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Mother Teresa Calcutta. What do you know about her life?

Probably, many heard about mother Theresa awarded in 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. I am not an exception, but, besides that she is a missionary, I practically did not know anything.

Therefore when our plane landed in Tirana and on radio declared that it made landing at the airport of a name of mother Theresa, I was surprised:

- It is interesting why the Tiransky airport called by her name? - quietly I asked the spouse. Asked so that people around were not heard, there is no wish to pass for the boor. However, around there were no our compatriots, we from Rome, but nevertheless just in case, you never know flew. Ira only shook the head, she was aware too not.

The movement on the territory before the airport is organized in such a way that everyone arriving to the country inevitably passes by a majestic monument. On the pedestal extending up the female zone bust with the hands put before a breast is located.

- It who? - I asked the guide.

- You what, was not learned? Same mother Theresa!

- Forgive and what it is related to Albania?

- How what? This is our national heroine.

I became silent, trying to digest heard, but decided to understand everything surely.

So who such mother Theresa? Her name at many very famous, and here, probably, not all are familiar with its biography.

So, on August 26, 1910 in the city of Skopje in a family of Albanian Dranfile and a vlakh (the Gipsy of group of rum) of Nicol Boyadzhiu the daughter who was called Agnessa Gondzha was born. The family was Catholic, very religious and at the same time very provided. Agnessa was the third child in a family, it had a sister Agata and the brother Lazarus. Their mother often prayed at home and in church, but gave even more than forces to mercy. Even after death of the husband in 1919 when Dranfile who remained with three children was forced to begin to earn a living by sewing and an embroidery, it took on education of six orphans.

Agnessa Gondzha from 12 years dreaming of service to god solved having begun adult to go to India there to care for the poor. She began to embody children`s dreams in reality from 18 years when went to Ireland and entered monastic order. In three years it accepted Theresa in honor of the nun Theresa from Livye known for the kindness and mercy tonsured and took a name.

After that the award sent it to Calcutta as the teacher in women`s school Saint Maria. In 1946 she received blessing from the management of an award on occupation of the help to the poor and disadvantaged of Calcutta in the beginning, and then in 1948 based a community - monastic congregation of “Sister Missionerka Lyubvi“ which task was to create schools, shelters, hospitals for the poor and patients, despite of their nationality and religion.

Soon she under the name of Theresa Kalkuttskaya was recognized by all Christian world, and activity of this monastic congregation crossed borders of India as mother Theresa “by birth spoke I am Albanian, on nationality - the Indian, on belief - the Catholic, on calling I belong to the whole world“. In 1963 men joined sisters of mercy, the mercy brotherhood was formed. Now in this joint organization there are more than 400 offices in 111 countries and 700 houses of mercy in 120 countries of the world. As a rule, they open in regions of natural disasters and in regions of the world, unsuccessful from the economic point of view.

At the end of 80 - x mother Theresa decided to be engaged in missionary activity in the communistic countries which are earlier closed for it, and it began with Armenia after a destructive earthquake of 1988 where met even Ryzhkov who was at that time the Chairman of the board of Ministers of the USSR.

In 1979 for the missionary activity mother Theresa was awarded Nobel Peace Prize “For activity in the help to the suffering person“.

The constant care of needs of others began to affect on health of the mother Theresa, and in 1983 it during visit to the Pope John II had the first heart attack. After the second attack which happened in 1989 it implanted a pacemaker. In April, 1996 mother Theresa fell and broke a clavicle, besides she began to have heart failure and is compelled laid down on operation. Unexpectedly for all the associates and the management of church she decided to be treated in one of the best hospitals of California, but not in one of the clinics. Business reached that the archbishop of Calcutta ordered to the priest to execute over it a ceremony of exile of a devil, believing that she could make the similar decision only under the influence of artful forces.

Since August, 1996 she had to be in hospital of 6 times. She not once asked doctors that to it allowed to die. “I cannot use such medical care when millions of my wards are deprived of such opportunity“, - mother Theresa said. It did not accept anesthetics of preparations, considering that to feel pain - means to make a sacrifice to Christ.

Soon mother Theresa put the duties of the head Orden of mercy, the missionary organization created by her so began to be called. Now more than 4000 missionaries of an award of mother Theresa who work in 610 of its representations in 123 countries of the world are known.

Mother Theresa died on September 5, 1997, her funeral was undertaken by the Indian government. It was recognition of her merits before the country and thousands of Indian poor people, irrespective of their exclusive and religious accessory. From - all country worried about her death, all unanimously considered that it bore to the world only good and love. The glass coffin with mother Theresa`s body stood the whole week in Saint Thomas`s cathedral.

A funeral was very solemn, carried a coffin with her body on the same cannon gun carriage on which buried Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. The crowd of seeing off stretched for seven kilometers. Buried mother Theresa in the yard a staff - apartments of its award, near city slums.

In October, 2003 mother Theresa was beatified (the first step of canonization) by Catholic church and beatified.

One of the famous statements of Mother Teresa fully reflects essence of its activity. To them I also want to finish this small article: “ From - for the fact that we do not see Christ we cannot express It our love, but we can always see neighbors and in relation to them have to arrive as would arrive in relation to Christ if saw it “.

The name “mother Theresa“ became nominal, so call the people showing mercy and care of neighbors.