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There is a wish to grow thin? We break habits and … we arm with the smartphone!

the Relentless statistics shows that every second person has excessive weight. And, probably, each of these people at least once, looking at itself in a mirror, thought of that, but whether not to dump couple of kilograms that it was not a shame to seem in the summer on the beach. At someone this idea lives no more one or two hours, and some people, especially those who like to set to themselves the purposes, begin to work!

to Grow thin in a week

If to work - that quickly! Most often the person seeking to grow thin begins either to starve, or to exhaust himself with daily trainings. It is extremely high stress for an organism which is aggravated with subconscious mood “to me it is necessary to hold on week, and I will achieve a goal!“. The person “keeps“, and even receives visible achievements in a type of fast dumping of 2 - 3 kilograms (actually the water which generally collected in an organism is lost). But, as a rule, the maximum in a week the hero of fight against excessive weight is tired of a constant stress, and weight very quickly comes back, often becoming even more, than was.

Is got new habits

Why does that happen? The answer is simple - sharp transition to insufficient food for an organism is very uncomfortable. The organism is not reconstructed, and struggles with a stress as it with an illness and as soon as the stress comes to an end - makes up for the missed kilograms. Besides, the person himself, as a rule, considers insufficient food as an abnormal state. Since the childhood we were accustomed that it is necessary to eat up everything on a plate, it is obligatory to receive sweet if everything is eaten, and not to refuse food at all (so everything was?) . And long-term habits in a week not to change.

we Grow thin gradually and comfortably

should be Broken, of course, nothing. It is necessary to pass “only“ gradually from an inactive way of life to active, to begin to move more, and to replace excessive food slightly (with one tenth) insufficient. At once there is a set of questions - from what to begin, what is the time to lead such life and how in general to learn how many it is necessary to eat in day. Generally, the assistant is necessary.

Of course, it is the best of all to use consultations fitness - the trainer or the professional nutritionist. But this option expensive and to not everyone approaches, besides, the consultant will not be with you 24 hours a day nearby. Unlike the mobile phone, which at everyone in a pocket in case there will be an important call. Therefore in search of the assistant far it is not necessary to go - to find and install a mobile application enough.

the Grow Thin without Diet Appendix

is a lot of

of Applications for weight loss. For Android you will find both counters of calories, and recipes of healthy nutrition, and collections of popular diets in Play Market. It is simple to look for appendices - gather in the searcher of Play Market “Grow Thin without Diet“ and receive result. The first appendix and is called “To grow thin without diet“. It costs to the first not for nothing - the Grow Thin without Diet appendix will offer you both useful tips, and the diary of food and trainings, and programs of healthy food which can be followed in order that gradually and to harmlessly lose weight, without overloading the organism with stresses. And, above all - you will not forget that you began a way to a healthy lifestyle - the appendix will give to you signals:


“Do not forget to write down a lunch“

As it works? At the beginning of work you enter the growth, the current weight and desirable weight, and the appendix counts norm of calories necessary for you in day. You choose one of programs of food, and before each breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack or a dinner receive the approximate menu. If the offered food is not pleasant, it is possible to request the program once again, or to enter the food to calculate its caloric content.

Except healthy food, the appendix will suggest you to conduct physical activity. You are not lazy and carry out it, writing down the results in the appendix. Do not forget to be weighed regularly - within several days you will see on graphics as your weight changes to the best.


Main - your own spirit!

Of course, it is not necessary to hope only for a mobile application blindly. It will act as the assistant (and really well will help you), but you remain the main character all the same. Try that it was pleasant to you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Feel unforgettable taste of fresh vegetable salad or summer fruit (and do not forget to write down salad in a mobile application!), feel cheerfulness after morning exercises or half-hour walk on park, buy a hoop or dumbbells for five-minute exercises. After that any more will never pull you on hamburgers, and you will not notice how your weight will be lost!