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How to prepare the Italian Grissini breadsticks?

Paradox, but here only what rich table would not lay, and without bread it is all the same empty. And how long, and on what legends, documents, legends and assumptions can establish rather authentically when bread thoroughly and strongly took the “throne“ place in a diet of the person, it is almost impossible to understand.

But to assume that if were engaged in cultivation of grain since the Neolithic, then possibly not only our ancestors chewed dry kernels and, probably, not only for production different there, sometimes and very amusing, drinks they were used. It would be desirable to present, of course, what hlebushka was a delicacy in those days, but since then the mankind had very enough time that and to think up, improve, diversify, to adapt, perfect, and sometimes to bring to perfection a compounding of this most important, favourite and exclusively tasty product - bread.

Grissini, of course, not the most old bread. I dare even to claim that there was it not as an urgent need for a survival, but... History of these breadsticks began still even in the 14th century, in Turin (Italy), and the doctor thought up this recipe... for the very high-ranking patient suffering from problems with digestion. Since then grissin became very popular and is far not only in Italy. For example, in Thailand the grissin glazed by chocolate are considered by a national delicacy.

Personally for me grissin are associated with perfectly served banquet tables more. On which in transparent vases or tied up by deliberately rough rope, in wattled baskets, very effectively and appetizingly these move the golden, fragrant, beautiful, tasty and crackling breadsticks. And all I it that if the slogan “did not live beautifully, there is nothing and to begin“ is not our case, than not the reason to bake such sticks for itself, for the family, for guests, for pleasure, mood and feeling of the Italian solar holiday! I do not see the reasons to refuse. Join!

We take : 2 and 3/4 glasses of white wheat flour, 50 ml of olive or any vegetable oil, 1 glass of warm water (37 - 40 degrees), 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of dry yeast, half of a teaspoon of salt. For a stuffing it is possible to trust completely in the taste, desire, the imagination. To glance in the granaries and to choose either sesame, or anise seeds, poppy, coarse sea salt, caraway seeds, nutlets, sunflower seeds, parmesan, dried tomatoes, garlic, fried onions, an oregano, a dry basil... Or still something, same tasty and favourite.

Of course, we sift flour in a zamesochny bowl. At least for the sake of one feeling that it will become after that air, easy and fluffy. This feeling is worth a lot! Especially in a ready-made product. I am absolutely sure of it. If you doubt, then just offer one minute of the time... for me. No! For the test... for! You are worthy the best!

We add salt, sugar and yeast to flour. We mix everything. Everything has to be distributed on flour evenly. We add water and olive oil to flour. We knead dough. Slowly, tenderly and gently.

As soon as it becomes difficult to knead dough in a bowl, we shift it to a table. If there is a desire to add flour... we get it together and we refuse flatly this invention. It is a little love, patience, work and desire... Minutes 7 - 10 times, left on spreading, extension, folding, a pulling, turning and an obminaniye of the test, will inevitably lead us to surprisingly complacent mood similar almost for luck. In - the first, to understanding that more flour was not necessary and it is even harmful. In - the second because it (dough) will become the elastic, nonsticky, elastic, gentle and live, but not hammered with flour heartless lump.

Here such live and gentle we also put away in the pan oiled olive and tightened by food wrap, and we put to the place, warm without drafts, for an hour. Let dough will approach, will begin to breathe, will rise and will ripen. We will wait!

At this time we will also decide on the stuffing chosen for today. I will have one - from mix of grated parmesan, small - small reasonable dried a pomidorok and fresh ground black pepper. And the second - from small cut olives mixed with garlic. It is tasty! Fact! I checked.

We get the dough which increased by 2 - 3 times, we admire, minutes we spend five for affection and admiration and only after that we put to be warmed an oven by 200 degrees and we divide dough into two (by quantity of stuffings) parts.

We roll a half of the test in a rectangle about a half-centimeter thick, we spread on it about two thirds of a stuffing, directly fingers we press it directly into dough a little.

The rectangle rolled testyany on three equal parts on the wide party is mentally divisible and we displace it, having put the top third on average. We powder with the remained stuffing, it too persistently both it is tenderly pressed into dough and we cover with the remained lower third. All stuffing at us appears inside. We distribute dough more exactly and we press down. It is necessary only to cut the filled preparation on pieces 1,5 - 2 cm wide and to curtail them into spiralk, at the same time slightly stretching dough in length.

That dlinnenky and accurate tubules - spiralk which we spread on the baking sheet laid by baking paper and we put away for about 10 minutes turned out thin (well almost like a pencil). Only to get used and fall in love with the new form. That they it is strong rasstoyalis and increased, it is not necessary to us at all. We let and badly, but nevertheless so far remember that we bake not bread, but breadsticks. Sticks - here a keyword. It is not obligatory for them to be magnificent at all.

For now it is possible to be engaged in the second party of the test.

We bake sticks in the oven of minutes warmed to 200 degrees 20 - 25. If at you thin sticks with sesame, for example, that is enough also 15 minutes. Sticks have to become golden, with a crisp and gentle, is fluffy - porous fragrant pulp inside.

It is simply fantastically tasty and it is not less beautiful. You only try... at least one feature... And then to another you can tell somebody that kept and did not begin to eat the second and third... To somebody to another, not me! I will definitely not believe! So traditionally I wish you successful pastries and bon appetit!


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