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How it is correct to look after hair in the summer?

love Summer everything! But this that season when it is necessary to look after very carefully himself, differently the scorching sun and dry air can do irreparable harm to your hair.

The rule of a pervoye:zashchit from moisture

If you live near reservoirs or decide to have a rest on the seashore, then the problem of excess moisture will not avoid you. Excessive moisture does to

hair disobedient therefore it is very difficult to give to a hairdress a certain form in the summer. If to wind hair equal by nature, then soon they will become equal again, the similar situation will be observed also by owners of a curly hair.

Therefore is the best of all to braid hair to the spit or a horse tail in the summer. But if all of you decide to make a hairdress, then surely apply the indelible looking after cream on hair.

One more good way of protection of a curly hair against moisture is a lamination. After lamination hair become equal and brilliant. And no moisture to you will prevent to be the owner of beautiful hair!

the Rule of a vtoroye:zashchit from UF of beams

As if we did not love the sun, but in large numbers it very harmful, especially for hair.

of UF beams which are radiated by the sun change color and structure of hair, does them thin, dry and disobedient. To protect the hair, it is necessary to apply before an exit to the street cosmetics with SPF.

Council: thanks to the fact that in the summer very warmly wet hair quickly dry. Therefore experts extremely recommend to limit use of the hair dryer to a minimum.

Rule third: moistening

Even if hair suffer from excessive moisture, hot summer air badly influences them. Dry, split ends and a moist, oily hair at roots is a problem of most of women.

As hair at roots and tips from - for harmful influences of hot air become different in structure, and it is necessary to look after them differently. That tips of hair always remained soft and brilliant, it is necessary to use the conditioner or balm after washing of the head.

Council: one more good way to humidify tips of hair, to add couple of drops of the moisturizing oil to shampoo.

Rule fourth: strengthening

the Hair dryer, sea salt, hot air, the conditioner, a skin, the curling iron All this kills with

hair. They not only split, begin to drop out, color grows dull, hair become thin, almost transparent

I it is not all list of problems which each girl faces.

in the best way to return to hair former force is a house mask from natural products.

Here two recipes:

1. To mix 2 egg yolks and pulp of one half of avocado. To add

1 of h l. olive oil. To apply this mix on moist clean hair. To wait 20 - 25 minutes and to wash away warm water.

2. To crush in the blender 1 banana, 3 tablespoons. sour creams and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. You apply the received weight on hair, you cover with polyethylene and in 20 minutes you wash away. This mask well is suitable for a curly brittle hair.

Use our councils and at all seasons of the year remain irresistible! remember

I - you more beautiful, than you think!