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How it is correct to drink juice? Nobody knows

of It. Because people in white dressing gowns which became habitual characters on screens of TVs contradicting, and arguing with each other, prove harm or usefulness of different techniques of the use of juice. One companions in dressing gowns say, that it is useful to drink juice, but only that which they advertize, others not less comfortable and ostepenenny claim by scientific ranks that it is harmful.

Once, being in group of health where people grow thin, eating production of “Herbalife“, I observed, and said demonstration of the movie where the person in a white dressing gown considered calories that the glass of juice drunk in the morning increases cholesterol level in blood and promotes obesity of children and people in general. Having watched the movie, I declared to heads of club of health that their professor who only that I was on the screen, lies in the most impudent and unscrupulous way.

Children not in itself drink juice in the mornings, parents to whom the same here professors in white dressing gowns speaking from screens of TVs about usefulness of juice recommended to do it give them it. And earlier, there was time when on streets still there were automatic machines with sparkling water, in shops, and is frequent and on the street during the warm period of time there were trays in which sold juice. Juice different it also cost kopeks because the state cared about health of the citizens.

They say that freshly squeezed juice is more useful tinned, but this freshly squeezed juice from the vegetables and fruit stuffed with different chemicals sold now is how useful it is difficult to tell. We do not know about it, and juice needs periodically to be drunk to those who do not use some fruit because fruit juice contains a certain set of vitamins. One glass of juice a day, probably, will damage to nobody, but there is such juice which is better for diluting with water.

It belongs to berry juice, for example cranberry, golubichny, cowberry of which it is possible to do a fruit drink which was also sold at railway stations and stations earlier. It is recommended to dilute with water juice to the people having zheludochno - intestinal diseases which can become aggravated and instead of the help of people will get the hardest trauma. Say, for example, that garnet juice can lead to an exacerbation of stomach ulcer.

Such recommendation approaches the vegetable juice having big concentration of active ingredient more. Sokoterapiya uses different techniques of restoration of an organism in the natural way when in certain days of people he accepts only fresh vegetable and fruit juice without the use of other food. During starvation, for example or treatments by certain techniques and some especially fashionable recommendations.

I so did juice of garlic from which after insisting such infernal mix which stank and did not want to be swallowed turned out, causing spasms of glotatelny muscles. It was simpler to swallow a radish juice teaspoon, than a drop of this garlick potion. Therefore juice of grassy plants (among which there are poisonous) is not recommended to use fresh, and to drink drops at big dilution by water or in general to do infusions.

We were given, for example, in a dispensary at treatment of stomach ulcer for half an hour to food 30 - 50 ml. different broths, infusions without mixing them, with each other. Without knowing about compatibility of vegetable and fruit plants it is better not to mix their juice. Though there are some secrets for drawing up juice compositions which are used by sorcerers and healers.

There was such case when the person close to me was not written out from reanimation because of low hemoglobin when even blood transfusion did not help. Three days I carried in hospital mix of vegetable juice then the doctor, writing out my relative from reanimation, asked to learn, than gave to drink to him. It is impossible to tell that my sokoterapiya helped, and perhaps the combination of medical methods of impact on an organism played a role here.

In this case I mixed juice of a cucumber, carrots and beet in different proportions where cucumber juice acted as a thinner when undiluted juice of beet cannot be drunk. It causes an emetic reflex and carrot juice should not be abused, from - for surplus a beta - carotene it is overloaded a liver and is contraindicated at an exacerbation of stomach ulcer and ponosa. In day it is recommended to drink no more than a halfliter of carrot juice. For vitamin prevention there is enough half of a glass.

Mix of juice in the first day I prepared at the rate of 1 - y parts of juice of beet, 3 - x parts of juice of carrots and 3 - x parts of juice of a cucumber. In the second day at the rate of 2 - x parts of juice of beet, 3 - x parts of juice of carrots and 2 - x parts of juice of a cucumber. And the third day at the rate of 2 - x parts of juice of beet, 2 - x parts of juice of carrots and 1 - y parts of juice of a cucumber. Here the beet juice diluted with juice of other vegetables is acquired by a human body without any problems at the use of juice mix on a half of a glass before each meal.

Sokoterapiya such course will pass more softly in six days when the period of adaptation to juice mix is longer, and beet juice can be diluted only with carrot juice. I would not advise thrill-seekers to use beet juice in an undiluted look. It is possible of course, but also adverse effects are possible. Ideally healthy people in the modern world are practically not and fresh fruit or vegetable juice can also have contraindications.

Certainly, juice of vegetables and fruit is useful, it protects nervous system and does not know to itself(himself) equal for increase of energy and force. But in everything it is necessary to know when to stop when the nature itself gives us the options of optimum amount of juice which are in vegetables and fruit which we use in food.