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What will be idols of the future?

Are considered to be that all teenagers and young people have idols not that “creation of an idol“ is something marginal and not characteristic of people of intelligent families. However it not absolutely so. All, anyway, get sooner or later to themselves idols and then say goodbye to them.

the Idol, in such quality, appears at the person while he especially sharply feels the imperfection and seeks to compensate the defects, imaginary or real defects advantages of the idol. So there is an aspiration to appropriate “idol“, “to take“ from it that, shortage of what is felt most often by the teenager therefore the word “idol“ here as is impossible by the way! As though the teenager does not hang out posters in the room, goes to all concerts and imitates in clothes style to object of the adoration, and as the ancient person, frenziedly prays before an idol and asks from a deity which that personifies, to give part of the strength, to show through it some aspect to become successful. It is one of the deep, eaten in subconsciousness for a set generations of situations therefore it is almost impossible “to throw out“ it from human mentality.

Of course, then idols leave. When their time comes. As so the human mentality is arranged that it already has those qualities of character and rudiments of talents which admire the person in his idol and which he so greedy seeks to catch, but are violently denied. It is impossible to admire, say, playing a musical instrument, without having inclinations for music; the last will apprehend music just as background noise. And when the person opens in himself the talent or quality, worship of an idol comes to naught, and interest in it regenerates in a usual hobby.

Long time mainly living people were idols: different famous variety performers, theatrical actors and stars of cinema, radio - and TV hosts, models and athletes, modern writers. And now they do not lose the positions, but they are succeeded by new generation of idols, qualitatively another - characters.

In the living person, the singer or the actress, it is rather easy to be disappointed “at the wrong time“, having heard about some immoral act of “star“ or having seen in her behavior, manners something repellent at those moments when the idol does not appear on stage, and communicates with admirers and signs autographs. Similar “ruptures of a template“ are very unpleasant for teenagers as it becomes clear that they tried “to appropriate“ quality not at nobody an ideal, and at ordinary and quite unpleasant person. It is not with characters.

Who characters? Images from books, movies and series - they will precisely behave all the time according to the role, to be such with what they were conceived by the author. Also recently the historical fanatstvo began to gain steam - when the historical character acts as an idol. And not necessarily it has to be some politician of the past as some assume, having heard about such phenomenon for the first time. Much more often scientists, composers, artists, writers are such objects of interest. Their fans diligently study not only creativity, but also read reviews of contemporaries of the idols, try to restore their life and what they were out of “facade“ is composed by stories in the spirit of “one day from life of it is“ or “if such - that got to the future and met to me“, making out them as literary works or comics.

I suspect that similar idols - characters will gradually force out over time in teenage minds of live idols as they are more ideal and are as if initially created to be such. Approximately as the modern plastic toy bought in shop by parents for the child and it is rough - self-made, made of improvised materials the child.