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How to prepare a holodnik? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

Though Vileyshchina - the region of lakes and the rivers, local peasants eat not only the stuffed pikes. The daily food here, as well as across all Belarus, differs in simplicity and seasonality. Usually there is no time to work on a culinary delicacy in the summer, it is full of other important cares. There is a wish for something simple and easy in the summer that will help to experience the scorching heat. Holodnik - the classical Belarusian soup which is ideally suited for hot weather.

the Public catering holodnik who often give in the Minsk dining rooms and other places where it is possible to have dinner is the red soup filled with a sour cream spoon on beet broth with cucumbers and an indispensable quarter of egg. But in villages in the summer cook a holodnik from a sorrel more often. It and is called - a sorrel.

For citizens the sorrel is a kislenky grass which is raised by summer residents and gardeners to sell it in the markets. But this grass grows not only on beds. With the first beams of the warm sun the sorrel rises “from all cracks“ on meadows and glades, delivering the vitamins forgotten during the winter to a table of peasants.

The sorrel sometimes rescuing people from hunger in dashing and lean years was never the main food product therefore charged to bring together him usually to grandmothers and children while peasants of middle age were engaged in more important works.

At first sight to dig herbs on a meadow as easy as shelling pears, but also there is knowledge. Skilled grandmothers taught grandchildren to distinguish a sorrel from other plants, to collect only gentle young leaflets and “nikoli not brats“ fibrous scapes.

Except a sorrel, the holodnik according to the original recipe requires green onions, sour cream, cucumbers and eggs. The list and a ratio of ingredients not strict, depending on personal preferences and existence of products add also other greens.

For addiction to potato of Belarusians call bulbasham. Of course, it is difficult for fans of potatoes to refuse it therefore in a holodnik sometimes add boiled potatoes or give it as second course.

As it was already noted, the sorrel is prepared since the spring when there are no fresh cucumbers yet also in mention. As necessary fresh cucumbers replace salty.

The classical recipe assumes preparation of a holodnik only on water. But quite often as a basis use also kvass, beet broth, and even meat or chicken broth.

Preparation of a holodnik - process simple, but consists of two stages. In the beginning boil about a half a water chugunka. During this time wash and cut a sorrel and green onions. Greens are added to hot water then send a chugunok to the furnace approximately for about 15 minutes. Long it is not necessary to keep a holodnik in the furnace, it is rather simple to bring to boiling and it is possible to remove from fire.

Ready broth - the basis of future holodnik - is cooled and given to a table cold. Gas station of a basis is prepared separately, very often separately and given to a table that everyone imposed to himself in a plate so much how many for it it is necessary - plentifully or not really flavored with sour cream, salted from the general saltcellar to the taste.

Gas station is a mix of small cut cucumbers, boiled eggs, it is possible - boiled potatoes, and also greens, fennel and parsley. At separate giving sour cream is also served separately.

However, the separate holodnik is not the rule. If to the hostess all to mix not laziness most in the general pan is the acceptable option too.

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