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Than concentration is useful?

In this article I will explain what is concentration for what it is necessary and as to interact with it. I will begin with what is concentration.

Concentration can be described a formula “In total in One“. That is all resources are directed only to one phenomenon, object or action.

Example. Let`s say you wash the dishes. To wash the dishes it is concentrated, it is necessary to look at how you wash the dishes, to think of washing of ware and so on. That is all activity of your body and mentality has to be directed to one business - washing of ware.

Why it is necessary? Why in general concentration is necessary? Why it is often impossible to do without it?

The matter is that resources of a human body and mentality are limited. They are not infinite. And if you try to enclose them in two affairs at the same time - they will not be enough neither for that, nor for another.

For any business there is a minimum quantity of the resources necessary for its commission. You have to give it enough reflections, attention and efforts that it began to be made. And if you along with it try to do another matter, then there will not be enough resources.

Therefore many affairs to us seem psychologically and physically impossible. Actually we just did not try to concentrate only on them. Because when we are not concentrated - we do not have enough resources and business becomes impossible. And when are concentrated - is enough and it becomes possible. Same business. A difference - only in our concentration.

Because of shortage of concentration we do not finish many affairs and we get stuck in them. I will write a strange, at first sight, thing: we fall into dependence on these or those actions not because we are too fixated on them, and on the contrary - because we are insufficiently concentrated on them.

An example - the Internet - dependence. We long are online at all not because we cannot distract from it. We long sit in it because we want to receive from this something, but we do not receive because are insufficiently concentrated. And if we concentrate, then we will quickly complete that wanted from the Internet, and at once we will be able to be engaged in something in another.

In this sense it becomes even not important on what to concentrate. If business on which we concentrate is not necessary for us, we will quickly lose to it interest. And if it is necessary for us - we will quickly complete it and we will be engaged in another matter.

Concentration is useful not only in respect of affairs, but also in respect of researches. The matter is that to study any object or the phenomenon, it is necessary to concentrate on it too. Long on it to watch, listen, feel, do with it anything - but only with it. Small children who all of us once were, quite so, by the way, and study the world - that is we already used once the concentrated research of the world. It is necessary just over again to start being engaged in it.

In general, there is such hypothesis that ability to be engaged in more difficult, great and productive causes directly depends on ability to concentrate. Because such affairs require most of all resources that can be reached only as a result of concentration. It is valid, as a result of concentration much impossible becomes possible.

Therefore begin to do all things it is concentrated. Then you will begin to do each new serious work better, and affairs - will become more. And then you will be able to achieve the good results in all areas of the life.