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Where to go with children in Thailand? The island Samui of

Planning rest with children, you, of course, want that it was not only cheerful and various, but also safe. The tropical countries and the warm sea are attractive for rest, but many parents cautiously look at prospect of travel to Hugo - east Asia with the kid - here not only other culture and climate, but also absolutely new food. But, despite all these differences from habitual, do not neglect

an opportunity to go with children to fine rest to Asia - it there will be a surprising travel which you remember well! A variety of paints, smells and tastes, unusual traditions and bright features of Thailand will not leave you indifferent. Your children will be delighted with the warm sea and a genial sunshine, besides, here very much love tourists! Also do not worry, anyway medical care in Thailand at the good level though, of course, it is better to avoid unpleasant situations. In tourist zones and on the city the set of big and small shops and supermarkets where the choice of goods a little in what differs from habitual is located.

Where to lodge?

you can choose by

the island which will be pleasant most of all, or consult to the tourist consultant. Anyway, problems with accommodation at you will not arise. The place is focused on tourism. One of the most interesting islands which I can recommend you for excellent family rest with children is Samui.

Imagine beautiful, pure sandy beaches and the warm sea, game zones for children of different age and pleasant bars directly on the beach where you will be able to order the refreshing drinks. On the island you will find big and small hotels on any budget. Through all island there passes the main street on which bars, restaurants and entertaining clubs are located. I do not advise festivities and representations which will precisely last till the morning begin to lodge in the hotels fronting on a promenade at night.

Excellent option - to rent the house. For example, if you arrived all family or the big company for a month - rent of the house will make only 250 - 300 dollars of three rooms. Agree, it is small money for an opportunity month to live absolutely near the beach with all conveniences. If to compare to accommodation in hotel, then month will cost you in 1000 baht a day (20 - 25 dollars). Breakfasts in hotels are very seldom served, but it is always possible to eat in cafe or just to buy fresh fruit in the market. In total cafes offer the children`s menu quite habitual for your kids.

To walk across Samui with a baby carriage it will be problematic, sidewalks are not provided here, everything is forced by trays with souvenirs and on the street cafes are located. It is convenient to move by a taxi, but it can be not so cheap, the taxi driver will request not less 200th baht for a trip. It is possible to use city transport or tuk - tuky, the small converted pickup.

Where also on what to feed?

Thai cuisine - tasty, rich with aromas and spices - on the fan. But here it can not be pleasant to small children at all and also which - what products can be allergens. Though they have fresh rice, different types of omelets and porridge. Also you can visit the European restaurants offering the familiar menu.

But agree, to go to Thailand and to eat pizza - rather boringly. For children you can buy porridges, yogurts, cheese, milk and other familiar goods in supermarkets of a network 7 eleven. I advise you and to small penises of a family to taste fresh seafood on a grill: do not worry for freshness degree - they were caught only couple of hours ago. Shrimps, osminozhka, small fishes and squids can be pleasant very much to you and your children - besides, they are useful and rich with iodine. And, of course, fruit. Bananas, mango, a kiwi, pineapples, cumquats and other exotic fruit in the markets and on street trays are quite available.

of Entertainment to Samui

of Entertainment will be for all - both for children, and for their parents. Boringly in the evenings will definitely not be.

Go to the center of the island Samui in National park. This entertainment for the whole day will cost all the 800th baht on the person, but you will visit the real jungle, will get acquainted with the surprising nature and its amusing inhabitants. Also on the island you will find favourite entertainment of children and adults - an aquapark of Paradise Park Farm. Huge hills and warm pools, music and dances, tasty drinks and sea of fun!

If there is a wish for cultural rest - go to travel on the island, see Buddhist temples and listen about their centuries-old history (the truth, tours are conducted in English). The trip on a farm of crocodiles will present not only new impressions of acquaintance to huge predators, you will be able get a handbag or a purse from the real crocodile leather.

... Asia is capable to present you the best and comfortable rest, and also warm memories of the sea and the sun. Finally allow to give good advice: in order to avoid solar burns, surely use sunblock cream even in cloudy weather - luchit the tropical sun can be very dangerous!