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What it is worth looking in Amsterdam at?

the City which became famous for the free-thinking and deserved glory of the capital of defect gradually grow with surveillance cameras and reliable citizens to whom crowds of inadequate tourists in the center of their cozy world bothered. Therefore it is worth hurrying to go to Amsterdam before it turns into boring Geneva or bourgeois Brussels.

the Red light district

In due time the red light district occupied all space from the Royal palace to the station - because the seamen arriving to the port at once ran behind female delights. There is no port today any more, and crowds of tourists go to the Red light district - who simply to look at a defect haven and who and directly to use services of girls a sort from around the world.

The problem is that locals arranged noise concerning archaic human trafficking directly in the downtown, known for the liberal views, equality and feminism. Therefore brothels with their well-known glass windows and red lamps concede more and more territory, and those which remained are decorated with inscriptions “is given“. So it is worth glancing this Quarter, so far he was completely not moved away as gather in the next years.

The same concerns Amsterdam squats - from them there was only a couple, the best-known of which so-called “France“ is considered. Around the building and on it everything is decorated with the street - an art. Unfortunately, Amsterdam lost a rank “the capitals of the street in recent years - an art“ because a set of works were is cleaned - one more step towards to transformation of the capital of the Netherlands into the boring burgher city.

of Kofeshopy

At many tourists arises a question why the benches trading in cannabis call kofeshopa - it would seem at what here coffee? As I was explained by aboriginals, earlier in kofeshopa traded in everything that is long stored - from coffee, tea to tobacco and spices. The English word “drugs“ which means both drugs, and drugs, comes from the Dutch word droog - “dried up“. Throughout many centuries in Amsterdam there was a Prohibition (however, this pun has no relation to etymology of the word “drug“), and the seamen arriving to the city enjoyed tea and coffee, and also tobacco in kofeshopa. It also allowed to trade in cannabis. And by the way, distributing for tourists: in spite of the fact that in the menu of kofeshop - the great variety of names, as a rule, is on sale all steam of grades under different names. Owners of kofeshop cannot support the constant range from - for instability of deliveries.

Fauna of Amsterdam

the Set of parks of the city - a shelter not only cyclists, dzhogger, freaks and families with children, but also exotic birds is from around the world. Yes, if you see flocks of green or blue ozherelovy popugaychik - be not surprised: they chose for themselves parks of Amsterdam, as well as a canary, and wavy popugaychik. There is a version that they were illegally grown up, and then let out before raid of police; but birdies not just did not die, and adapted and bred.

Besides, in Holland a great number of other Asian birds - ducks - tangerines, black swans, flying Chinese geese. Scientists consider that during flights they could get incidentally here, estimate climate and safety and to delay.

Amsterdam - the North

Even for most of residents part of the capital behind the gulf - something, not belonging to Amsterdam. It is about Amsterdam - the North, the area in which there were shipyards thrown for 20 years. In recent years the authorities actively undertook to restore the earth titbit located all in half a kilometer from the center. Docks converted in business - the centers, constructed marines, elite apartments and hostels for students.

Several free ferries (travel from the station takes 15 - 20 minutes) constantly go to the North, and in the area there is a set of locations, noteworthy. In - the first, it is the restaurants made on moorings and the ships in - the second, on a pier there is the well-known ship of Greenpeace “Sirius“, the victim of hands of the Russian frontier guards. In - the third, the nuclear submarine which one of local businessmen of the Turkish origin bought in Russia to make in it restaurant. But the authorities of the Netherlands were indignant that the nuclear engine can constitute danger to people, and since then the boat quietly costs on an eternal trick, several years expecting when it is decided to be cut on scrap metal.

Soon - literally next year - to this area promised to carry out the subway, and then it will be even more popular. Opposite to the North it is possible to see the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands with the well-known underwater prison where keep the state and international criminals before sending them in tribunal to the Hague. The building stands on water, but is surrounded with metal columns - to exclude acts of terrorism.


to Amsterdam - the North is NDSM location gaining popularity - the community of the artists who arranged the studios in the thrown ship-repair plants applying for Kristianiya`s monasteries. However, they agreed with the authorities and got all support - now their convenient studios are constructed in shops, in the former warehouses huge antique shops where it is possible to buy everything were placed, beginning from furniture, phones and refrigerators 60 - x years and finishing with cans, bottles, gas masks of times of World War I.

At the weekend studios are closed, and all shops turn into a huge flea market where residents to themselves the next extravagant feature on the chimney shelf or a vintage floor lamp are flown down to look after. Artists, despite the developed stereotype, very much even from this world: the entrance on this market costs 4,5 euros. There it is possible to spend the whole day, considering all certificates of time, it is not worse than in the museum.

Thus, Amsterdam continuously changes. As you can see, in recent years the set of new interesting places, besides the royal museums and galleries appeared here. I hope, each traveler deliberating whether it is worth going to the capital of the Netherlands, will gather for itself useful information!