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How to make dolma?

Here if our way, on - simple, then dolma are a stuffed cabbage in grape leaves. But personally for me even the word “dolma“ already does the recipe more attractive, taste - is brighter, and the look - is more elegant. So categorically I insist - (“It to you not the Lezgian! It is a twist!“) it is not stuffed cabbage! It is dolma! And point!

I somewhere incidentally heard the phrase: “if the Caucasian pilaf is “shah“ of all dishes, then dolma - the first and most beautiful wife“. It seems to me that I thought up it … well can, and not I. But I precisely so think. Same it is obvious … Dolma - the queen of Caucasian cuisine!

“We have the most tasty dolma“, - it can be heard also from the Bulgarian and the Armenian, the Azerbaijanian and the Iranian, the Turk and the Greek. Many people apply for the right to possess, so to speak, the patent for the invention of this dish. Each Armenian, Azerbaijani or Dagestan hostess well is absolutely sure that her people in principle, and at her have that in particular, well the most correct, the most tasty and the only recipe of this dish nearly having the right for existence.

And let “to fill“, “fill“ and “turn“ (that, actually, and designates the word “dolma“ in translation from Turkic) almost all people of the world (stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, vegetable marrows, tomatoes and onions) guessed, all - dolma in grape leaves - it is not simple food any more. It is almost a symbol! And in any case is a tradition, an esthetics and the most important - taste! And if you do not agree, then just remember Frunzik Mkrtchyan. He - that precisely knew that it only “because at you do not know how to cook dolma. And real dolma … mind …“.

We take : jar of tinned, salty grape leaves (well it is simple not all have an opportunity to take fresh moreover and young people, i.e. it is preferable on spring moreover and it is desirable from white grades of grapes), grams 500 - 700 mutton forcemeats (it ideally, but it is possible and to replace on beef, or it is better - on mix), 4 - 6 tablespoons of the rice boiled to semi-readiness, 1 - 2 averages of a bulb, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, a basil, mint, cilantro, fennel, salt, pepper, an oregano, mutton ribs (it is desirable, but not “no matter what“) and vegetable oil for frying of onions.

First of all, we wash out leaves several times in flowing cold water and we fill in them approximately on a half-hour (i.e. just for that time that is required to us for training of all the rest) boiled water and we put aside away. Rice is boiled to semi-readiness. Very small we cut onions and we fry on vegetable oil to softness and a zolotistost. At the end of frying we add to oregano onions, we mix and we allow it to burn and let out too slightly with enthusiasm the aroma. Very small we cut all greens (cilantro, a basil, mint and fennel).

To mincemeat it is connected all products (rice, greens, onions and small cut garlic) prepared by us, we salt (but extremely a little... we remember, we have salty grape leaves... there can be an incident...) we pepper and it is well mixed.

The rest - is exclusive a trick. On a saucepan bottom with a thick bottom we spread grapes leaves, and exactly here and it is not a pity to put all sub-standard product. But not in sense delayed or spoiled, and the fact that did not manage in the conditions of severe salting and rolling in bank to remain without loss and it was torn.

From above we spread a layer of mutton ribs (if those are available, is not present - safely we delete this point). From above we put still a layer of the “wounded“ leaves and we begin to twist our dolma. Surely we put a leaflet the glossy, beautiful party down, and on the opaque party which appeared from above to a poseredinka, at the shank basis, we spread a stuffing - forcemeat and we begin to turn. The first we drive the parties that remained below, then lateral and we roll up as an envelope up to the end. Somehow so!

We stack dolma from above of layers of ribs and leaves very densely and a seam down. As much as possible we deprive of them chance to be developed during cooking. Accurately, perhaps, through a skimmer, we fill in with cold water that it covered grape stuffed cabbage almost with the head. From above we put a plate and we place a jar with water (with freight). In such look we put to cook. As soon as we wait for boiling, we diminish gas to a minimum and we cook about one and a half - two hours.

Then we switch off. We remove freight (a jar with water), with surprise and hardly hidden curiosity it is observable as the liquid which several minutes ago was filling in a plate with some greedy and uterine sobbing it is soaked up inside... under a plate... We wait some more painful minutes until all liquid is soaked up in stuffed cabbage and will be gone from above plates. Then we remove that plate... We see that any stuffed cabbage in the course of cooking was not developed. With satisfaction we sigh!

Also we pass to sauce . I will do of usual sour cream though traditionally do of a yogurt or yogurt with addition of fennel, garlic, salt and walnut a nutlet (at will). In total small we cut, we add to sour cream, we add some salt, well we mix and fine sauce for stuffed cabbage is ready!

In grape leaves, probably, the most fragrant stuffed cabbage from all personally to me known! It is very tasty and really clear why so many people challenge the priorities in their preparation. Anyway, low bow to people and the people which the first thought up to wrap a stuffing in grape leaves, respect to them and a uvazhukha! And appetite pleasant to all of us!


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