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Who needs modern knights?

the Knight are first of all the soldier subject to the king or the Pope. Therefore in Russia knightly awards submitted to the emperor or existed secretly. For example, the Rosicrucianism created in the 15th century by Christiaan Rosenkrejz who on a legend lived more than hundred years and his death it is shrouded in a mystery veil.

Rosenkrejz`s predictions for the revival did not come true, but there is an analog with burial Buddhist Etigelov`s lamas about hundred years ago the body of which remained imperishable and is in one of datsans. The scientific Middle Ages as Agrippa Netesgueymsqui (1486 - 1535), Paracelsus were considered as keepers of secrets of Rosicrucians (1493 - 1541).

History of Rosicrucians at that time very difficult intertwined with an award of illuminates, Jesuits, Martinists. It is considered that Rosicrucians created Masonic lodges which influenced creation in 1662 of the first academy of Sciences - the English Royal society. Rosicrucians had no political goals while masons are always guided by political transformation of society, taking part in all palace intrigues.

In Russia secret orders became stronger at the time of Catherine II`s government, and, working with variable success disappearing from the authorities, lived up to the XX century After revolution of 1917 there was a sharp revival of the esoteric doctrines comprehending occult sciences, the Cabbala and the Highest Magic. Heads and founders whom were in Germany.

M. Voloshin, for example practiced at one of the leading occultists Rudolf Steiner. In Germany rozenkreytserovsky society as a result of disagreements was divided into several directions headed by own masters. The Russian followers of these awards studied ceremonial magic, set the task to seize by practical consideration occult forces of nature.

During 1937 - 1941. members of Rosicrucianism were arrested, and heads are shot. On the Internet there is information that to Stalin there were threats of his involtation (a type of damage) if it does not release the management of an award. The truth it or not, but now is not a secret information that all presidents have in the staff special groups of psychics for elimination of similar attempts.

Along with Rosicrucians were liquidated order of knights templars “Light Award“ which members according to information from the Internet called themselves knights, were organized in circles - groups, were engaged in studying of “mystical literature“ and prepared anti-Soviet revolution“. And also other occult schools.

How it is possible to treat seriously members of modern order of knights templars when in a pure spiritual, material or mystical form it represents nothing except that it is the phantom or the ghost from the past? In what spirituality or heresy knights Templars were not engaged.

In 1306, the award returned home, having left Jerusalem, and with the doubled force began to strengthen positions. Its komandorstvo were everywhere: in Cyprus, in Tripoli, in Castile and Lyon, Portugal, Aragon, in France, including Flanders, and the Netherlands, and also in England, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Sicily (the impression as though military bases of the USA are listed is made).

Having the most mobile and powerful army and the unprecedented then income in 112 million dress coats annually, the award which master submitted only to the Pope, posed threat for the European states. Though by “the lenny right“ Templars were obliged to protect kingdoms in which they were because otherwise, it would be occupational troops of the unfriendly state (Rome). The king Philip understood it and made everything to destroy an award.

There is nothing unusual, the mysticism consists that the damnations of the master of Templars turned to the Pope, the king Philip and Guillaume de Nogare came true. Whether Jacques de Mole, in the stay by the Great Master of Order of knights templars had any secret knowledge? Certainly! Silly it would also not be serious to underestimate the level of his knowledge and to represent the highest official of Catholic church, as the poorly educated commoner.

Because the rank of the Master of knightly Order of knights templars corresponds to the cardinal`s rank, and he could not but know all heresies, doctrines of the Gnostics, Arians and other deviations from dogma condemned on church Cathedrals against which he had to fight. All the rest already the speculation constructed for memories of a nonexistent award. The Pope liquidated it the decree.

Other awards in Russia were presented not so obviously as listed above. Members of an imperial family of Alexander I were knights of “A garter award“ in Russia. The Teutonic award of crusaders which recognized itself as the vassal of Poland in 1525 at the grand master Albrecht Brandenburgskom became the secular duchy.

The award of Dominicans in Russia is not presented, but there was an analog of this award of the inquisitors calling themselves “Lord`s dogs“ which existence why, is not seen by historians. And there was time when Ivan the Terrible played a role of the abbot of the monashestvuyushchy community consisting of guardsmen who had sign attributes in the form of the broom and the dog head. These facts obviously indicate that the team headed by the tsar carried out functions of inquisitors.

The ancient truth says that all secret always becomes obvious. Now, when again all mystical schools revive, N. Berdyaev`s words are quoted: “The occultism, most likely, is both force, and fashion of tomorrow“. Also names of Eisenstein, Zavadsky and other famous scientists, actors and politicians of last century are listed. There are questions on which I do not want to receive answers.

I do not want to know that N. Gumilev, for example, was a mason, the Rosicrucian or the Templar. Because in this case his death will be justified by the fact that the state was protected on the eve of war from agents of influence of the foreign states.