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How to prepare the Vienna strudel?

What associations are caused in you by the name of the capital of Austria? The Vienna waltz and the Vienna wood glorified by ingenious Johann Strauss? Or architectural sights: majestic cathedral of Saint Stephen, magnificent lock of Hofbrug, graceful palace Shenbryunn? And maybe, the Vienna kitchen - so delightful what some of its dishes were strongly enshrined in the menu of the best restaurants of the world, without having lost at the same time either a peculiar taste, or the original name?

One of such dishes - the Vienna strudel is tasty to try

. Today it is possible to try it practically in any cafe. This dessert is obliged by the popularity to several qualities.

In - the first (and this is important for any culinary work), it is very tasty: the harmonious combination thin, gentle, crackling outside and soft in the test with slightly sourish apples, the most sweet raisin and fragrant cinnamon of very few people leaves indifferent. In - the second, the beauties keeping a figure appreciate it low caloric content: 100 grams of a strudel contain only a little more than 200 kilocalories - real nonsense in comparison with many other sweets. Well, and in - the third … Only listen as perfectly sounds: “And me bring, please, the Vienna strudel!“

of Bringen Sie mir bitte einen Apfelstrudel! I said this phrase, probably, at each Vienna small restaurant where I came to have dinner or supper. And always brought me something absolutely special - at everyone the chief - cooks the view of a strudel, - but always extraordinary tasty. So I will answer the question “Where in Vienna It Is Possible to Try the Best Strudel?“ only very shortly: “Everywhere …“ But I can tell

where it is possible to admire process of preparation of a strudel, - in Residenz cafe that is located in park Shenbrunn. During a tourist season here each hour there passes the master - a class. Occupation which, by the way, begins with tasting of pastries lasts not for long: the professional baker in the face of the audience rolls dough, fills it with apples, sends to an oven … Only - minutes 15-20, it is no more. For now the strudel prepares, the bakery is approached by the following excursion engine - and the following party of tourists hurries to a table to try fresh, still hot apple roll. Also I can argue that every second guest - or rather the guest - leaves the master - a class with resistant desire to repeat what was seen in own kitchen. Give and we will try to make it.

is easy to prepare

the Classical Vienna dessert - Apfelstrudel, that is a strudel with apples. Means, first of all we will need these fruit. It is possible to prepare, of course, a strudel both with a pear, and with cherry, but the traditional recipe means apples.

It is better to choose apples green, firm, sour; a little immature antonovka will be ideally suited - we will take about 500 grams. Also for a stuffing we will be need the following ingredients:

• raisin - 50 g;

• walnuts - 50 g;

• breadcrumbs - 30 g;

• cinnamon - 1 teaspoon.

We will put all this aside so far and we will be engaged in the test. And let you are not misled by extremely simple composition of ingredients. Preparation of the test for a strudel - process though simple, but very interesting.

So, for the test it will be required to us:

• wheat flour - 250 g;

• an egg yolk - 1 piece;

• warm water - 1/8 glass;

• vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons;

• salt - 1 pinch;

• butter - 30 g (for greasing).

At first sift over a wooden board flour, so that it formed a hill on which “top“ it is necessary to make small deepening on a board. In this deepening fill in water and vegetable oil, put an egg yolk, slightly salt - and begin to knead dough. It is necessary to do it barehanded and it is desirable as skilled bakers advise, with love and care, thinking of something good. You knead dough until it ceases to stick to hands and a board.

And then forget both about love, and about care: now you should … beat dough. Yes, you did not mishear. Extend dough in thick “sausage“ and begin with all force to thrash it on a table. When “sausage“ is extended approximately twice, put it in half - and continue to beat about a table. Repeat this action several times. It is required that dough became more dense. After “beating“ let`s the test have a rest a little: roll from it a ball, put on a board, cover with a film or a foil - and leave for half an hour in the warm place.

At this time prepare a stuffing: peel apples of a peel and a core, slice small. If apples very firm, it is possible to fry slightly them on a frying pan. However do not overdo: too soft they should not be too.

When dough will ripen, roll it on a pure napkin, the sprinkled flour, so thinly as soon as you will be able. Clean a rolling pin and pull dough from the middle to edges a little more - already hands. Cut rib-steaks (they surely will remain). Strew about two thirds of a surface of the test with breadcrumbs, and from above lay out slices of apples, add from above raisin, the crushed nuts and cinnamon.

Now the strudel can be turned. By the way, you know that the word strudel in German means whirlpool? We will also suit this “whirlpool“ to our strudel - and we will be helped by a napkin on which we rolled dough. Just raise it for one edge, slightly help a strudel to make the first round, and further it will twirl practically without your efforts. At the end moisten fingers with water, carry out on edge of the test and “stick“ roll.

At last, grease a strudel with butter and send to the oven warmed to 200 degrees. But previously cover it from a foil (you watch that it did not concern the test) - it is necessary that roll did not burn slightly. Minutes through 20-25 foil it will be possible to clean, and a strudel once again to oil and put in an oven for 10-15 minutes.

Strew a ready strudel with icing sugar and give hot. As juicy addition it is possible to put an ice cream ball on a saucer. Also do not forget about a cup of black coffee on - Vienna - with a cap from whipped cream and the thinnest chocolate shaving.


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