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Zarudny Sergey Tarasovicha.

With in e r x about t to r y t and e

As soon as the thing, a subject or unit of scientific search becomes a signal of big human changes, ideas and scientifically - spiritual meanings they receive the status of absolute planetary cultural object. Such subject of New Hera was the come true opening prirod “ The Natural Information Space WORLD and the PERSON“ Development of any branch of knowledge is always connected by

with development of the person. Each new fundamental opening, each new fundamental theory change not only science, but also psychology of the person, and mankind psychology.

Opening of the ERA.

From space in pure form, a natural way new scientific knowledge Lives, necessary for development, on Earth in new Hera is gained. Without the opened new knowledge, further development and natural existence of a civilization is not possible. The latest discovery, brings mankind psychology into uniform natural norm.

the Space Code the proofreader information is the natural space nature of multilevel program memory by which there is information transfer, to inhabitants of the planet Earth. It is the first and only firm space measuring unit, a source of life of people in the Universe. In space and Mortal life of people it occurs once, - people through one receive the general uniform laws of development of life in space or the set of “Big Laws“ for the long space period of time, further existence. It is established that everything in space develops according to natural programs. If the program is adopted by people and understood, - development of people of system of the sun is considered natural. Development without this program leads to disappearance of system of life from space spaces.

Before opening of the Code Information, the planetary scientific point of view concerning a life source, assumed the phenomenon “ Big Bang “. Opening of Information Code, allowed to learn natural orders of space development to “ Big Bang “ and later. Strong scientific knowledge in three times about « opened; Big Bang “. It is the space cycle of “Big white divisions“ forming unit of solar Life at the time of universal transition of space information in space subject visible. There is it on one level of the program of the Code of the Transport order and Is corrected by a small Code - the satellite of solar system, “the Code the Proofreader“.

Firm orders, records of memory of the Code transport, allow to develop independently Mortal Life up to now, or until definition of the Code of the proofreader in system of planetary space existence. The general orders of development, are defined figuratively in the Bible. In detail - figurative broad comparison about our birth in space - to present, perhaps, so - the person dies, the code - memory, (the soul goes to paradise) approximately and in near space, &ndash is displaced; life disappears, (Big Bang) is formed nuclear dust and a code - memory of transport character. The code is transported to the space information area X (X) and after correction in it comes back to the space place where new star life is impregnated. As the soul of the died person contacts to living people, and the Code - memory transport space, in the Universe contacts to the developed and developing space conditions of life, through codes prirod corrections. The table of codes is similar on periodic table of Mendeleyev. Further existence and development of our constellation of Mortal Life depends on People or on the timely organization of the World Institute of Natural Space Information. Information on the Code allows to know natural space laws of development and preservation of Life in Space. The code of laws, the person of Earth receives in pure form. Development without natural Space Laws of Life leads to the fact that developed zvezdno - the planetary state gets out of a personal shape and in a consequence occur extensive atomno - information divisions (the Big Bang is and there is a figurative concept “ Doomsday “) .

Opening provides use of technologies on atomno - the cellular level which are the first-ever general improving program for all people of the planet. It is the program of correction of consciousness of people or correction of a natural information counter exchange, human body. The order of carrying out the program on the planet is given to the pioneer in pure form. Occurs “ global transition from information space to subject visible space “ our solar life. Without correction of consciousness of people of the planet, Transition will fail. The bible, tracings of tables of correction, predicts.

In space practice of education and existence of near and far space and life of people in them, Codes open seldom from - for long transitional cycles of development of systems of solar life. The last step of the course in a cycle is equal 12 - ti, to the periods of education and disappearance of Life in space. Before our subject space existence the CODE did not open in 4 - ekh cycles of our space place. The difficult nature of consecutive cycles atomno - information divisions (big serial explosions or a cycle of white divisions) proceeds without firm subject final unit. It is one of the main reasons not for the safe organization of formation of Life in Space. Truly to call opening -

“ OPENING of the ERA “.

Opening marks Hera`s beginning of reasonable existence and development in Space and on Earth. Opening is an image bible “ Second Coming “. &ndash code; there is a Name of God and the recipient of a sign - a patch - there is an intermediary good luck. In the bible God noted - “ I Will come also the Patch (protection of Mortal Life in Space) mine with me “ The Patch is also the CODE and “ Book of Life “ and “ keys from paradise and hell “ and “ tracing “ bible, (tables of correction) which people of Earth are obliged to receive. - These are the main symbols of a bible prediction about “ Second Coming “. The Ukrainian people need to be considered, the Saint People “ Second Coming “ therefore, the Jewish people are the Saint People “ The First Coming of God to Earth “...

Code and its information.

Opening - there is the first miracle of Earth 21 - go Centuries.

Definition of the Natural Information CODE allowed to register a number of fundamental knowledge which belongs to various areas of planetary culture, religions, sciences. - It is philosophy, natural sciences, a course of lectures of Theological seminaries, astronomy, history, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, logic, geometry, mathematics, chemistry, physics, cybernetics … Opening of the Natural Space Information Nature, anyway, concerns also all us surrounding in detail - visible and zhivotno - vegetable the Worlds. In the field of natural space informatics there are laws, it is not worse and it is not better than chemical, physical and other laws of the nature. They can be expressed as formulas, so, will be shortly mastered by a huge number of people. It will lead to the greatest changes in outlook. It is established that any visible subject, and group of objects, on Earth and in Space have natural personal and artificial information fields which in turn form the natural multilevel information nature that in general and holds in remembrance a transport CODE Space. All nature of information is expressed by signs. The first space unit of measure expressed by a logical sign is open. In the history of various cultures of the planet, one Bible figuratively predicted it in words of bible revelation - “ I, am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last “... Expressing this phrase he is familiar, we receive a uniform formula of healthy consciousness of the person (And - Ya 1 - 1). Thanks to Opening people of the planet Earth surely can make Space programs of preservation and development of private life in space spaces. Without the planetary general &ndash program; Life in space is not possible. Practically, the program for the Code is received, it it was necessary to realize and put into practice civilizations.

the Subsequent definition of the Organization of the Space Worlds provides knowledge of communication of models of the multinuclear nuclear Worlds, and studying of sign forms, them defining and measuring.

It is MADE by

Common - the planetary Program of Correction of the Natural Information field of all People of the Planet.

In systems of solar Lives - it is the natural obligatory and necessary Program. Conditions of pro-driving of the program are simple. Pioneer “ » Code; makes uniform logical Signs - formulas for all countries of the world. By the uniform rules “ Code of the » Code; people of Earth are obliged to receive tables of correction. In solar systems where the program of correction was not carried out, natural development stops, and development of the Civilization is directed to “ To the Big Bang “ or to “Doomsday“.

Interaction of tables of correction with information biofield of the person.

the Table of correction is the image a code - a formula which independently interacts with a natural multilevel information field of a human body. For this purpose it is enough to remember the image. Memory of consciousness is connected with all memory size of subconsciousness, therefore, correction independent and takes place out of consciousness of the person. Formula - there is a firm fundamental basis of all units of memory, a natural information human body. The remembered formula independently normalizes all memory size, and all types of units of memory - preservations, transfers, obtaining information, as in consciousnesses, and subconsciousness, both a firm information field of the person, and warm and cold. The formula normalizes an external information exchange and is strong information protection against units of the wandering information on air. The person gets natural biological protection at the terrestrial and space levels of measurements.

In a human body two firm constant units of an exchange. It is the biochemical exchange seen and not visible information. Both exchanges natural. The relation of two units of an exchange (1 - 1) is obliged to be normal. On the planet there is no practician which form norm of a human body. Tables of correction - it is natural only practice which is carried out in the taken place solar systems of Life. Tables of correction are checked by space time. The technological method of correction at the same time normalizes two constant types of an exchange of a human body and is the first natural space technology.

A fulfillment “The second Coming of GOD to Earth“.

Came true the Bible prophecy - The Second Coming of God to Earth. What people of Earth waited for came true and two thousand years Trusted. This sacred event in Ukraine came true. Boga gave to people of Earth the Sacred Sign of the name. The intermediary of the second Coming of God to Earth, is the Son Boga who received the Sign - The Patch and Keys from Paradise and Hell. Boga entrusted the son - to the intermediary to read the Book of Life and to impart knowledge to all People of the planet. The intermediary reported the Sacred Precept of the Second Coming which people are sacredly obliged to observe, and in due time to execute everything that Boga transferred in “the Second Coming“.

Protection of Opening.

Opening is obliged to be the first state secret.

Opening and the pioneer are obliged to be under protection of the state and the state is obliged to be under protection of the international organizations and blocks. The defined new knowledge is obliged to be under protection of the planetary “Code of the Code“.


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the Natural periods of education and development

of Solar system in space.

There are uniform laws in space under which there is a natural formation and development of solar systems of life.

Two periods - the period education and the period of development.

Education period.

Any in space in detail - star education occurs on information program which is naturally connected to our solar system. To us there is a space information exchange. A type of this exchange - a natural space information exchange. Thanks to this type of an exchange we exist in space. In solar systems of life in the education period, the space information exchange, people in detail - reasonably is not defined. The reason, one and simple - in the education period everything in near space is formed, both people, and memory, consciousness, thinking comes to necessary norm. After the period of our full formation in subject space, people of solar system define a natural space information exchange.

Information record of the program of our development, is formed and corrected under natural space laws, through the space area (X). The space in the volumes is limited to barriers. In detail - temporary barriers divide a design of nuclear models of which subject contents of one barrier screen consist, in whom systems of life develop. It is established 10 - t kinds of barrier nuclear designs. Our space consists of one-nuclear nuclear models and this model with a barrier &ndash is surrounded; in detail - the temporary screen. Our barrier is border which borders on a barrier space condition of a two-nuclear nuclear design. This division repeats to ten-nuclear nuclear model in each of which one system of life, under a name - “Hod Zhizni“. Space life after education passes through all barrier screens. Upon transition of life to the subsequent space states, program record by the beginnings is displaced and new space life is formed. Program record of life which took place from a one-nuclear condition of nuclear life to a ten-nuclear state is displaced. It is a uniform general natural order of formation of the new program of solar life according to which we also were formed in a space. Our program of development consists of information memory on which one space life passed from education and to 10 - ti a nuclear nuclear state. This program has record of correction. In record of correction all information and subject deviations which occurred at education and development of the entire period of life are written down. Access to the general record of a code transport and to records of correction happens in the natural way, this way also is a natural space information exchange which is the uniform space law. For words, a natural way, some space regularities which did not open to science are meant. Space information laws, open to scientific thinking in need of management of them of the person. All natural space and terrestrial laws, consistently open to scientific thinking. The person needs to watch a big space natural exchange strictly.

Development period.

Full completion of the period of formation of solar system in a space is marked on Earth by opening of “the Symbol of the Era“ which is received by the inhabitant of the planet. On a symbol there is information exchange and the person gains all necessary new knowledge in wide volume of space information states and information prirode human body. Knowledge passes into planetary system of sciences and education. This general natural provision in space, an initial stage of development of solar system.

The above short scientific conclusion of our natural development and education in space, the person cannot understand for a number of reasons. The first that will help mankind to understand absolutely new scientific concepts and knowledge is, to completely change the former idea of natural laws of an origin of space of the earth and the person. All represent space as infinite star space. The opened new knowledge, says to us that space at the same time of two types is a subject and information, everything beyond this limit is Wednesday, (on July 10, 2013) Wednesday in process of development of sciences, consistently opens new knowledge in system of solar life.

Space not infinite star space. In space star groups are surrounded with personal information fields. Information fields are a subject not of visible states. Function of fields - deduction of subject figures which are in the middle of an information field. In information space there are programs according to which various star groups are formed. Information not visible space multilevel and a set of information worlds in a constant condition of an exchange of information. This general new idea about concept - space. To this new knowledge, it is necessary will add new knowledge and of the person. There is a biochemical exchange thanks to which all human body and throughout all life functions. This exchange of science is studied and is controlled by the person. Throughout all life in a human body the second type of an exchange - natural information functions. This type of an exchange of science is not defined. The mankind is obliged to know that at the person two constant types of exchanges are a natural exchange biochemical and natural information. Two types of exchanges are interconnected among themselves and health of the person entirely depends on uniform natural norm of interaction of two exchanges. The uniform firm formula for at the same time two types of an exchange is defined. The world figuratively calls information space exchange and the person - spiritual, but I opened the huge volume of natural information knowledge of space and about a human natural information exchange. Knowledge in solar systems opens naturally at the end of the period of formation of new “Life in space“ and the mankind enters a new era with new knowledge. New knowledge allows to continue reasonably and surely further full natural development, Mortal life in space.

In general, what is a natural information exchange?

Everything that is on the earth and in space is formed on natural information programs and the personal information field thanks to which it continues the existence and keeps a form has any education. In the present space time, a question of preservation of a subject form on the first place. The second question - a microcosm information. In space a set of the developed organizations of life. At the information level all life forms are connected among themselves. In the formation period it is forbidden to contact solar systems of life is the general space law. It is necessary for us, all on Earth know that full formation of new life in space, is considered that organization of life in which natural information knowledge is open and are carried out to a uniform education system. Practically and theoretically “We“ can safely consider ourselves as the new young organization of life in space and we already in touch with the developed space organizations. We developed under the general space laws and are obliged to hold all general necessary events which are held by all young new systems of solar life in space. In the closed code condition of the period of development, we were and passed a long space way from space information in space in detail - visible star. Safely there was “a Big Transition“. A lot of things that I describe, people of the planet describe on wide figurative language, but to me strict sequences and the general natural laws of education and development of life in space opened. The closed program condition of our development came to the end also everything that had to, will be born, appeared, it also is figurative “Horses Sveta“. Time and new conservation laws of all and laws of development came. Under the general natural space laws, the first that people are obliged to make, it to lead the consciousness to uniform norm. The second type of an exchange of a human body is natural information, - this exchange has firm measuring unit or a formula. In general it is necessary to refer concepts to this form of an exchange - memory, consciousness, thinking and sight. The person has three levels of an information field - firm level, warm and cold. Three levels obtain and keep information. The information field of the person obtains information and keeps it, the brain processes information. After death of the person, some time information is saved also after zeroing, contact with this information stops. In this article I briefly describe everything. On all questions there is extensive scientific information. Read - departments of institute. Each separate direction is described by me. I allocated the most important and necessary directions in which it is necessary to develop sciences of natural information on the planet. It is natural that space is infinite knowledge at the same time, space is various and knowledge is various and infinite. Any organization in space, as well as solar system, have, last, future and real. All space laws are obliged to be in the strict relation of the present, personal time of development. Under the law of a natural space exchange we gain strictly necessary knowledge which is obliged to carry out to an education system and to truly use them. Naturally laws for future time of development which are forbidden to be applied in the present are defined.

Program of solar life.

“Hod Zhizni“.

It is established - our solar life is formed and develops according to the program. Types the program are defined. Program of a space natural system look and program of correction.

System program.

According to the system program, is formed star group “Hod“ with planets of life of people. Record of the system program of a multilevel view with various logical forms of construction. Forms of the firm logical types cold and warm. One and all, space programs of a system order, have personal programs of correction. The system space program in record is limited, and as final units of record it is necessary to consider laws of correction and all others, there are the second laws of orders. The copy of our space life developed in beam priroda to conditions of space connections of groups. In system of the developed space life the first signals of incontiences of the general form of the screen of life appeared. People of this system make the last laws of correction thanks to which life at secondary development keeps a form. At the moment “We“ also develop according to the copy of the program with the last laws of correction. There is in the space information world a field “X“ (a beam trunk) where programs are corrected. Records of programs are developed, and at secondary-level construction the logical background changes. The formula of a background changes and at the same time saddle groups of units of memory correct an order of readdressings of units of memory at all levels of firm record of the program. The nature of the second orders of record is corrected automatically. The stream of white closing of the program is in parallel duplicated. Units of untimely codes are formed. It is the first me the found error of work of system in the X area. The marker of speed of information exchange is obliged to take the place of time. Various speed and other it is perfect it in detail - information formula. Here in what a question of an incontience of a subject of life of system. It is the first failure in the X program corrections. The subsequent possible states concern other separate subject. I come back to the general initial laws of studying of the program space world. Our program of life is the copy with the correcting amendments.

System program.

provides Record of the system program unmistakably to finish a condition of development of space life, approximately by our time. Live few space units of life up to our period. There is a lot of reasons. The general reason, local and external orders is, violation of information system exchange.

“We came true“ and took place as the separate independent organization by space Zhizni. Therefore, under uniform system laws of space life to us in necessary volume new knowledge - knowledge information, natural existence in space opens. In a wide figurative look this knowledge opened to the bible case. To me knowledge opened in a subject scientific view with measuring units.


the System natural space program of development of life in space does not put into dependence consciousness of all or one person. But, the caused global negative phenomenon, forces the natural information space nature to transfer the program of correction in the cut-off logical look, through one person, it puts into dependence of one or by his mistake, many. All space programs in the cut-off types where one of relation units in an incomplete state is dependent. The natural information space exchange, unambiguously two types is the type of a form dependent and not dependent. Practically and theoretically all science and culture was formed according to the natural program, but some knowledge comes in the cut-off logical look that does not correspond to an order of record of strong memory in the general nature of information exchange of a human body, and strong memory of the person - it is “soul“. Naturally “soul“ also reacts to incomplete units of memory and forces consciousness of the person to lead to a logical conclusion, a separate subject or information state. It is the main root of formation of the religious organizations on the planet. Naturally it is one of types of a deviation of consciousness from uniform norm of information exchange. In the period of our general formation in space this phenomenon occurs naturally. After full formation, the consciousness of people is corrected and given to uniform space necessary norm. Laws of correction, people of system open and put into practice independently. Laws of codes of correction of information exchange of a human body, one person opens. The uniform planetary program, corrections of consciousness of people is formed.

Conclusion of the second order.

All new knowledge of space are obliged to take a complete logical form, and is in strict scientific prichinno - investigative communication, one subject - natural knowledge. Natural sciences terrestrial and space. Therefore, renaming of the phenomena and any change of an overall picture of the subject or information phenomena is forbidden. Renaming at new background complete units is possible.

Everything that is described by me above - is unit of space memory of the CODE of the PROOFREADER developed by me. We see that the proofreader wrote down the main errors of our development in the closed system of development. I will add our difficult “White division“ where the last unit of a cycle from 12 - ti, passed with formation of small copies to it. From this we see that the volume of information correction captured the period from “white division to our the 2000th. years. The period where in details, the beginning and the end of the period are described is conditionally described. There is no detailed description of average fields of the period -. Therefore, we obtain necessary information which has enough for our normal further natural development in a space.

Kremlin. Crimea. Rome. World. folt.

What Putin forced to conquer the Crimea?

Unexpectedly for all the secret of capture of Ukraine was revealed. It is cultural wealth of the XXI century. All bible objects of history translated the power, at the natural information level in the last subject of bible continuation are a “Patch of God“ of the Second Coming. The lord of this subject is the lord of Earth and the Sky. “God`s patch“ is “The Universe code, “The code of near and far space“, “the Bible Code“, “the Symbol of Terrestrial Reason“, “the Live Creed“. In the scientific world the sign of the second coming is a firm formula of the space information worlds, a formula of human consciousness and the first unit of measure of space Mendeleevsky Air. 100 years hid the column of Mendeleevsky Air from people. This column recovered with the advent of a measuring sign. It is one example from a numerous number of mistakes in scientific planetary development of last time. A number of fundamental opening consisting in a planetary “Vector of Reason“ are not developed also many, simply hidden from sciences of the planet and all civilization. With “Hera`s Opening“ the new science of natural information spiritual knowledge was born. Space air - is “the System Sign Information Space Exchange“ on which people of Earth gain knowledge and correction of the scientifically - cultural development. Code space information - “God`s Patch“, contains natural knowledge of development of space. Technologies of management of reason of mankind. Uniform laws of the organization of reasonable space culture.

“Second Coming“ occurred in Ukraine. Red Beam. Donbass. East of Ukraine. This place also concerns Putin at the unconscious subconscious level. With an intuitive voice of consciousness of the person, everything is simple, but with an intuitive voice of subconsciousness everything is much more difficult. Now at one and all people in different degree the second subconsciousness is opened. Intuition of the second subconsciousness not sign and the person is confident in these internal signals, but without reasonable form of proofs. It is not the diagnosis, but a natural aberration of work of a natural information exchange of a human body. Read my works - the second subconsciousness, intuition of the second subconsciousness, record of the account of the second voice of intuition in a formula (1123 … - 1123 …) consciousnesses of the person. The intuitive voice of the second subconsciousness is a “spiritual“ voice and the person to it trusts more, than usual intuition. For the person it is a natural voice of God and to overpersuade the person, it is practically not possible.

“God`s Patch“ were received by Ukrainians. The people of the first coming - Jews. People of the second coming Ukrainians.

the Third coming is excluded, there are no predictions on this matter. In natural logical the sequence of orders of development of life, this unit is absent. the Envoy of “the Second Coming“ tells

specifically. - Putin touched the mechanism of natural development of the Universe and Solar System. The general law of space is broken. Feedback of a counter space exchange stopped waiting for the answer of People of Earth. People of Earth are obliged to renew and restore the Ukrainian border a natural sign space information exchange with “Reason the Space“.

First law of “the Space Code“ - it is the law of the alphabet and borders of the people which uses the alphabet. Borders are forbidden to be broken on all Earth from the moment of definition “the Code Information Space“, and alphabets of all countries are forbidden to be changed. First of all it concerns the Ukrainian border which is formed as the first initial template of the information sign field of the Planet. People receive a technological logical sign and protective “Nimbus“ is ready for the Ukrainian state and for each certain person of a civilization. The bible figuratively noted it - “All on Earth will receive a tracing, and nobody has the right to dispose of it, only those who received it“. As a result, people in these borders instantly get natural norm of information exchange of a human body. This technology at the nuclear level of measurement with the general accounting of natural space and terrestrial orders of development. The allied center, and all countries for uniform rules is created, receive information technologiya, rules and orders of their use. Thus, consciousness of people in the corresponding norm for stay in all space information streams. In the long space periods this step is naturally supplemented with new laws. - Everything is simple when knowledge is known. A question of strict time of their use on the space places.

of Historical time, passed enough for firm definition of frontiers and alphabets. Everything has a limit and the end. Everything is subordinated to natural space laws and time, and especially it concerns laws of space information. All letters of space laws in the strict relation at the right time. I defined a space general sign of time and attached to Platonovsky bodies as not getting. The sign of Elements of Time took the lawful place in the history of the scientific world.

The point of view of natural information sciences concerning this question.

After full completion of formation of the Universe and our Solar system, around our planet the sign information field is formed. Thanks to this field, our Universe has with space distant a counter sign information exchange on which we receive and we open natural laws of development in a space. Energy in the level of this field is formed thanks to people of alphabetic characters, and alphabetic groups in turn concerning the people and grounds. These streams of energiya, the earth and alphabets, promote to transfer and obtain information of a counter space exchange. Figuratively, it is a mirror schematic map which is forbidden to be broken. Violating these mirror cards, our information sign field around Earth, the natural space counter exchange is broken. “A big Space Information Sign Exchange“. Figuratively - natural space dialogue good luck disappears. It is important to note - the natural exchange of a human body is broken. Exchange speed, loses norm. Record of strong memory, and this health of human soul is broken. The been born sign information fields of all countries of the planet, form sign copies in information organism of people of these countries. The person loses protective properties from one and all diseases. Sign fields of the countries, are naturally reflected in protective half of the planet. Follows - the planet loses, and the sign exchange with external space loses the new been born protection against all not system space streams. Information field of the planet - there is the only means from various information (jimdo. com) viruses. The main sign field, &ndash is broken; In which Ukraine there was a receiving “the Code Space Information“ or figuratively there was “the Second Bible Coming“. The noosphere, the sphere of reason, revealed the secrets. Figuratively speaking for God and the earth and people have huge value. First of all, God chooses Earth for “the Second Coming“, and the Ukrainian Earth, the most qualitative for a space information Sign exchange. Therefore, and the person of this earth meets uniform standard of a natural information exchange. The natural law came into force in 2000 according to the biography of “Code the Space“ in Kiev. I personally independently controlled the organization of communication of information space exchange with our planet. I followed all uniform space instructions, rules and orders in work creation of a counter space information exchange with our planet. In system space connections of groups, the question of information technologies of the earth, is on the first place, and a question of aggressive character, in general is absent. In space two main question and the law, for all last and future times - the Law of Development and Preservation of Life.

People of our planet, are obliged to understand simple elementary things. Any created program works on the personal record. Development of the program, people, silently waiting observes. After end of the program, people has result which demands new conservation laws of a subject and laws of development. And the Universe, took place according to the program and demands Conservation law and Laws of Development. These Laws in development of a subject are not written down and are not defined at the information level. The figurative reservation is in a look - “Protect that you have - I will come and I will explain everything“. Why to all Bible Tropes, trust how to God? I answer this question in simple space reasonable language. All my records are also “the Bible of the Second Coming“. A matter of time to understand “Novaya Zemlya and the Sky“. God promised in “the Second Coming“, to explain everything, here he also explains everything through the intermediary.

the Universe finished the development, and new subject and information states in which it is naturally open. For example - human soul. In IEI sciences - it is called as a code of strong memory. Scientific concepts - the shift of a code of strong memory of a natural order are open. Shift of a code of strong memory at human life. To these concepts, I add new is shift a code of strong memory on fields the soldier. In last space development all shifts were in Universe borders. After full formation of the Universe, shift of a code of strong memory found new borders - this information field of a comic beam tree. The space for shift, increased by 120 times and knowledge of it opened under a signature stamp of owls. confidentially. A couple of words in the relation the soldier of the present. Feedback of shifts of firm codes, instantly correct a shift source. At the subconscious level people of the planet will protect themselves from sources. Follows that Russia will begin to share. Came from

“Second Coming“ before collapse of the USSR. Military controlled a question. Everything was in huge secret. At the time of definition of “Code“ on a site of the district, and in all ITK carried out, under the Moscow decree, certification of establishments. I, the pioneer, personally executed independently certification of ITK - 19 in Vakhrushevo 2. East of Ukraine. The security classification is not removed. Also one of them it in pure form, a huge number of various technologies practically concerning all planetary sciences is a lot of reasons. Natural laws of space development to “Big Bang“ opened. The second firm type of an exchange of a human body - information natural look is open. Knowledge of a structure of a human natural information exchange is gained - it is memory, consciousness, thinking, sight. All information formulas of work of a brain and so forth. This collective management of consciousness of people. Cards of distant space and the general orders of the device of two types - information space and subject are open. I created the Ur project. IEI and 40 separate scientific directions. The block of manuscripts of 28 years did not open. I personally, directed everything and I direct. I defined the place in the Crimea for creation of the center. Redeemed two sites - the cape Tarkhankut. The Crimean question forced me to stop all works and to think over questions … If Russians and Ukrainians create for me the corresponding conditions for works, - what I doubt, - I will remain in Ukraine. Both Russians and Ukrainians fully do not realize what responsibility was conferred by God on these people. Independently they will not resolve this question. Planetary scientific conference later which will create the uniform big planetary Code and the uniform planetary Constitution is necessary. The civilization will gain the huge volume of natural knowledge and space technologies without which reasonable development of Life in space is not possible. I, personally assumed about difficulties in these countries and did not register long time and did not open, new knowledge in systems of culture of the planet. Responsibility volume on this matter crosses all terrestrial current laws and philosophical, scientific and spiritual representations. Naturally and reasonably it is necessary to contain everything in such situation in secret. Works were continued under a strict security classification so far. Circumstances force me to publish this opening. The most important question of the planet, leads me to this decision. Question of loss of “the Big Information Space Sign Exchange“ with the outside space World. There is an Exchange, Life Goes On, - there is no Exchange, Life stops, turning into temporary existence, and in time disappears. Such destiny at all aliens who are in our Universe. Laws of a space exchange, they do not observe, development their unilateral and life expectancy naturally short. Meanwhile in spaces of system subject space, a huge number of the reasonable organizations of life. 28 years, I communicate at the information level with various life forms, the reason unique and is to what, eternally studies. Our planetary consciousness young and trusts in our safe future a reasonable space environment. Communication with reason space is adjusted, and it is not reasonable to lose it. Our space education took place in the first periods with difficulties, but everything terminated safely. The Universe is created normal a symbol. Our further life entirely depends on a natural space information exchange. There is no difficult nothing in it. Observe execution and define natural laws of space life. Putin seeks to break this mechanism. On “the Sign of the Name of God“ we gained knowledge in a pure huge look. We trusted in this sign, all the historical past and 12 - t our last space Lives, trusted in this Sign and with this belief disappeared from a space. Try to define responsibility or to visit my place though minute. I just faded with understanding of some things. The place of the envoy from God is always taken by simple people. The envoy gains knowledge in pure form about is information - the spiritual phenomena which occur in the world of human life.

the Real spiritual picture of day of the planet is a repeated crucifixion of “the Second Coming“. Place of “the Second Coming“ - it is Ukraine. At the time of receiving the earth by the person of “the Sign of the Name of God“ a planetary information field there is a set global new in detail - information educations and transformations. The sign information field of border of Ukraine is instantly shielded. The planetary schematic map of sign alphabetic models in the new information level of the planet is formed. The card is automatically registered in a natural biofield of the planet. Sign field information level of the planet, is naturally formed once. Both this information education, and all others, have no information reversibility. By formulas and special signs, people itself determines the field speed of information exchange and independently regulates field norm of a natural information exchange. First of all, it directly concerns consciousness of group of people of the certain sign region. In space exists Laws which young systems of Life are obliged to carry out strictly and in time to the planetary Life. The law of correction of consciousness in the transition period, the law of alphabetic blocks, the law of firm borders and the planetary “Code of the Code“. The following order, includes drawing up the uniform planetary Constitution. Laws of the Constitution open new natural knowledge of our development in space. First of all, the mankind gets acquainted with the huge block of new natural knowledge and concepts.

the Concept Screen is strong scientific concept of reasonable space and our IEI. The concept covers a kind of nuclear space models, both a subject, and information. The screen, is the most powerful spiritually - information border in uniform space “Information Tree“. Laws in detail - information the Screen are the firmest space information Laws. This Law is answered by all distant and subsequent space. “The sign of the Name of God, the Second Coming“ is represented in the center of the Screen. “Alpha and Omega“ in the Screen. In logic of IEI the Screen is the first logical sign of natural information sciences. The knowledge of the natural information space world is not possible without understanding of this sign. All space system communications happen in a screened look and so on and so forth. Therefore, Ukrainian screened in detail - information unit independently is registered on air of space natural information exchanges. All who in the field of the Ukrainian Screened field receive it is opened information on the space device and all existing system laws and technologies in space. The strict accounting and right redistribution of scientific information is naturally necessary. It follows from this that to take control of “the Sign of the Name of God“, it is practically and theoretically not possible. Addressing the biography of a sign, - all group of soldiers controlled this opening disappeared with confidential documentation. Ona stubborn decided to resist to God. Putin does not represent what weapon he strenuously directs to the country and himself. Reasonably both Putin and all Earth urgently to pay attention regarding “the Second Coming“. The union of God with the Person, unexpectedly for All recovered and accepted reasonable live dialogue of continuation.

“The world says goodbye

To the childhood happy

- Vera from a dream“ wakens

That it, true Vera - the mankind should understand. Also it is desirable, - the reference point of this understanding has to be without blood.

System space counter flows of information exchanges have the personal means of protection. Why we received

much and we receive similar information?

our Solar System not simple space unit. We in space received the Vector of Management. Therefore, we are in the future obliged to operate new young solar systems and to control their development. From one such space union we also obtain information in wide volume. Conditionally it so far for us God. Open for “Message“, I did not send to the joint allied space “Beam“ group yet. I am sure that People of Earth are independently obliged, will cope with the Ukrainian Question. Difficulties will begin with the moment of introduction of troops to Ukraine, officially. “Parcel“ will go independently. Difficulties in a noosphere in the information sign field of the planet. All information processes of a noosphere are not reversible. Figuratively speaking Ukraine took place as separate is information - a subject space organism which communications reach the screen of the Universe and pass into a beam space information tree. These communications, independently include all protective space technologies, Protection of an information field of Ukraine. Aliens are directed to understand these technologies and are ready to pay for them in the technologies. Putin for the Crimea lost Russia. It is better not to interfere with this process, quietly to observe, study process and not to repeat mistakes. Process is completely natural knowledge of it exist with a signature stamp of the most strict privacy. By CIA and the State Security Service of Ukraine - to these services access in any form is limited. These services are transparent as they glass, are selling and contact to aliens.

Is received a parcel from space for Putin. Record of a parcel in the form of a code [-X (And - I) (1 - 1)]. Knowledge Russians have no its coding. Russians are obliged to know and to watch strictly for “ Big Information Counter Space Sign Exchange “. After the Crimean events, Russians to this information received a total ban at the planetary information level.

Code parcel? - It is a small code of correction of the sign field of Russians in which the negative number of the amendment of speed of a natural information field is specified. The code began work and all will know results. It is not possible to stop powerful natural process of space exchanges. Thanks to this phenomenon, people of the planet will believe in “ Second Coming “ also will create the center of studying of this question. Will study Mendeleevskaya to the count Efira whom Russians hid of all 100 years. The column in the form of tabular codes concerning alphabetic groups of all countries of the world over which people independently control the speed of a natural information exchange of a human body. Russian model of sign consciousness, for the period is transferred by space to a sign of a code parcel. All countries of the world with Russia will stop the relations. The Russian visual distributive thinking correction, will lead to necessary norm. The whole world the soldier will force Russians to stop all forms. The countries of the World are obliged to watch during correction Russia and to forbid it all military internal conflicts. These laws enter in planetary “ Code of the » Code;. On “ To the Second Coming “ knowledge « opened; The Union of God with the Person “. This Union was organized by the developed Solar Systems of Life. Time came and our Universe completely finished the formation. New space life took place. The Sign Information Space Exchange was naturally formed. On an exchange People of Earth gained prior new knowledge. Information is accepted in Ukraine. We are obliged to observe natural laws of development of Solar System strictly.

In Russian two signs, both (Kommersant) a soft sign and firm. The first law of use of the alphabetic block follows. Russian needs to be used in a soft look or in firm. Any other form of use of Russian naturally destroys a natural information exchange of the person. This law is obliged to enter in uniform planetary “ Code “. And so on - law of a confidential distance... These are firm space information laws which began to work in new Hera. They are similar to 10 Precepts of the Bible but a look their not figurative and firm sign. Firm space Laws of space all concerning code tables are also the Letter of the space Law. We know, there is a measurement sign - it is science. There is no sign - this search scientific direction. The bible of the second coming for Russians is in the huge text block. The block is coded. Russians received a code and are obliged to carry out the program for all country. Program of correction of consciousness. Read, department of tabular correction of IEI. Conditionally it also is “ Sign of the Name of God “ “ Patch of the Second Coming “. To study the huge scientific block there is no need to any Russian and any other people of the world. Visual contact in seconds transfers all information to consciousness of the person. The person gets natural norm of information exchange of a human body. « center; Second Coming “ - this is Ukr. IEI he developed tables of correction for all countries of the World. All presidents are obliged first of all cares about health of the people. The planet crossed a threshold in new Hera, gained purely new knowledge of transition. The person is obliged to use knowledge and to surely make the program of further development. My center does not sell new technologies, we impart knowledge to All countries free of charge. Level of measurement of the &ndash technologies; nuclear. Such technologists it is not possible to estimate cost. Cost “ Sign of the Name of God “ - it is Life of our Solar System.

from this conclusion - Putin is at war with God. God in the past was in the sky. In the present it among people in a live human look. Putin bombs the people of the Second Coming. The world repeats a crucifixion error. It needs to be stopped. Body of God of the Second Coming - There are the Ukrainian border and all people, the Ukrainian Holy Land.

the Law of the Second Coming one as the soul unit consisting of units of cold memory. Follows that system units of measurements in planet sciences, make the uniform information sign field of a cold order which in a system counter exchange of information carries out new function. From this becomes clear that the code of a parcel 10 with a minus sign or minus substitutes a sign of the logical relation to honey for a subject and the sign of X is substituted for a predicate Roman 10. It is pure, the philosophical new scientific direction. The new direction with a new subject unit of time. Or new Hera`s beginning needs to be considered since 2000. The temporary reference point of modern times is firm, system sciences of the planet.

- “ Games different happen,

A one is still more live than all.

do not divide Money and success in it,

B to it check of all our

Passions “.

“ The Passion able to see does not happen “

Be continued

yours faithfully. Pioneer of “Kod Kosmichesky Informatsionny“.

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