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Why many claim that it was better earlier?

Probably, almost each person met the statement that it was better earlier and “where this world slides“. Perhaps, many are carriers of similar views. Nevertheless objectively it seems strange that each next historical period becomes worse and worse. Perhaps, it is a perception stereotype?

It is valid, every time when you hear that it was better earlier, arises easy bewilderment. We lived many critical and even tragic situations in our general destiny. For the last 100 years there were both revolutions, and collectivization, and repressions, and wars, and a lot of things still, objectively more difficult and the worst, than present time which in own way too difficult.

Surprisingly, but similar sayings were in the course and 50, both 100 years ago, and, apparently, during all existence of mankind. Therefore, not the world worsens, and for some reason people perceive time somehow in own way, subjectively. In what there can be reasons of such perception?

As a rule, that earlier life was better, those who can compare different time, so people not young, at least mature or even elderly any more say. If to consider their personal history, then it becomes clear that their youth got for the period which they consider as the best because youth is always hopes, surplus of forces and belief in life. Perhaps, their opinion is connected with personal perception of that time which coincided with more safe period of their personal history. Present time which, according to them, “is much worse than earlier“, just dropped out for that period in life when disappointments are saved up, problems, and respectively, a lot of things are subjectively perceived in black tones.

What there was time, in it there are opportunities for development, as well as the difficulties. The person in the period of youth can is simple adapt and fit in better in due time which considers then as the best. Issues are easier resolved, it is more than drive, and many difficulties which are understood as problems now, in youth were perceived as a call.

It is also necessary to note one more factor. The person is formed by that culture which surrounds him in the childhood and, to a lesser extent, in youth. It is mentality, values, ideals, features of relationship, specifics of communication between people and much of what is inherent in this time. All these features become for it the family and are as if pressed in it very deeply.

And how to be if other time when norms, values sharply change comes? In this case the person can feel unnecessary or “ill at ease“. It is not its world, not its culture, he feels like the stranger among those who only begin to absorb modern times greedy. Obviously the fact that at the same time he feels last time period as something more native and begins to fall into nostalgia on “good times“.

Each new generation lives in a little new world in comparison with previous. It is enough to experience a difference in perception of life of generation before reorganization and later. How songs, movies, books, fashion changed?

Besides the perception of life and the place in it is influenced also by a state of health which worsens over the years, so makes the negative contribution.

Nostalgia on the past can result also from age crisis on which passing the further perception of and world around depends.

Thus, in this question the major key factor is subjectivity of perception of reality, but not real deterioration in a condition of our world.