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How to prepare the stuffed pike? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

Vileyshchina long since was famous not only the manufactories, but also water resources. Locals always had an opportunity to diversify a diet with fish who was found and found in the numerous rivers and lakes much. Passing through Vileysky district today quite often see on roads of the fishermen standing at roadsides and offering the catch - enormous pikes.

the Stuffed pike - a remarkable dish of a local cuisine, rather festive, main entertainment at weddings. For its preparation rare inaccessible ingredients are not necessary, but it is required to put a lot of work. Unlike many samples of traditional Belarusian cuisine, the dish is obvious not for lazy.

To prepare “shchupak“, it first of all should be caught, washed and cleaned. To separate skin from meat, to crush the last, to mix with other ingredients. To fill with forcemeat pike skin, to sew up and bake.

Except approximately kilogram shchuchka the dish requires two average bulbs, two eggs and two garlic gloves, two - three carrots, four slices of white loaf soaked in milk, salt and pepper to taste.

Fascinating process of fishing as well as routine cleaning, we will lay aside. Preparation of the stuffed pike is begun with an imboweling.

The paunch of fish is accurately cut from the head to a tail and delete interiors which do not vanish in the village, and together with other waste of fish processing go on an entertainment to a cat, it has to have holidays too. Then delete gills from which in taste of dishes from river fish the bitterness can appear. At extraction of gills are careful, teeth at a pike not spark, of course, but quite sharp, it is possible and to be wounded.

After cutting the carcass of a pike is washed, and then separate skin. This procedure progresses more successfully if fish is slightly frozen. The edge of skin from a belly section is picked up a knife and further fingers gradually separate skin from meat at all fish from the head to a tail. When it is skinned two parties of a carcass, cut off the head and a tail so that they remained together with skin. All fins also leave on skin, but stones from them not to leave obligatory at all, cut off them.

It is unlikely at a table there will be special fans of the pike head, tail and fins, but the stuffed pike - a dish not for every day, it has to be not only tasty, but also to look beautiful.

Work, certainly, laborious and not always successful. Quite often skin is torn or incidentally cut not where it is necessary. If it was not succeeded to keep its integrity, it does not matter. Defects can be corrected by means of a needle and a thread, all the same stuffed pike is sewn up before sending to the furnace.

One more laborious operation - separation of fish fillet from bones which at a pike there is a lot of. On a back and sides of a carcass sometimes do cuts to a backbone, but often hostesses do without them, working only hands. Qualification of the cook is shown finally in to leaving in fish of any, smallest stone.

Fish meat, and also carrots, onions and garlic pass via the meat grinder. Of course, even peasants had manual machines not always. Taste of a dish will not worsen if to make forcemeat by means of a usual knife.

Before filling pike skin, add the soaked white loaf to forcemeat, eggs, salt, pepper also properly mix. Stuff skin leaky, excessive diligence can lead to the fact that skin during roasting will burst that not only looks “not really“, but also can affect taste.

The pike skin filled with forcemeat is sewn up with a usual needle and a thread. Sewing up, it is necessary to remember that after the dish prepares, threads should be deleted. Therefore you should not tighten strongly stitches and to use cunning secret seams.

Sending the stuffed pike for roasting to the furnace, fish is given that form which the ready dish has to have on a table. After roasting it is impossible to change a form unless to cut and give separate pieces.

In the furnace the pike prepares minutes 20. On a table it is given “so a yak yosts“, i.e. without a garnish. But greens as maintenance or ornament are only welcomed.

Bon appetit!


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