful Ksenia

, autumn days!

every minute grows

gilding On a frame of a gray-haired bog.

Red, orange, bronze color …

of the Silent smile shrill light.

I - silence! And around - canes:

Time of etudes to a decline hurries.

… Transparent to hide a grove in cardboards,

In a box, far away from a cunning crow -

of the Bird ready to fly thoughtlessly, the Bug on a palette purposely polazit


Croaking, not able to sing …, That nobody maleficiated this fall


* * *

The portrait, slightly - slightly incomplete, Sadly watches

, with detachment

I never speaks,

Though in glazishcha thought burns.

The cardboard which grabbed appearance it is tenacious,

would seize Me as it a clothespeg - did not make

Ya of hands - sinned:

nearly - nearly finished the Portrait …

Cannot be complete

I perfect at all, and forgiven!

I will A little more breathe -

I can, I will add hands.

* * *

The tree will decay over time,

without having left either a mark, or milestones …

What there was where

On a hillock Mocha light fur turns green?

The gray-haired artist became constant visitor here. He did not draw

, he remembered.

On his face the careless rain

painted the Sad picture.

The old man remembered the little girl Luda

of Very old, pre-war days …

in the future in which all of us will be, Undoubtedly last it seems to know better to


* * *

The field wind began to wail -

In the small river bright blue.

Shook the woods, knocked down -

Departed from aspens foliage.

And light-, and it is a little sad …

As if that lost and found.

At last got to the course

my Life. And everything is good.

* * *

And again the road will order to

to Solve all affairs up to the end -

For long memory will show

of Line of dear person … again - separations a state,

Where letters on paints are poor in


I are too long distances,

I any troubles are visible … to

I again, both again, and again - the end will not be

to the Road.


I, Farewell on heart, light of dear person.

About good

People last to good,

Carries away their beautiful,

If heart not about small pea,

If feelings in heart strong … Kindness people toil with


With kindness mykat a grief -

All destiny sometimes breaks,

If stick with rage into heart.

Without good not to be good,

Without good not to be beautiful,

How not to be to destiny without the past,

How not to be without weak strong …

Only, to know - what is kind, then we will understand

I beautiful,

I then we will understand good. Surely we will understand


In a grove

Over the river What you, mushroom pickers, were going to the uniform place,

not only from wind a silent grove of a goal -

not to raise a hand and you forgot conscience and pity,

Yes were forgotten by you at all that everywhere the head is necessary?

That you, mushroom pickers, we live not bread uniform, -

Till the snow not to cover to these poor roots nakedness.

A still picnics with alcoholic fun long …

Here to an etak speed and around to direct purity!

And me brought to our grove not only a footpath: to

Who is not glad to September and a trustful flock of honey agarics?

… With shame I burn and I grieve on silent commemoration,

I the last leaves on the world fly and fly.

* * *

The sun shines on the road a pool - Pigeons greedy drink


the Poor tram is to the full loaded,

Rails run somewhere.

The sun on shoulders an osinok pours,

Melts eye asphalt … Early October both warm, and blue

Can prove to be


People, look at the festive city -

is beautiful Fall for us!

… Fall, she disappointingly

With the wind will dance soon a waltz.

The red tram is to the full loaded -

People on business hurry.

- will fall in love Fall, will stop loving, will begin to whirl …

Music will be remembered by soul.



iron Vanishes anywhere -

the Harrow, a piece of a shell,

the Engine on rails red …

the World strenuously rusts,

If lives sense is dull,

If is bitter if damp …

A still - rains, rains.

* * *

For demons - to confuse the main thing,

to Mix the beginnings and the ends,

A people will quickly forget

of Deception evil bells.

Deception is made abruptly -

the Recipe is checked by one thousand years.

But drink a poison for some reason of

To the bottom, to the bottom - there is no rescue!

And if one hero,

That on it, on the fool suddenly understands the reason

of Sudden troubles,

All evil will pull hard the mountain.

* * *

As it is easy to grumble on complexity of life, to find

In each business of an ulcer …

But malignant gossip has no sale

Where it is necessary to help business.

Where the pro-sweating men

Cook steel, iron is bent, forged, -

would be good reasons

of Poroptat There …

Yes people will ridicule!

Rightly to the one who all from complaints,

Only in itself as in a mirror looks, language - is more sick with

U of whom than a sting

Who will spoil on you and will leave marks

Under any weather conditions …

A an era

I the people - always go forward -

From what in life was bad

I from those who will not understand life.

* * *

We did not achieve the objectives, forgive us God!

But each of team gave that could:

gave the Wife, the child, a wordly cosiness -

For secrets of the horizon and noise of cabins.

Uncountable waves swung us,

But we then did not know that the compass lied. new attracts

Behind the horizon to itself,

A turquoise grows in the sea granite.

When almost caught dream by a tail,

Swam with the current our vessel not that:

the Rock stuck a heavy knife into heart! All this

was the truth, and the truth - lie.

We died, but the song in the last hour

was Started singing by salty wind, it - about us.

I about that, of course, about the seaman,

That the horizon will catch up for certain.


Here was also burst - under forty!

I suddenly, as always …

in the field - snow cornices,

I in the apartment - cold weather.

Did not manage to seal up windows, to Warm

a balcony a door -

Even a back from sweat got wet -

was not in time so now?!

The half-world will not collapse, Everything I will manage to make up for


to be your slave, the apartment, -

a bagatelle to become.

Cold weather! And to us No frosty devil is terrible


is A lot of hands in our apartment,

to me - under forty, itself chetvyort.

To be warmed, znamo business,

Is simple if to want.

Here soul rimed - At all not to warm


* * *

Neither up, nor down temperature,

A a red column on zero.

I at a window - a caricature

of the Patterns which were pleasant to me.

Yes - nearby, implant, greenhouse

Long ago the predicted effect -

Dank, gray, unhealthy,

As ours - all together! - intelligence.

* * * Marthe Bruce

Here was also lived. Also pressurized

the Harvest modest through rains. In vain we the room dressed up


of Nothing wait … for

now But to close only eyes - and the miracle

will cover with Petals the house.

In that matter where we will be,

All bad will go for demolition!

In Orenburg

by the Casual critic it is beaten, I Cost to

one - is shivering, is shivering … life

A the secret spring

Frosty music rings!

The taxi driver rustles: - Leave, the enemy!

I Will leave, I am not famous.

… But me no distance to glory,

I I am a man yet not weak.

* * *

Kroner - trees of a crown


B them ravens

Very critical sit. Karki`s

on the world will dispel

In the necessary parties …

the World Wise crows after the own fashion understand


It seems and here meeting

Ecological … threatens

with the Drama the promise

Burning with space.

* * *

Vospitanye? - Vospitanye …

It is simple we have no food,

A works - such tortures! crappy drinks,

But with a fine label - Pay

I to

, only, children! -

is clear to Them everything long ago:

All around at us shit! Look at

- it seems, listen to

(Stop up, people, ears!) -

Who weaned from the street -

will not understand the native language …

to us - destiny, and to them - that to live to serve

I of Rossiyushke.

* * *

To live adequately - what it means,

Really, it is silent - to live quietly?

not to solve any problems,

A around and near to turn?

To live happily - unless this matter of

In the world of a grief, hunger and tears,

Where soul for ever - secondariness of a body,

Where is unattainable range of stars?

Where the purpose of a movement is incomprehensible, word

A - are two-faced, are not exact?

Where voobrazheniye of reflection

B five only of feelings are ground?

To live adequately … What is it? do not kill with

, do not lie, do not steal …

Kill with own hand

to the Shower in a human breast.

* * *

Quietly night will put out

the Ashy decline.

Grief terrestrial will brighten up

Bright zvezdoryad.

On the hill far

the moon -

to Souls lonely,

As a beacon, it Will be.

* * *

In search of truth new, do not forget

about old:

New wait for a birth,

Old - milyona of years.

Everything that is paid with blood,

Groan, tears and life,

Ashes, water, the earth, -

the Main Truth is!

The aunt Nadj

Nie got used old to grieve -

Vigorously a lock under a scarf puffs up.

the Aunt Nade should live somehow -

Not always it was a cleaner.

Will wink, and cheerfully the broom

As will go for a walk on back streets!

to Anybody for life without having made the evil,

Sweeps … Will feed to a cat a roll.

Every day it sweeps floors,

I not for the sake of a payment at all, it seems.

- Our years - at all not a wormwood … -

the Aunt Nadya from girls otmashtsya.

Perhaps it already it is impossible for

Without people and therefore the cleaner?

Speaks - the earth calls to itself,

A does not want to leave shop.

* * *

And let other times will come!

I let will forget our names -

the Last does not disturb at all -

something cost Only our expectations.

Let will come true hopes of all times!

Let will come to an end hostility of tribes for ever!

Is time, long ago it is time to live quietly -

Header our mistake - wars, Nobody anybody overcame


lived Nobody on light as he wanted.

I new reason is only that, Who the world will bring

to the world once.

* * *

On glass the pattern translucent

Melts in the turning yellow beams.

At a window a flower sick, ordinary-looking

Without watering, without love withered.

The cheerful sun

Rare and casual warmth will not help …

And I live, my light in a window,

I Exist only simplicity.

I still live as I on a habit,

I feasibly bring benefit,

Can be … And also I extinguish years as if matches,

I Light.

* * *

The sphere on a thread,

the Thread fights - it is thin.

the Children`s hand Bound a thread


The sphere fights to a thread -

the thread Wants in clouds …

As if on purpose,

the Thread is strong!

* * *

Water pulled - did not drown,

A seemed, the sponge of a bottom is close.

Threw off a crow from itself, kicked - did not drop down

of the Drop to a temple.

I am well all life. On a hair

Life from death - flows day, ringing.

Happiness as if illusive

sand It is illusory pleases me.

I will not understand - whom to thank,

That whether life a spark … does not die away

Should speak about it? whether

Is close to good, and to the evil - is far?

* * *

I want that snow my darling village swept up


As it was in old times:

Stood a snowdrift - verst in length!

from roofs rode the sledge we

Before the termination of winter. We lacked

skis, skates,

But on the advice of old men

On everything that went, rushed

From the mountain to the small river a bullet down! I Want

that snow the Looked younger village … swept up


That the frost under fifty

Cracked as forty years ago.

In snow sparkle spangles of tears.

… And to us it is not terrible, a frost.

* * *

Again on winter

clothes of Snow oat flour rustles.

As if a searchlight of hope,

Flashed light a window.

will be shown

paints of New winter day Soon.

is easy to Live, bravely -

Everything in the Universe relatives …

we Divide space into parts,

Here and Earth was tired …

Ordinary happiness

Snow laid down on fields.

* * *

Do not pour to me snow to the road,

the Deceptive sky,

Ya long at home was not -

Dai Angela to the road.

We will endure habitually for

Ice Age.

Frosts, snow - is excellent,

I the world around - as new!

The woods elegant

paints Will thaw in a haze blue.

Will be remembered as the fairy tale,

Russia in a fur coat winter.

* * *

Will make Varvara Road -

we Will go from the village to the village

Through blocks of freezing steam,

Through white rage to heat … will make

of the Barbarian, and Savva

Will grease river glass.

Here a cross - wooden glory -


which Froze in the field of warmly … In the village will be business, and in plenty the hostess will serve

bread to us. We money will stretch

: “Not an occasional office!.“ - will drench

with Simple words. we Will bungle

habitually for the Dutchwoman -

we Will remember good craft.

I us as a heavenly semolina,

the blizzard for the village … Will drive

* * *

the Year leaving and the year coming.

the World - the seeing-off year and meeting is bright

events remembering,

understanding Everything, something

forgiving … Here in turned “yesterday“ “today“ -

Snow new-fallen became last year`s.

On a New Year`s Eve people are free: All smile to

, all - are noble.

the Year leaving and the year coming.

the World which is seeing off an instant and meeting

MiG, forever two destinies which is breaking off

MiG clearing life, promising …

, How many them? Much on a share remained?

If only incidentally destiny did not break …

* * *

be not gone, a writing-book sheet,

do not disappear as a sluggish leaf it is viscous.

is expensive to me a look your not ceremonial,

your purity is close to me.

Conversations a stream uncontrollable,

While could not be spoken, You keep

, a leaf my darling, thought

I a beaded thread …

my Reader reproaches wearily

Sloves beautiful rubbish.

But the good song became

Birch bark of our villages.


January pretended to be April:

Under a fur coat - heat, on a fur coat - a rain.

we Slide, yuzy, we trudge hardly, constraining

of Volnenya a shiver.

Having experienced a lot of ice,

the Passerby it is gloomy makes a din - What

supposedly the devil … and how the nature

from falling will keep Us?

The heel of the hurrying lady,

In a hand at the lady - a suitcase,

For the lady - the daughter with shout “Ma - ma rattles!“ - learns the Road to

on warehouses.

We hurry on the train!

To the station us hardly anyone - that will bring.

Us ice connected

by the Movement slow - forward!

We live the thought-up bondage,

we Live - we hurry, we hurry.

At station, on the region of the field

Will frighten away us noise of cars.

* * * Mashenke`s


frosts to a steep and steep slope -

With a star in the morning, with a breeze.

I harden sugrobny steep slopes,

I of an icicle sparkle an ice.

The sun by summer rises -

Cold weather threatens winter.

But trustfully reach for light

our Lanky houses.

Turn packs over the wood and the field

of the Most courageous - the wintering birds.

Wind as if the boy, is happy with

Contents of snow pages.

Zavyvanyem of the last blizzard

the winter wails Over freedom.

But patterns in a window - misted over

I unsteadily the icicle hangs.

Sharp-witted birds

of the City heating main found heat -

the Vapour jet frosty fears of

For titmouses, vorobyyov took away.

Let frosts crack, growing furious, -

All the same to them will come the end.

I of it on a stalk of a burdock

to us was told by a bullfinch - well done!

* * * At last is ended day by


Passes evening at night …

we fall Into dreams - by the way:

of Feeling - away! And thoughts - away!

Without Lyubov, without result, Is dumb

, without hopes …

I the star sky in ignoramuses shouts lips of God


Merry Christmas!

My dear person,

Merry Christmas Christoff! I want

Ya that in a new century

there were also you as new -

With clear feeling about Christ

you would Live without fear

In ingenious simplicity,

As a forest bird.

I in transparency of heaven

Made out the road,

That gives rise to interest

I brings - to God!

I Trust the star,

That burns ordinary,

But everywhere and everywhere,

As soul is transparent …

My dear person,

Ya I breathe love. You take


Safely for ever - on health!

An award of Valerian Pravdukhin

on February 29, 2012 in a conference - the hall of Regional universal scientific library of N. K. Krupskaya delivery of the literary award of V. P. Pravdukhin founded in 2008 by Regional charity foundation “Sovest“ (the head - R. A. Hramov), the Orenburg regional public literary organization and literaturno - the art almanac “Gostiny dvor“ took place. Winners of an award became:

 Filippov Alexander Gennadevich … Degtyaryova Tatyana Mikhaelovna … Ruzavina Olga Pavlovna …

 Filatov Alexander Nikolaevich, the poet, the member of the Russian Writers` Union, the editor-in-chief it is information - the analytical newspaper of the Cossacks of the Orenburg region “the Totsky fortress“, the numerous winner of a literary competition of S. T. Aksakov, for the selections of verses published in 2011 in the almanac “Gostiny dvor“.

* * *

Who is innocent, that will believe

to the Smile, the word, heaven.

Will weave fondly the song - heresy -

For it wait for its wood.

Who is boundless as if the sea, -

Lives laws of the seas, That can save

from a grief

I a grief to be among people.

Love, hope, belief - with them,

I with them - thoughts and affairs.

Who yes, that all ranimy, Though is steady

as the rock.

You remember?

Childly we light were,

As our Samara - the river. You remember

, still we loved -

Reached for a hand a hand … You remember

how often sang

of Missile defense a silent fire on snow?

You remember that we wanted? I cannot remember


Long ago it was, recently -

the river Managed to shoal.

I became you pain of main

From those that it was necessary to be ill.

Ya in dreams went mad and is frequent

On dark snow to run …

vainly, vainly, vainly -

the fire on snow will not flash.

* * *

It is your husband. It is pleasant to me.

But in the company intoxicated,

In chatter of its muffled

is sick to hear your voice.

Half-words became litter.

That dropped out you in destiny -

not to understand … But not with a reproach

Ya thought of you.

The husband went yours, understanding,

That not he separated us -

was Parted us by a share evil

On slanders of hundred reasons.

It - the weak reason,

Therefore to you hurried,

That my sorrow is live -

I made nonsense!

It left, rescuing itself(himself) …

I Dreamed in the desert of days,

Where - in a kerchief, young -

For me you are lovelier than all.

On moving

Behind hills the sun will rise soon -

In a shadow from light hides a frost. With amazement I watch

at pack

Time of the started birches.

There birds flew up … or winds,

scattering Hoarfrost totally.

There structure drills kilometers -

To station hurries at full speed.

Breaking off a breast and beeps

Silence, frosty to tears.

Waves, the Pack of the started birches waves motley scarfs


* * *

A locomotive cutting winds,

Submitting time and space,

Young, you consider kilometers

I sing: - Earth without edge, hi!

You are already assistant driver -

of the Most necessary affairs the direct participant.

Let your road will be pure,

Let in the opinion of yours laughs happiness!

Vigilance you yes will not leave

I will not bypass a storonka rest …

Let in you the romantic will not cool down -

You is useful now as if air.

* * *

Children`s toys, children`s entertainments -

Fight goes at fortress - fight sacred and right!

A a snowball hot is torn as the grenade!

Cheeks reddened cherry at the soldier.

of the Commander wounded - holds tears hardly:

- Fortress, see is not given that wanted!

Hard storming under fire dagger -

Beat them precisely, and it is a little a pity for them,

But they are soldiers, faithful to the order -

never left the positions!

of the Commander wounded - holds tears hardly.

On a frost soldiers from fight sweated …

Fight goes at fortress - fight sacred and right -

Very hooligan lovely entertainments.

* * *

Thoughts as playful kittens,

All around a treasured ball …

A on a farm school is calfs -

Small, ask milk.

The girl hurries from school,

the Girl will reach a farm:

- Which of you, calfs, now weakly?

Who from silly in dampness lies?

The tender word,

All of dry straws, milk …

Well, and tomorrow &ndash will be all; the motley cow

Will bring a broad-browed telk.

The farm is a pleasure, it is a maturity,

is happiness - to live truly with morning.

Shoo, kittens - thoughts, there was a wish to live

With advantage, and life - it is wise.

* * *

Strong my companion got sick - poor Wanted


Wanted to the distant village,

But there the road swept up.

the City is rich with stuff -

to the patient got Deficiency:

Peaches, nuts, grapes,

Chocolate and … that else, forgot.

was eaten Nothing by my companion,

I asked that brought home.

I though it snow swept up Understood,

But rescue there - let`s go to the village!

* * *

The Kalmyk hoarfrost of thin molding …

do not burn at night both rains, and winds.

Crackle in wheels versts - kilometers

of Crystal space … I am light

From light and boundlessness of fields,

From thoughts is rhythmical - musical,

From the satellites which fell silent and sad,

From symmetry of casual poplars …

the car Runs on ice, like clockwork,

Was tired the driver - there is no end of a way!

I everything that was, - it is no vain … it was better than

I for us are expensive not to find.

* * *

Long went together.

Long went separately.

Looked back - on the place,

Wrongly yes obliquely though throw everything!

Life has the right to hope

For the lost paradise. Who the movement governs


God punish him!

And nobody is able to glance

Slightly forward.

I nobody will dare to Find

a right way.

* * *

I turned a cap inside out -

in it Became closer and colder.

Took a walk in the world couple of days -

Pecked others on a bait.

A “wrong side“ again “inside out“ of

did not manage to be Turned any more -

Was wiped “face“. From here the rage

Between people wanders very early …

A to itself, darling, people flatter,

I the most stupid will freeze ears …

worse if souls

are turned Inside out. It - will not forgive!

An opportunist

of Perepletenye of different

I lines forms, and spots on a canvas …

From where there is so much paint of soap

In your gaping dream?

Surplus of feeling, a roll of belief,

With not clear thought a parallel …

I why paint

sulfur was Suddenly saddened a water color? You do not torment with

yourself in vain,

the Sad slave to anybody`s times, - it is dangerous to

to rewrite Life -

there will not be enough paints and banners.

Memories of the father

Okamenet! As these walls …

Stand, the brick soul,

Is simple the reason - changes

Hurry, in passing destroying …

It rescued you, my Russia,

With companions from trouble,

When in years fortieth

of Polmir reared.

He rescued you and the century in vanity fragments summed up

. Forgive to

, pardon best, My God,

Rescue saviors of dream!

* * * Evgenia Gulidova

If I am mute

of Memory as I in the field a star over a cross,

As bottomless styn over my head,

If am mute - I will keep silent. And weepingly I will raise a howl

the Grey wolf in night under a bloody bush.

If I grew blind long ago why then

I See peace elks and disturbing distances? It is clear I see

and I feel from where trouble -

As always as if a knife and from where did not wait.

If I am absent, no what legs run?

All run and run, the earth coming off?

, from claws, from canines beating off lead …

Ya in flight. The last. And feelings do not lie.

* * *

Mother, forgive me, mother.

If you are able, forgive -

As I loved you a little,

All hurried to leave.

Waited for a meeting patiently,

of the Son met by good.

What under a kerchief bashfully of

you Hide a hair silver?

I love you, mother, I remember

I in way … As to me for loving

Right happiness to find


* * *

And here, in peripheral Totske,

of the Guitar was sobbed violently,

When the Soviet bard Vysotsky

on Vagankovsky Was buried.

And nothing to make

Live and dead water,

a voice any more it was pulled out from a body

by the Last song fatal.

But is stronger and stronger in silent Totske

From different windows and doors

violent Vysotsky -

Sick conscience of our days Rattles.

* * *

The cup fell - broke.

Svetlana, you remember how fell in love?

those days could tell your eyes

Without words about happiness.

And here in your eyes were tired …

Really, we others became?

Easily fell a cup from the shelf -

In your eyes its splinters.

* * *

As in old time, pictures of paradise

On a struganny wall,

the Candle burns - plays -

Winks at me.

Nothing changed

In an izba in centuries:

I time how favor,

I are live all … so far Kartoshechk`s

in a uniform

Tantalisingly so smokes. the Icon tells

About the best world


And money will not be here, price

I - as from a chain! whether

Live our people,

Though are eaten by them?

The far capital

Decided their destiny.

I cries a floor board

One on all log hut.

* * *

Listen, night what is whispered by you to the kid?

Absolutely as a flower, the smile easily blossoms …

the Sacred smile. I shine I do not hurry to extinguish -

Ya near fine which can thaw,

As sugar in water how a fresh snowdrift behind a window,

As music - the ring of a magic, crystal thaw …

Perhaps and the truth that there were I with the fairy tale the sign

I everything understood quicker in the cradle?

Listen - night sings lullabies the world till the morning,

I kind dreams is not vain at all soar -

Is able to understand any good children,

Especially that which the dobra is not enough.

* * *

The Needlewoman embroidered this night


Ah, a rabotka - craft -

Not the trifle:

In a cloth flies the moon

Real … the wife

Suitable would be

Here to me!

I drozhashcheyu

Stroke-oar an embroidery …

Ah you, my asterisk,

Ah you, cherry!

Even the satellite as live,

shines … Nearby

I such here wife

to me will not meet!

I am a kerchief of painted

Everything examined.

not to fall in love in the spring -

So thought.

But the moon shouted to me,

Afar flying:

- And you would have a love


* * *

The three - the three … Old Russian beauty became a miracle


On - over the driver haughty

Jellied voices …

A the same jingles -

Light-sad, as we.

But ring in public less often -

Only on a farewell to winter.

Where daring, a distance and the maiden -

Cornflower-blue payments to toe?

Footfall, hubbub, laughter, where you?

Really feelings sleep?

the Drawn kokoshnik,

a wig, Lifeless under it, -

Ya I will deceive not the assistant,

Let the three will soar

the White, blue, red bird

Over open spaces of snow!

If Russia cheers up, -

Will flood banks the world!

* * *

Nothing, will turn out nothing -

We with you all way will keep silent.

do not mourn, saying goodbye, the fellow traveler, forgive to

I a simple beginning.

This sad share - a prophecy

From a semi-view of us will condescend: I know

- you will leave in Sorochinsk, You know

- on Totskaya will descend … We will leave by

our train to accident -

It - iron, to it all the same,

And we - the divided extremes -

Will keep silent and we will look in a window.

I the spacious steppe Orenburg

Will calm a beating of hearts:

Is multiple-valued silence Russian -

Is unambiguous roads the end.

* * * Ksenia Yakhontova`s

Under legs March crystal,

Chocolate water …

Day that illusive and distant

never to remember!

Was a concert in sponsored part,

In a loud-speaker - “Danube …“.

I flew lilovo happiness

Over a decline too much.

Ahead She went,

I of the girlfriend went nearby …

A then - for ever was gone,

So was gone - did not find.

Where you, officer`s daughter?

Disappears light of love,

Vanishes in happiness belief …

I Remember only your eyes!

* * *

The martok laughs: put on hundred a portok! -

Towards evening a frost - abrupt boiled water,

All night long till the morning play winds -

such game Mangles trees.

You do not trust spring, you do not trust yourself,

A you believe fire that got accustomed in a log hut …

Here if on the furnace on sunflower seeds to lay down Yes to listen to

a sedate dedova the speech!

And quietly to fall asleep, without having found out an essence.

… Water ice to rinse a face!

I to scream to tears, yawning half awake, without knowing

that in windows the spring breathes.

The overseas landscape in a window burns,

Warmed by breath of the Russian dawn.

Is sad a martok - term terminated.

Cracked sorok, flying on the East.

* * *

It at all not rescue -

Crying warmly.

Wings wind spring

B muddy fights glass.

In a gray coat, is angular -

Is young also a biting wind.

Evening, the lightest evening

is twirled by Wind in a decline.

Wind - yet Let and half-roofs will demolish not rescue,


Pussy-willow wait for Sunday,

Only it and will rescue.

* * *

The spring came, but there is no heat

In the human changeable nature.

Cold, is still light

Smothering the kindest in the people.

Is live and can warm

of All oppressed and bolezny.

God grant longer to burn with it

In the searches useful!

* * *

Do, draw, write! - Prompt

what to like - to hate.

Be mistaken - be not afraid to offend

Lada the waiting soul strings.

And castles in the air a spirit -

Without locks, without footmen and guards -

Infinite … soap even! -

In the world of lyrics is important a spirit.

Not the image, not the ghost, not a dream -

Come to life canvases and cardboards.

I the tuning forks

hidden in us Begin to sound in unison.

* * *

No, perhaps, traffic regulation?

Is dashing on red runs -

In pools its reflection

Shines and shivers.

Light a dress and hair -

the Tape in a hairdress is visible.

Something shouts! And Heart recognized by a voice

- it!

How many people in our city!

, How many trams, cars! the Cloudlet of lightnings on a wire,

You wait a moment

- take your time.

Happiness - the phenomenon fast:

Slightly became puzzled - trouble!

Happiness is similar to a shot -

Wind broke wires.

* * *

Yesterday I saw: from icicles

tears to the earth Lasted.

Was cheerful park as a summer beehive,

In days of disappearing winter.

Fog attacked on chocolate -

Heavy, watery snow.

Not all in the nature peacefully, is fine …

Or it seemed to me?

not far off -

I Volga ice cracks spring, snuffling.

I someone is suddenly fatally wounded by

the Foggy look. No - not I.

A I live love long ago -

All breast deeply I breathe … big involuntarily every day I write

I from love to song


* * *

I saw snow dance, and such

Is difficult in our life to spot. there is no

In soul of winter heavy stagnation,

Though soon she should die.

it concern whirlwinds and fun,

with It Ljubo it is pleasant to drink fervent

I wine sudden to a kochevya,

It laughs loudly if suddenly the village

Fills up with snow … or the whole city.

I as the destiny, meets is proud of

Spring rainy teplyn. whether

Are sad thoughts at it - are light, Nobody in life learns

about it -

I is not allowed to Learn its nervousness, this weakness to us she forgives,

But suddenly revealed secrets predo me.

* * *

Protalnik, protalnik … Other winds,

Other dawn, other declines …

Sob icicles. Evenings are light.

I fall imperial snow of chamber! sun

I splinters wander in traces.

I tries a pevunye voice - a titmouse.

the Frosty evil dies in ices.

I at midnight to the maiden is not slept, not slept … By the morning mysterious light

From a face of a sacred orthodox icon is stronger and stronger than

. the nature of unnecessary vanities has no

I -

Everywhere great edit laws.


blizzards For the present scurry about,

without slowing down wild run,

But waiting for a thaw

gray snow Slips from a roof.

are Still strong frosts,

press close To eaves sparrows,

But grow ripe in the sky of a thunder-storm,

Turn the ships

In port river, and along suburbs

Rustles, hoots rooky gray,

I the children with might and main play

In the big yards. Also waits for my edge,

When a little clumsily the tractor Lays to

a furrow … I over the very first pool

the Cheerful cloud will pass


For the present run blizzards,

Raising fresh snow,

But from a presentiment of a thaw

gray snow Slips from a roof!

Still will be …

What you are whispered, the transparent woods?

would Fill up, examined dreams …

do not last each branch in heaven - Wait for

, wait till spring …

you will put on the festive attire, Rustle with

, you will blossom under teplyn.

Will become agitated green fields,

Will start a last year`s wormwood.

Will become the small river - Juice a bird cherry to grow white,

of the girl Will hurt a bird cherry. Zasineet`s

in the blue sky blue -

I will begin to spin at the guy the head …

What you are whispered, the frozen woods?

would Fill up, examined dreams …

Really heaven,

so were cold That there will be no ice drift and spring?

* * *

The river ate a kitchen garden -

Moves the course.

of the Willow got to water -

New became a wall.

New was outlined the ford -

Old is deepened skillfully … A little in the village to the people -

of the Street is not present

behind the back!

* * *

Letuch, April - the most difficult

environment From snow, light and thawed patches,

From advantage former and harm …

We as could is transparent, musical

, wintered

Without songs long and funs.

Everything that without name, called

Under white snow, under fresh snow.

Patched thoughts and clothes,

As God patches clouds.

As children, protected hopes

In soul depth until …

I here April splashed on frames

Warm. And at once

the Newborn Russian temple

the Become cheerful village blossomed.

April! Letuch, it is transparent, sonorous.

come true dreams in the Spring - someone very unlucky

Will find

I lucky flowers.

* * *

The sun from captivity escaped,

I dry up fields.

On three cheerful knees

is More singsong of a nightingale.

Zakhlopotali at a willow

of the Butterfly, a fly, bumblebees.

the Trace and sledochek is sure

To the hill blossoming passed.

If the chiliga, Zarozovel`s

, to that regained consciousness, -

Precisely ended a yoke

of our doubts and icy colds.

* * *

Nightingale! And dogrose thickets …

I Was stupefied in pink color. Only the happy lover

will have enough

forces for this beauty.

Only the lover has excessively

the most gentle soul -

All from songs, from spring pleasure -

is Unusually good!

Silence, and suddenly it - blows up! -

Silver of a zapev of a nightingale,

of the Wild rose of a bowl open …

And so and the dawn is born!

* * *

- In silence an essence of the Universe of all … -

it is Slightly heard silence whispered.

But was so started singing suddenly by a nightingale,

That the silence trembled.

A its song was such,

That the grove in the field grew dumb.

I silence, having forgotten rest,

did not keep - rang out.

* * *

Shy, timidly … started singing

In a voice! the Night - eyes

Though prick out


Wind thought up

Mischievous business -

At all

Passersby wetted through … Only to the little girl

Laughter and fun -

the Sky

Water is thrown by

! the Love potion

to It

It is allowed to test

of the First



* * *

K. Yakhontova

Life - is good! Especially, at the beginning …

But the first love conducts to grief.

Persistently prophesies your meeting

Any fine very best evening.

You do not know any there grief,

I was not any there separation.

As are good - gait, shoulders, hands! earlier you it did not notice

A …

But, remember, - “The love conducts to Grief“,


which came at the beginning of

of your life … and at the end … With freckles, with pollen on a face.

* * *

Morning, not knowing where to put itself,

Concerning you to the bottom … Mai! Beauty! To inhale and look, to Sing

about love without wine …

Green the smoke caresses around -

Earth wanted to blossom.

And so I will also be all life young

With a dawn bouquet in a handful …

And so and cheerful I will sing

In a throat in everything, aha!

As I want to depart absolutely

To our May meadows … I Remember

, there was it and,

of Years one million back -

Sacred sparkled water around,

Pink foamed a garden …

Here - repeated. Not to spill

In lilies of the valley the soul! to The one who will want to look for me

the New song I will sing


* * *

Poplar rustling

Accidentally heals soul

Adjusting evening by night

I advising to dream. Poplar rustling

Ya incidentally I will not break


Ya I will see, by the way,

Everything that it is necessary to read

Between lines of branches of leaves

Through green transparency

in the depth of live harmonies,

That worry, rustle,

That truth from truth

Took outside gloom

in the form of heavy rain, a thunder, lightnings …

of the Thunder-storm I smother stir.

* * *

Vladimira Makoveeva

strings at a guitar Were extended, mixed up,

Got lost songs somewhere in the steppe.

Help me, help, my companion old, - to the friend concede Couple of days from holiday to


We with you will remember life that finished ringing.

We with you will listen new solovyyov … to

the Homeland favourite as you sang earlier -

With pain and without music, with pleasure without words!

Destinies and footpaths were extended, mixed up,

Got lost souls on the continent.

of the City, the city, you from the remote place!

the Friend my most true, come to me.

Without wheel and sails

Without wheel and sails it is simpler to live in the world:

to the Cloud brainless has nothing to grieve -

Downwind float to yourself to far-away countries,

of the Spring darling without storing in heart.

Without wheel and sails it is easy to live - easily:

the Ice floe lazy to rush far,

Being dissolved slowly in river mutnost -

of a current Suprotiv rush fools.

Without wheel and sails you will long live,

If you as a cloud, downwind you float,

If you as a ldinochka … And, of course, aloud

Will tell about you then: lived - did not live … went out.

I do not abuse a cloud - its affairs.

same the small piece of ice gave rise to the Cloudlet.

All in the nature with advantage, strong and for ever!

Be its worthy you are a fragile person.


At a makhonka - the small river - Tatyanki`s

rechenk In each willow are heard talyanka voices.

of the Fellow curly - I see on signs - the Small river small will make

the poet.

Everything he goes - wanders, moves lips, Everything he something sees

there, behind coast.

Everything somewhere is attracted by vernal Tatyanka …

With an ulterior motive to curly hears a talyanka.

It is visible - heart very much asks a new song,

That days and nights would be more wonderful. you do not rustle with

, winds, you do not shout, birds, -

do not prevent the song to appear to people.


Hello, birches and aspens,

Hi long, the mother - a pine!

Stars under legs - onions goose …

Somewhere nearby red Spring.

Somewhere between girlfriends white-faced,

In melodious chorus of voices …

Ah what songs - tales

On glades of the joyful woods!

Where Spring? - at the bottom of a voditsa of thawed

Or in turquoise over the head?

Or in a yellow willow, or in scarlet …

Or on Stolbova`s path? Somewhere nearby a young joy …

You be appeased by

, April melancholy!

In a dress, in each thread of a

dress Gloss - sand zolotinochka …

Near. She sings - be silent you, roadside be turned by

to stone!

I stand at a tender brittle willow.

I have a little cry … And anew be born.

* * *

Went along the small river, on a slope,

On an abrupt tropinochka,

A towards to me - a birch -

the Dress in zolotinochka.

I to a curly charodeyka

vysheptat All grieves:

- In vain destiny to me, a likhodeyka, with

the Grief on the darling is embroidered …

she will not look At me -

Is me more worthy.

A me a magnet pulls

Love uneasy.

What to do? Without answer

washing Life it will not be coped. I do not have

without lovely life -

Here and tears slide …

Suddenly from a ravine wind crazy -

With whooping, a vprisyadochka. the birch says

A: - Small,

You indulge with an oglyadochka … you See

, the guy to the small river goes, That a grief to remove


And you, as drunk it seems -

Neither shame, nor conscience!

I kissed a birch -

With the maid who is dressed up,

A from eyes slid tears

On birch bark a yarn.

* * *

The village will recover slowly!

Turn green tobacco beds,

And other - in a full order,

If the seed ascended, blossomed …

Will recover both heat, and a rain,

a sweat Drop, a glass of raw vodka.

Will cease both passions, and rumors,

Generated by the new leader.

Will recover! Also will go to the cities -

to Feed up the starving grandsons.

I to forecasts to spite, and to sciences

Are staunch people of work!

* * *

The artful design of shadows does not spoil the solar wood.

I is a lot of, except interest, I find in a solitude of branches. I find

Ya myself in a trunk of the pine living on a glade …

They - not aliens - trees on my Earth.

Trees, my dear, I am struck with unity of spirit …

I as a hobby, but not for hearing, nightingales sing over the small river.

* * *

Too quietly this willow

rustles with the Branch.

Too quickly, quickly, quickly

our life flies!

of your heart currents

knock On my breast.

Nightingales behind the small river ceased - Hear

how they are silent?

* * *

In an emerald grass

spring moisture turns blue,

break off flowers

at dawn behind a bud a bud.

Where you, where you,

of the bosony childhood courage:

to run up and - deep into!

that vyyuny to coil then?

That after water,

as the nature itself to revive,

to merge with a flower,

to become a naughty spring

both to rustle, and to boil, and to laugh …

I suddenly, to come back

to an emerald grass

proshlogodthem maple leaf.

About a hare

a hare Lives in the field.

One, a row - anybody more;

of the Brother was eaten by a fox,

the Sister went to the next woods,

of Parents does not remember since the childhood …

of the Steppe naked - its inheritance.

of Carrot never ate.

everything around is filled in in the Spring by water …

Learned about Mazaye a legend -

Absolutely lost faith,

almost daily on a trace

poachers Hurry.

Since morning - bark dogs.

During the lunchtime - a disturbing dream.

By the evening - a fight,

at Night - an owl!

Hurts the head for fear

Even then,

When is zatenkat by a bird.

* * *

Eh to proceed each footpath!

Eh to talk to each blade! -

Ya to it by name, to a middle name, a surname,

A it to me: “People all such darlings?“ I so will answer

: “All and from the birth,

Only over time in people of an exception …“. Me the wise grass will entrust

secrets -

I Will utter new words:

“Force and tranquility, nightingales and dreams, Prosini`s

radiant solar spring …“.

The song of the Soviet soldier

Kohl an overcoat on you,

Means time came to Test

and himself, and the road.

That there will be in destiny - do not think of

from now on, Only remember


That there will be an alarm

For rest of mothers,

For smiles of children

I for birds that fly around.

You in alarm of

Never quail -

to the Automatic machine trust also in the friend.

Kohl an overcoat on you,

Means, enemies of your

U, at favourite Russia are living. From alarm and troubles

You it protect

, without feeling sorry for


force. when the

submachine gun you give

I to the Recruit, do not forget to give

and alarm -

For the father and for mother,

For the bride, for our

World, going

by Nelyogkaya Road.

* * *

The homeland hopes for force

Where there was not enough suddenly mind. You asked

: - Where carried you? I will not tell

- you learn everything.

You learn everything … There is no neighbor any more -

He in the car alive burned down.

- Well, forgive - conversation is not glued -

Ya still did not become kinder at all.

All - in eyes, and in the heart burned -

Gunpowder, ashes … both lie, and slander.

I knocks on nerves naked

Each leaf of each bush.

* * *

Died at execution -

Short words …

It was in division

the Source of heat,

Soul of a brotherhood of our

I the sober head … is frequent

I - often asked - whether

Is easy for us with you.

And we lived alarm,

Rockets, firing.

Izvilistaya Road -

Military destiny.

Always at execution,

I even if we sleep …

We became generation

of Defenders - men.

With you, buddy, Conscious life is passed by


Us was sent by the Homeland,

A you joked: - Keep! Us the bullet guarded

In the last cordon


Died at execution -

K to what words now?

* * *

In the eyes changed districts!

my phone will ring out Soon, I will meet by

the forgotten friend

I I learn Soon, than he is famous.

We vspomyant the left years …

For now - all spring to young people!

Let will learn to live at the nature

I will remember the Fatherland a smoke.

Phrase-mongering will be endured by paper -

to be not long Russia in a haze,

If with us forever courage - All native to love

on the earth.

* * *

We - one, and everything is fine in the world,

Is happy the world when the love blossoms. It moved apart

the horizons more widely

I carries on sincere conversation.

Conversation that there will be people

Everything without exception, are good,

If all sometime fall in love with

As we - for ever and with all the heart!

Conversation that there will be children -

our children will be better than us … for

That, likely, the best class on light -

Is our tenth amicable class.

The young world is naive and clear,

Is simple and cheerful - put on airs, indulge:

the Kiss does not leave spots,

If is the first kiss.

* * *

Spoke to you: - Let it will be put,

I will be hit brass knuckles in lips! -

Left I one against the street,

A to me was fifteen years old.

I had enough me ukhazhorchik -

With pleasure thrashed in a face,

But I did not fall before them on hunkers … I Remember

joking rascals.

I Remember shouts, eyes hated,

of Zryashnost of the latest threats.

But I loved you violently,

As was able, both during a heat, and in a frost.

Made the way to you kitchen gardens,

without breathing as an experienced wolf.

Surrounded your house with round dances -

were an expert In beauty.

Ya through a roof, a pipe and a window leaf

Broke to you all the same!

… Where you how you now, ukhazhorchik,

Got married davny - long ago?


the Joke

Cheerful poets, leave you wives,

you are criticized by children for the small fee.

A at day work as big and intense

you by the night Lose life-giving steam.

Great poets, at you never are around only ulcers

of the Stomach, heart, a brain and -! - souls! Skazhennye`s

you perhaps, hundred-vein you unless? -

, in debts, cares you got Into verses completely.

And on the Way to Parnassus, to the shining tops,

you is silent as pheasants, you dive into a drag-net …

Run in fields spacious enormous

I cars uproot camomiles - cornflowers.

* * *

Work of the poet is necessary to nobody -

do not pay For it not a stiver.

Would be a breakfast and a lunch, and a dinner, shower

A … And whether there is in us a soul?

Agree with that man of science,

That dismembered all life on part: of wattled

laces It soul did not find

Among DNA anywhere.

Means, it is absent and it is not necessary -

we Will rationally live.

Will be to us a good award

the Certain possibility - to eat and drink.

We will calculate plans for about two hundred years,

I - in work as if ants … But someone sends to


of the Wise, getting Love.

We notice obvious hints - we Answer

somehow love. we Feel by

lightnings and currents,

of the Lightning and currents - again and again!

* * *

By the most blue sea

I Will feel a stone.

the Flood will approach a grief -

Ya of many offended, loving …

As a rule, without understanding Stradanye`s

others and pain,

On trust without taking

I the word human, and a role.

… I it is terrible from a grief I will raise a howl - there is no

From the sea of forgiveness!

It will only sparkle

I turquoise a seagull farewell in reply.

* * *

I will imperceptibly go to that unknown region

I to friends, and relatives, maybe, on trouble.

will be said in low tones by the wife: “My dear, choose!“. I will take

of Nothing in that unknown region.

I will leave everything as is: both sins, and verses,

I zarzhavlenny, in a dry ink - a palette knife.

Let will begin to cry a bayan and the guitar will get sad.

will be said in low tones by the wife: “It also will not take you …“.

But - the thunder-storm will blow up, but the earth will cry:

“Why does not sing why he is silent?!“

Will spread wine, someone`s glass will crackle.

I will be cut through pain: life, you nevertheless - deception.

But also death - not a trap as a hobby, for mind!

of Leyte in a new glass the ancient fire of wine.

will be said in low tones by the wife: “And exchange punish …“. I will take

of Nobody in that unknown region.

* * *

of Memory N. I. Baclycova

Ded Nikita of saws from a sieve,

to vdarit a pesnyak!

That came in dream hoofs

Yes destiny of the Cossack. All about that - about a nice share -

the Steppe native to guard


to Live in a saddle, and only in the field

to Buyn to lay down life.

About the Cossack honest share,

If lived up to gray hairs, - to Grandsons to sing

about free will,

That the Cossack loved one … Sang

beautifully, drank from a sieve -

Took and died in December.

not to gather to all relatives …

What you are silent, the grandfather Nikita?

On the bank of Samarki with fast


on the bank of Samarki fast

the thoughtful fire Burns.

Fly, golden sparks

fly To a bottomless cloudy scope.

On the bank of Samarki of the manumission

Cossacks Started singing the song -

I ran quickly waves

In a feather grass gray-haired and along the river.

Wild oak groves

I calmed down the lynx disappeared in dense pine forest.

Pioneers, is told to Become your glory

eternal by the morning.

All night long did not sleep accursed vorog - It arrows spiteful vostrit


But the guard heard silent rustle

I of the brother from an arrow covered …

the Cossack`s Life, you are rapid,

our share - to be at war.

on the bank of Samarki … - it is eternal

of Totsky fortress Here to stand!


A payment

For wheat - houses a half,

For Fatherland the darling - the father

For the father and mother - in crude clay … to

That war

were Paid endlessly

by Four orphans.

Chest the fourth,

Small, is more pale than a ceiling,

Never drinking milk,

B are unsteady lived quietly,

As though the dead.

Elder sister, still the teenager,

Having sobbed out all tears beforehand,

As could, out of a grief and a scab

Brought the small people.

Preserved children!.

Thanks to the aunt

Yes to the family whom - half-villages,

Yes to that are in an overcoat and a

garrison cap to the Guy from the front with whom the destiny reduced …,

Is heavy to war past a payment

of That family of four orphans,

A returned to the village three soldiers …

How many paid the People for the world


About bread and soldiers

Was bread very few

In that general trouble.

Bitterly following was watched by mother -

Ya to soldiers is I go.

Stuck malyshnya to Take away to eatery,

not in forces of eyes

From a hunk and pearl barley - to Overcome with

such temptation!

All a herd at a table wide

the friends Placed us.


Ate Porridge, bread greedily - not a tops of vegetable!

And now - other time,

Not the nettle - the orach …

But, seems to me, I Was kinder than


At an obelisk

… Here it came

and at a threshold


also could not take a step.

of the Old woman was remembered about God -

of Soldiers told: “And it helped“.

Yes, it is visible, happiness exists:

not to get lost on the planet,

Through troubles to find love …

For all - life, for all - pain

the last appointment Came,

Came at life on the edge,

I pus