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From where there was a word “idler“?

That means the word the idler - know everything. But from where this term appeared? In this respect there is an interesting story... Christiaan Iogannovich Loder was born

in 1753 in Riga, in the pastor`s family. Then studied in Goettingen, was entitled the doctor of medicine and surgery there, served as professor of medicine in Yensky university, was a surgeon, famous in Europe.

During Napoleonic wars it was forced to leave Yen in 1803 to Prussia, to the city of Halle from where in 1806 moved to Konigsberg. Here it had private practice, was very successful doctor, was successful and well-known so that in 1808 there was royal Labe - the physician. However at that time in Europe there were Napoleonic wars... In view of continuation of approach of army of Napoleon, doctor Loder moved to Russia, and all his further life was connected with the Russian Empire.

In 1810 it arrived to St. Petersburg where was engaged in private practice. Its experience and knowledge brought it success. He became the famous doctor. Moreover - it was presented to the emperor of Russia Alexander I, became the personal doctor of an imperial family and Labe - the physician was entitled. The rank of the valid councilor of state was appropriated to it, and it is a rank 4 - go a class according to tables of ranks, and it corresponded to a rank the general - the major in army (or the chamberlain - on palace titles).

Soon Loder moved to Moscow where he continued to conduct private medical practice. Was not only very successful, but also very “fashionable“ doctor.

When Napoleon attacked Russia, doctor Loder became the medical officer. The emperor ordered it to organize military hospital in Moscow - he made it. When Moscow was handed over - it was ordered to it to organize other hospital. He brilliantly executed also this order - and was awarded the order St Ann 2 - y to degrees with diamonds. After war for development of system of medical education in Moscow he was awarded the order St. Vladimir.

When in 1827 (at the age of 74 years!) he asked the emperor Nicholas I to set aside him from service, the emperor ordered to the minister of national education to persuade him to wait a little with resignation and to continue to give lectures for medical students. And when Loder decided to continue to give lectures, to him the emperor “declared for that thanks“.

So why - the idler?

Christiaan Ivanovich very much respected curative influence of foot walks and treatment by mineral waters. And at that time among noblemen of Russia it was fashionable to be treated by mineral waters (whether Caucasian, whether others...) . But also Christiaan Ivanovich was very much - very fashionable doctor therefore, besides the real patients, in his clinics quite healthy people came - to receive medical treatment for “mineral waters“. Prescribed them early in the morning to drink a glass of the water which is specially brought from mineral sources and to make morning walk on a garden. And dull and illiterate citizens are commoners, looking at aimlessly walking misters, began to say about them that they - “idle“, and then and their began to call idlers - having modified a surname of the owner of clinic.

Here and left that trudolyubiveyshy Christiaan Iogannovich (Ivanovich) Loder by the methods of treatment, one may say, created the new word of Russian. Created the concept “idler“.