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What do butterflies eat?

I here we who are already sated with beauty of Lake Teletskoye and the mountains surrounding it, inhaled a full breast of the air exuding with moisture at Corbu`s falls hurry in Basargino, absolutely having already forgotten about butterflies as though we met them not in the same morning, and once absolutely long ago, practically in antecedents. But butterflies reminded of themselves. The first tiny semi-dried pool was completely filled with these graceful creations.

At once it was necessary to stop and go out of the car. It is natural that children began to run, trying to drive butterflies, but that, usually such careful, practically did not pay any attention to the little girls swinging hands. And only when those began very much to drive persistently blackveins from familiar spots, those is lazy flew up, but right there sought to fall to the dirt again. To us it became curious what forces these butterflies to behave so strange, flower nectar which on our understanding they have to eat, there and did not smell.

And here that appeared. Really, flower nectar and pollen are the main food of all butterflies. Different types of these winged beauties prefer, of course, different types of food, but all of them are united that they absorb it from nectar through a hobotok. Nectar of flowers is literally saturated all nutrients and sugar necessary for butterflies. Having exhausted a nectar droplet, the butterfly instantly receives a full set all necessary for it for life.

A considerable delicacy for butterflies, except flowers, are the decaying fruit which contain a lot of watery juice. This juice of a butterfly too with pleasure is exhausted the hobotok. For many butterflies the best food is juice of trees, but here the most important to reach it.

A here that usual table salt is necessary for butterflies can be convinced everyone. It is worth getting to strongly sweated person in hot day to that place where these butterflies a set, for example, in special park of butterflies where they are bred as on it one of local residents right there seeks to take seat. The purpose at it the ordinariest: she wants to get drunk the human sweat rich I will merge.

Well, and except nectar, pollen and salt are necessary for activity of butterflies various mineral substances which fine source is the bird`s dung and manure. The only condition - all this excrement has to be fresh and damp, otherwise the butterfly will not be able to exhaust from them the substances demanded by her.

Curiously, as salt and mineral substances are most of all necessary for males during the marriage period before fertilization of females, without these minerals and salts of any reproduction can not occur. Here also males in search of these vital substances rush about. Well, and if neither manure, nor bird`s dung, nor human sweat to find it there is no other option - dirt, the usual dirt remaining after rains about roads.

In a sunny weather when it begins to dry up, it is attacked by hundreds of males of different types of butterflies. They begin to soak up feverishly the hobotok water which contains various minerals in quantities sufficient for continuation of a babochkiny sort. When butterflies copulate, nutrients from males to females are transmitted through sperm that improves viability of eggs and considerably raises a possibility of transfer of genes to the next generations.

the Most, probably, widespread species of butterflies are blackveins therefore we meet them in roadside dirt more often than others. The departure of butterflies comes from dolls practically at the same time therefore they appear before our eyes in a huge number, happens that in some years the real invasion happens. Here we also faced such phenomenon, apparently, in Altai.

A butterfly - the harmless being pleasing us with the beauty, and here its posterity - ruthless wreckers of gardens and kitchen gardens; blackvein caterpillars for a short time can leave a set of trees including fruit without foliage. Caterpillars of these butterflies do not hide anywhere, neither in a crack, nor in hollows, they quietly hang on trees, having hidden in dry leaves that in the spring to begin the pernicious work eating everything, kidneys, and then and leaves in the beginning. The result is clear to all.

Life cycle at them prompt: in May - June of a caterpillar pupate, and in few weeks from dolls white-winged creations take off and begin to curl in a huge number in air. They perish in a set, but less they do not become. Butterflies manage to postpone layings of eggs out of which in the fall again caterpillars which perezimut in dry foliage will be brought and will be made a fresh start.

In the same way behave many other species of butterflies, traurnitsa, lentochnitsa, peacock eyes and others came across to us repeatedly.