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How to the employer to find the suitable employee?

Job search are the most real test not only for the applicant, but also for the employer. Being “on different sides of barricades“, participants of this process, nevertheless, are strongly interested in each other. The employer wishes to employ the worthy applicant, and the applicant looks for the worthy employer. So why sometimes to them happens so difficult to find a common language? I will tell

In this article to you about the experience of search of the employee in one separately taken commercial organization.

So it turned out that in the company where I work, room of the keyboarder was made. There was a question of search of the new candidate for this position. The organization at us good, routine of shots the most minimum. We thought with the head and decided that there is no sense to show some special inquiries to applicants. Only the ended education (the highest is not obligatory), desire to work and basic knowledge of Excel was required. In view of the fact that this position at us was traditionally held by women, in this situation we decided not to change this principle.

All these requirements I, as well as it is necessary, stated in vacancy. Also I in detail described working conditions in the company: schedule of work, social guarantee, salary, etc. Separately specified the exact address of finding of office that applicants could be guided whether it will be convenient to them to reach us. By the new labor legislation, the employer has now no right to specify in vacancies of the requirement to a floor and to age. Therefore I was in advance ready that I will receive a heap of responses from potentially improper candidates.

I posted the announcement issued thus on all popular websites on job search. Them, by the way, it appeared not so a little. Were subject to coverage not only federal the Internet - resources, but also regional. When everything was ready, I began to wait for responses of applicants. It should be noted that I was almost sure that I will manage to close this question quickly enough. At most in seven working days. And that seemed to me that it is too much for action of this sort.

In the first day to me on e-mail thirteen summaries arrived at once. It would seem whether it is success? Is from whom to choose! But on closer examination it turned out that it is possible to invite to interview only one girl. Other candidates did not approach on the most different bases. Further calls from potential applicants began. And here one quite unpleasant circumstance was investigated. As it appeared, applicants a profile of vacancy do not read or read on diagonal. Differently how then to explain the fact that they ask those questions, answers which are directly specified in a profile?

First I had more than once a situation at which I entered with the applicant dialogue, asked it clever questions, and by that moment when I already had a desire to invite him to interview, the last refused from - for the fact that “it is too far“. Pretty cool, huh? And in the announcement it is heavy to read the exact address of the organization was? From my point of view, if the person responds to this announcement, so he already estimated whether it will be able to reach office of the company. But I so considered it … Potential applicants thought differently … Further, in order to avoid misunderstanding, the question of location of office was the first.

Why applicants do not read a vacancy profile, to me is absolutely unclear. Perhaps, consider that they are made by HR department which knows nothing about real duties of the potential employee. However there is such impression that applicants send the summary to all without analysis, being guided only by the name of vacancy. Say, I will understand later, let at first the employer will study whether I suit it. Here it is also necessary to study. To be exact so - to spend the time for candidates who will refuse to come then to interview for the reason that they do not accept a salary the location of office, the schedule of work, etc.

Also I was very surprised that applicants manage without any zazreniye of conscience not to come to already appointed interview. Without explanation. Just like that - to take and not to come. When you begin to call and learn why so, only telephone beeps in reply are, as a rule, heard. As the option, your call can dump. As a last resort - will answer and will begin to bear some nonsense concerning why it was not succeeded to come. One especially “naive“ girl after mine (not it!) it became ringing it to ask to postpone interview to other time. Is not present, thanks, me irresponsible employees to anything at all.

What else “mistakes“ are allowed by applicants? Actually all is a lot of and to list them them there is no opportunity. But I will call some.

1. Summaries send from an e-mail address with obviously improper name. When you receive the summary from the “ sladenkaya@ address...“, etc., the desire to meet such candidate vanishes at once. It is also necessary to check what at you is specified in the name of the sender. Ideally is your full name and a surname. Recently “girlfriend“ received the summary from the sender. Even did not begin to open it. Sense to waste time? To register a new electronic box there is no problem now. It will take no more than five minutes. Why so to be substituted? I Am afraid that “girlfriend“ will look for work for a long time, being perplexed why its summaries ignore.

2. The curriculum vitae of the applicant too short or, what is much more rare, is excessively overloaded with information. The matter is that to writing of the summary it is impossible to treat as simple formality. The summary is your self-presentation. Even if you the first-class expert in the area, the employer will not guess it in any way if you do not tell him about it. But it is necessary to tell skillfully - without water and excess emotions.

3. Applicants do not trouble themselves writing of the cover letter. Of course, it it is impossible to call a critical mistake, but … The summary with the cover letter gains much more, than without that. It is not necessary to rewrite in it is mute all the summary. It is enough to specify that you would like to work in this company and that your knowledge and there will be enough experience for the offered position.

4. Applicants do not remember a name of the recruiter. Even when come to interview. They just do not know to whom they go. It makes repellent impression at once.

5. Applicants do not know what want. When in the summary in the field “desirable position“ specify options from the assistant administrator to the CEO, it causes not so much bewilderment, how many irritation. If the applicant initially in the head has a chaos and he does not know where he wishes to self-actualize, then than it can be helped by the employer?

The result of my two-week searches was unfavourable. I did not manage to find the suitable person. However I do not lose hope that next week I all - will be able to close this vacancy.