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Fairy tales for adults: actions, real estate or... What to choose?

All of us are brought up on fairy tales which told us in the childhood. They put in us basic vital values - “that it is good and that it is bad“. They built up our character and prompt (impose) to us every instant that to do to us in this or that situation. Including in monetary questions! Remember

what fairy tales to you were told by your parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, the family... Fairy tales from children`s books. Fairy tales from animated films. The fairy tales heard by us in kindergarten and at school.

Having become adults, we begin to listen to others, “ “ - fairy tales still continue to tell adult fairy tales to us - at work and at home. We hear them every day: from the chief and from fellow workers, from the soulmate and from new friends. We thumb through colourful magazines about beautiful life, we read books - best-sellers, we watch movies, we sit in social networks … Why fairy tales render

on us such strong, fatal, I would even tell - hypnotizing - influence?

According to scientists, the human brain thinks not of words, but images, pictures. For this reason fantastic plots absolutely freely get into our consciousness both strongly and for a long time settle in our head.

of the Fairy tale for adults

I if the adult still somehow can () filter or thinks that he can a flow of the entering information, then the small child trustfully trusts everything heard and seen - it literally “absorbs “ in itself(himself) all - all - all.

Remember on what fairy tales you were brought up? Think what fairy tales you tell the children?

We will talk about “ fairy tales for adults “ - about what we trust right now in.

Many consider that purchase of shares or real estate right there will make them rich and happy. Many fondly believe that it is quite enough - it is simple, time - two and is ready!


Learn to ask to yourself the correct test questions and to independently find on them answers!

A question No. 1

Why should rejoice when stock prices fall ( comes financial crisis, recession comes, banks burst, sanctions are imposed ) and happen other troubles in the Russian economy ?

The answer is simple: when we take shares ( i.e. we invest the money in actions, mutual investment funds, etc. ), we count on growth of their cost. And it is correct!

Here only the economy cannot constantly grow - it develops cycles ( waves ), i.e. grows, falls down.

To economy, as well as any of us, it is necessary to have a rest too and to be reconstructed under new realities of life. When we have a rest ( we sleep, we study, we are going on vacation ), our productivity is on zero. And the economy - it too needs rest ( in restoration of forces ) from continuous race up.

At such moments “ of sag “ economies also should buy mutual funds (or actions) since they became very cheap.

Think what changed in Gazprom from the fact that quotations ( cost ) its actions temporarily went down? Yes nothing is absolute - the same gas production, the same its sale to consumers. Gazprom still remained Gazprom! Conclusion which I drew for myself

Ya I buy by

mutual funds constantly, on a monthly basis - without paying ANY attention to negative news, political events and problems in economy!

Question No. 2: by

Ya a year, two, three I buy mutual funds, why there is no profit everything and is not present ? Why to me to continue to take shares?

Answer: we invest the money in mutual funds on a long-term basis, on the remote prospect. Our task - to wait. To wait for 10, 15 and more years. To wait so much how many it is required. And when the economy of our country will sharply jerk up, together with it also the cost of the shares taken by us will promptly fly up ( including and the cost of our mutual funds ).

Buying mutual funds ( i.e. actually taking shares of the different large, profitable enterprises ) - we buy by all Russian economy entirely . We do it counting on the fact that recession of economy will end sooner or later and will pass into a stage of prompt rise.

Therefore I very much rejoice when good stocks of the good enterprises become cheaper ( see the answer to a question No. 1 ). For me it is an excellent opportunity to take shares of the good companies at very low price. Summarizing


of Investment into mutual funds is:

1) the minimum risks at investment for the long period;

2) the minimum sum of investments - from 1000 rubles;

3) a high probability to get big profit on investments, unlike banks;

4) your money are protected by the state;

5) when falling the market ( and various financial crises, sanctions, etc. of troubles in economy ) is an opportunity to sharply increase the income .

The most important, can invest in mutual funds everyone - and to begin it it is possible to do right now.