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How to prepare hamburgers and donuts on - it is American?

of New - York met me by black tea with mint and banana muffin in the round-the-clock cafe at the Central park. And this meeting let know at once that the next five days lungs will not be.

the Portion of tea in 700 - a gram glass - a bucket and cake size about a loaf - it, in principle, is enough that a lot of things to understand about culinary traditions of the United States. The concept of healthy food gets special sense here: the sizes of portions, than their contents are healthy - even huge - more often. You want to have a snack fresh pastries - here to you a pretzel with a diameter of 40 centimeters; decided to indulge themselves with cakes from the next epicure - you hold pass - packing from 20 pieces; risked to taste a hamburger - open a mouth more widely and do not complain.

And there is a wish to complain of fast food to New - York often. More precisely, not on fast food, and on lack of any other “foot“ in tourist places. For example, the island of Freedom (do not confuse to Cuba), on which there is a statue of the same name, offers guests only chips, burgers and French fries. But on the island there is a dining room! It pleases. The range of dishes does not please: chips, burgers and French fries … However that else is necessary to feel taste of America, especially if you sit at legs of lady Liberti and look at skyscrapers of Manhattan? Unless real American donut. Or Donat - the same donut, but with glaze and, as a result, with additional calories.

The donut in New - York is a twin brother of a hamburger. It is also popular, also available, also inevitable. If you came into a public catering institution, and there do not sell hamburgers, so there sell donuts. And vice versa. Choose that is closer to you: a roll with cutlet or a roll with a hole. I, by the way, and had no such choice: organizers of conference for the sake of which I arrived in the USA in the morning, in the afternoon and treated participants to tea with donuts in the evening. Well, and from donata, of course. It was a fine opportunity to compare different types of donuts, and at the same time to understand: what it - to live in New - York and to keep symmetry?

Not everyone manages it. Those who do not manage it is visible from far away. But it is more pleasant to look at those who manage. Walking on streets New - York, you understand that transfers - horror stories about obesity epidemic - not the myth, but the real American reality. Here really there are a lot of well-fad people. It is a lot of. Very well-fad. And it is unlikely that their this fact though how many - nibud disturbs. The fat parents feeding to the fat kid a thick hamburger - good confirmation to what not all people endure concerning excess weight even when it objectively is present.

However, among local inhabitants there are many advocates of a healthy lifestyle. Fans of jogs and cycling can be found on Hudson Embankment - in the mornings here as populously as in the evenings to Tayms - the square. Little tables in ecocafe are not empty too. However, and in such institution the most widespread dish in the menu - a sandwich. But from grain bread and dietary meat.

Really in New - York there is no “normal“ food at all? Is, of course, it is only better to look for it at national small restaurants - Italian, Chinese, Indian … Here where variety of tastes and smells! And who told that pizza and udon have no relation to American cuisine? Eventually, the USA not for nothing calls a melting copper of the nations. And in such ware it is possible to prepare any dish. But most often all turn out - hamburgers. Or donuts.

the Hamburger for lunch …

you Want to feel taste of America too? And are even ready to risk for the sake of it a waist? Try to prepare independently a nourishing hamburger or a sweet donut. By the way, in house conditions you have a chance to make them slightly less harmful and a little more tasty.

To prepare a hamburger, to you, first of all, the roll and cutlet will be necessary. The roll can be got in the nearest shop (you can choose that grade of bread which to you to taste, but the classics of a genre means a wheaten roll with sesame), and here cutlet it is better to make with own hands.

Only three components are for this purpose necessary: ground beef, salt and pepper. Forget about the Russian tradition to add to cutlets ground pork with fat or, it is worse than that, bread. When you form cutlets, make them on diameter slightly more, than rolls, - during frying they will a little contract.

While cutlets (and it is necessary to fry them on quite strong fire and it is short - only two - three minutes) are fried, cut rolls in half and too fry - only on a frying pan without oil, so that the ruddy crust was formed, but inside dough remained soft.

A final stroke - formation of sandwich. On the lower half of a roll put at first cutlet, and then - any ingredients to your taste: thin slice of processed cheese, tomato segment, onions ringlets, greens … Salt and mayonnaise - too on the fan. That`s all. It is necessary only to close a hamburger the top part of a roll and - for bigger authenticity - to open “The cook - Coca“.

… and a donut for a dessert

tasty and at the same time enough useful donuts to you will be required to

For preparation:

low-fat cottage cheese - 250 g;

the flour (sifted) - 2 glasses;

sugar - 1/2 glass;

egg - 1 piece;

milk - 7 tablespoons;

starch - 2 teaspoons;

a baking powder - 2 teaspoons;

vanilla sugar - 1 teaspoon;

vegetable oil for frying.

Carefully shake up egg (it is possible to add at the same time a little salt), add sugar and vanillin, then cottage cheese and milk, properly mix everything. In a separate bowl mix flour with a baking powder and starch and it is accurate, constantly mixing, pour into the turned-out weight. Add a little vegetable oil. As a result of mixing dense dough has to be formed very soft, but at the same time. If weight turns out liquid or sticky, add a little more flour. From the test create small balls, and then you priplusnit them a palm, so that small thick flat cake turned out. Do a hole in each such flat cake.

While you cook dough, it is possible to put vegetable oil on a warming up (it is the best of all to fry donuts in a pan with thick walls and an antiprigarny covering). When oil is close to boiling, carefully omit in it preparations. Watch that donuts did not adjoin edges! When one party is reddened, turn on another. Strew ready donuts with icing sugar.

You can call members of household on tasting at once - such pastries need to be eaten that is called with a heat about a heat. And it is the is best of all - under some kind Hollywood comedy.


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