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How to increase the value in the opinion of the man?

“My value in his eyes is how high? What place I take in his life?“ These questions haunt many women. And meanwhile, in order that correctly to answer them, it is not necessary to be the fortuneteller or the clairvoyant at all. It will not be required even to set them in a forehead to the man. There is enough only observation and strong desire to learn the truth. And any truth. And not just that on which you were adjusted. the Man`s psychology rather strongly differs in

from female. However owing to the logicality and alignment, it is quite available to itself to female understanding. Let`s begin with what the man, meeting the woman, accurately realizes why to him this acquaintance. Do not doubt while you just think that to answer his question of how to go to library, it already estimated your nice face, your figure and a charming smile. These very first seconds he solves whether he will continue to communicate with you? Or will pretend that from your chaotic story he perfectly understood where there is that library, and right now he intends to go there in spite of the fact that already eight o`clock in the evening.

We will assume, everything developed well and the man “suddenly found out“ that the requirement to go to library at him disappeared and at present to him is simply vital to learn your phone number. So your relations begin. The first appointments bear in themselves a lot of information. You recognize each other. Whether it is good to you together? Do you have common interests? Whether your outlooks on life coincide? Answers to these questions superfluous will not be.

Sometimes it happens so that after the first two - three appointments, the man sharply disappears from your life. Or does not disappear completely, but ceases to call independently, and answers your calls reluctantly. What has happened? And there was what you so were afraid of - your value became equal in his eyes to zero. Otherwise, he would show an initiative. the Man by the nature the conqueror. He got used to win the woman too. Therefore he takes the first step to rapprochement. The woman always has an option - to show favor or coldness. The man who ceased to take the initiative with probability in 99% simply to you grew cold.

your relations with the man have to develop. In other words, in the relations it is impossible “to get stuck“ long at any one stage. Let`s take a love stage. As a rule, always accompanies it so-called “konfetno - buketny“ the period. At this time both of you feel wings behind the back and stay in some unearthly euphoria. To you well with each other, and you not only do not see, but also do not wish to see the beloved shortcomings. But, unfortunately, love is not love yet . The relations can collapse at this stage, having faced the most various vital circumstances.

If you feel that your relations with the man gradually are transformed and become stronger, then you on a right way. And how to define this transformation? It is easy. In the course of the relations you come into close emotional contact with the partner. As you will begin to recognize the man, and he - you, your emotional proximity has to become is much closer. It does not mean at all that the man has to know all your life, since three-year age. The speech that you have to be able to catch sensitively an emotional condition of each other and to be ready to show participation and support if it is necessary.

Often happens so that the man meets the woman and him well together. But … their relations do not move anywhere. They can meet both year, and two. They can even live together, but the man will not hurry with the offer of a hand and heart. Why does that happen? Yes everything from - for the fact that the man was not defined yet. Your value is not so obvious to it to bring the freedom to an altar of your union.

needs to be understood that the man will never release from himself the woman who is valuable to it. He will make everything to make it the. It will eliminate from its environment all competitors - men, it will never hurt it, he will always stand guard its interests. Thus if your value as women increases its own value as men and as persons, then he will not want to leave you any more.

Here the question arises: what is appreciated by men in women? What qualities will not be able to leave them indifferent? Unfortunately, unambiguously to answer this question it will not turn out. There is too much men and their requirements differ. However there is also good news. In the course of the relations the man always gives to the woman of the hint. Not so obvious that they were clear directly, but also not so secret that they could not be deciphered.

It is not necessary to think that to receive the offer of a hand and man`s heart, it is rather simple to love it. Alas, it it is not enough. If your value in his eyes is small, then your any superstrong love will not be able to force it to be with you.

The value of the woman does not consist in external beauty. Though it is important. Also your financial position does not matter. Your value is concluded in you and is defined by a set of your personal characteristics and your self-assessment. Why the self-assessment is so important

? The matter is that in your system of values you should not bring the man to the level of an idol on which all your happiness will depend. the Man subconsciously feels installation of this sort and begins to neglect such woman. She can love it, care about is mute, to worry about it. It would seem, well what still it is necessary for it? It for the sake of it became nearly ideal. And he not only does not appreciate its efforts, but also in every possible way emphasizes the independence.

For the man of the relation with you are that of great value, than more he is put in them. Keyword here ““. you can get for it though a star from the sky. Hardly it we will to you for it he is grateful. But if he spends with you much time, shares with you the thoughts and experiences, gives you gifts, helps you with affairs, then he, undoubtedly, is put in your relations. And the more he will make efforts, trying for the sake of you, the stronger he will fall in love.

But before beginning to be put, the man will surely want to be convinced that before it really standing woman who loves and respects, first of all, herself. Ideally, he has to love you a little more, than you it since every chance to remain stable many years have such relations. In cases when the woman loves the man more, than it her, probability of parting increases many times.

If you did not meet the man of the dream yet, you should not go in cycles in it. Study and develop, raise the self-assessment, stop to complain of life and of the loneliness. Instead rejoice to all that you have here and now. It will be much simpler to man to fall in love with you happy and self-sufficient, than unfortunate and embittered. Generally, become for a start the princess, and the prince will always be!