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How to train love?

heading of this article look very strange. The love is a feeling how she can be trained? However, despite sensitivity of this subject, I all - claim that the love is not only feeling, but it also skill, trainable.

Usually we consider that time we do not show love, there is no love and, or it is insufficient for active manifestation. However I suggest to proceed from other hypothesis - this or that form of love is practically always and practically to everything, just we are not able to show it. In other words, the feeling of love is always present at us, but we are not always able to show it.

Same confirm various supervision over people. It is obvious that there are more also less “loveful“ people. In the same situations the first will show more love to people around, others - it is less. And it does not depend on people around at all, so it is not preferences of people, and in their education. In that, how strongly they are brought up or trained to love.

It is necessary to tell that practically in all traditional religions of the world there are various practicians developing love. In religions development of love in general is encouraged. At the same time idea that it is possible either to develop love or not to develop, there it is supposed as by itself understood.

So how to train love in practice?

There are numerous technicians from different spiritual and psychological doctrines, but, in my opinion, everything is much simpler. Why something to think out if it is possible just to look at the people able to love and to copy their behavior? That is, to learn it is necessary to like just to repeat, in my opinion, the behavior of the loving people - it will be enough.

Look (alive, at cinema and though in books read) as people show the love - and act also. Be not afraid that such love will be “false“. In - the first, this is not about “love to a coffin“, it is just about a good attitude to people (and in general to everything). In - the second, only in the course of training of love you will be able to feel whether really you feel what you show, or not.

The love is diverse, and still nobody managed to reduce it to some one regularity. In a general sense, the love is the instinct of a survival and development directed out of limits only of one personality. But also it is only approximate definition. There is a lot of manifestations of love and for this reason you should not reduce them to the sum of some the technician and the practician. Lyubov demands continuous research of the existing abilities to love and inventions of new.

And, by the way, this variety of love shows that it is unreasonable to reduce it only to only one feeling. If the love is diverse, then why it cannot be skill? And if the love can be skill, then why this skill and not to train?

There can be, of course, also other question: and why in general to train love?

In my opinion, it is useful to train skill of love at least in order that, in - the first, to be able well to contact to other people. As practice when you treat people kindly shows, it becomes much more pleasant to live with them.

In - the second, the love is an excellent motivation for any tasks. Apparently, the person who well developed skill of love is capable of much bigger tasks. As the Wizard in the movie “Ordinary Miracle“ spoke: “Poor, unarmed people dump kings from a throne from - for love for the neighbor. From - for love for the country soldiers trample on death legs, and that runs carelessly. Wise men rise in the sky and rush to hell from - for love to truth“. Apparently, the love really works as the greatest of motivations.

Love - one of the most ancient properties of the person (and animals have it). It is one of the most important subjects in all human history. And time is so important subject, it makes sense to any person to investigate and develop ability to love.