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What is the self-education?

“I need a kick“, “I lack will“, “I was not brought up to be an active person“ - similar complaints meet very often. Actually, their general sense is as follows: “I am brought insufficiently up and it is necessary for me that somebody brought up me“.

Here two news - bad and good are. Bad: hardly anyone - nibud will be engaged in your education if you already more - less adult (or the child whose parents are not able to raise children). Good: you can bring up yourself. That is to be engaged in self-education.

How self-education becomes? You are surprised, but - as easy as shelling pears. Self-education becomes in the same way as education of other children (people).

That is to you only it is necessary to present itself the parent of itself. You are a child, and you are a parent. Any difference. Unless that you will not escape from yourself …

I, respectively, should bring up itself. That is to say to itself what should be done that cannot be done and so on. It “is necessary“ and “is impossible“ - it is in general bases of any education. Education is anyway violence over the child, and self-education is a violence over itself. But this good, useful violence.

Here, of course, supporters of “the loving education of children“ and “a positive image of life“ have to be indignant. “But unless, - they will tell, - it is impossible to manage in education / self-education only by positive motivation?“ “It is possible, - I will answer. - Only as a result those adult children from the beginning of article who constantly complain of a lack of kicks from the outside will turn out. And they complain because nobody kicked them in the childhood“.

Education ““, alas, simply does not work at a positive. That is the person, of course, should explain how to try to obtain happiness and success in life. But, in - the first to try to obtain. And in - the second, it is necessary to explain too violently, without the right of the child not to listen.

The same should be done also with itself. To say to itself what should be made. To explain to itself what it will give you. To specify what should be done surely and that - it is impossible at all.

Why it works? And therefore, why also usual education works. The person, really, is arranged so that someone has to direct him. And at the same time he can be in both roles - and to direct himself. Using Eric Burn`s terminology when I am a Parent I begin to operate is a Child - I am born is an Adult.

It is not necessary to be afraid of violence over himself. Order yourself, force yourself, limit yourself - and you will derive from it pleasure. I is serious - you will derive from it pleasure! The myth that the violence over itself is always bad is the myth. Those who believe in him just never checked and did not analyze soberly real behavior of people.

Remember how your parents brought up you - and bring up yourself also. You watch how other parents raise other children - and bring up yourself also. Study any methods of education of people by people - and apply them to yourself.

The person can bring up himself. The person has to bring up himself. Because only the person who is constantly bringing up himself can be a person in the true sense of the word.