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Due to what process we move on cars

Dear car owners I suggest you to reflect what process you intensify under a cowl of the car with the purpose to move from a point And in B.`s

point So we move on the cars due to process of burning of fuel and air which we breathe both all animals and all plants inhale this product. Concentration of the exhaust sprayed by us with the most dangerous particles of heavy metals reached a limit, look on the Internet of a photo of Beijing, it waits for our megalopolises in the next years... Mix of gasoline and air 50/50 in an average proportion getting to the cylinder of the engine contracts, then through all a familiar candle, the spark moves and there is an explosion which pushes the piston down and gives a torque to a cranked shaft from which this moment, is removed also through a transmission, is transferred to wheels. This way and because of our laziness is thought up hundred years ago, the principle did not change. I ask you to think of the fact that hundred years not small term and in parallel exist a different way of the energy which is moving up your car without process of burning and the most important of a harmful exhaust which we breathe, getting stuck in traffic jams, than we reduce quality of the life and term of life of literally told. Today only you and we can change an ecological situation in the cities where the greatest congestion of cars. The statistics says that 80% of harmful exhausts in the cities belong to the motor transport and the most sad that we, for the money, evenly spray these exhausts on the city. The understanding of the matter and desire to change the car from DVS for the car with the electric, environmentally friendly motor, besides, the content and cost of gas station five times cheaper that which at you now, let it will be a pleasant bonus is necessary. Of course, today in 2014, having looked at the cost of electric cars on the Internet you exclaim: it is expensive! I will open for you a secret, the quantity of details of which consists the electric car 40% less, than in on what you move today. From this a logical conclusion if it is less spare parts, means and it will cheaper cost, and it is the fact. One more positive fact, your dependence on service stations in respect of diagnostics and repair, will be much less as first, all reasons of breakages will be service is displayed the user in the electric car also, it will be necessary to visit much less often. The cost of repair will become repeatedly cheaper as three important components eko transport, the electric motor, the accumulator, the controller and the operating computer under repair need repeatedly less often than an antediluvian internal combustion engine. Already today electric cars learn to go independently and it is already reality, it is enough to look at experience of the Google company and the hybrid car at the beginning of these tests, and today it is completely electric car of the NISSAN company. Dear car owners to make the cost and repair of environmentally friendly transport in our forces, it is just necessary to pay attention to it today and to begin to use. As soon as we begin to get eko transport as the second car in a family, they will become cheaper at least for 15% a year at once, in parallel producing cleverer and powerful models.