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How to make dumplings? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

“Porridge of varytsets - a svyakrukh of svarytsets“, - peasants in Vetkovsky district of the Gomel region say. What does she swear, the unruly old woman if remarkable sour porridge from millet is almost ready? Perhaps, to it little “empty“ porridge? The clever daughter-in-law for the sake of tranquility in a family is ready for a lot of things, and god ordered to calm beloved mother of not less beloved husband dumplings -. dumplings are world renowned

Thanks to N. V. Gogol. The majority of us esteems them primordially Ukrainian dish. In practice about an origin and words, and a dish there are a lot of different opinions.

On one of versions dumplings came to Poltavshchina sung by Gogol together with Cumans, descendants of a temnik of Mamaya who got Poltava in destiny for certain merits, and locals modified Crimean to “alyushka“ in dumplings.

However, it is only one of numerous opinions on which I will not begin to insist. Variations of a dish are in national cuisines of many people including at Belarusians to whom dumplings are familiar throughout several centuries. The Belarusian dumplings that is prepared in villages of Vetkovsky district, despite territorial proximity of Ukraine, differ from the Ukrainian cardinally.

About the main difference of two culinary dishes united by one name, I think, many already guessed. While the Ukrainian dumplings do of the test, in Belarus for them “äçÿðóöü“ potato.

The recipe of the Belarusian dumplings, as well as the majority of national dishes, does not differ in complexity. To cope with within its powers to any, most tired hostess. Dumplings require potatoes, egg, milk, salt, sugar and a piece of lard.

I hurry to calm the gourmets which are jealously keeping the figure. Fat in dumplings, as ingredient, no. In the recipe fat - an auxiliary product with the minimum expense. Rural hostesses economically grease with it pig-iron frying pans.

Before cooking the chugunok with milk is put in the furnace that it began to boil and it protomitsya slightly until the hostess is “drats potatoes“, “kachats dumplings“ and to fry them on a frying pan. With milk add to a chugunok on a teaspoon of salt and sugar.

Milk for dumplings was called “pastayalka“ earlier that reflected, apparently, the fact that milk stood in the furnace. Perhaps, such name distinguished the usual, staid some time after milking milk from pair.

When milk in the furnace, comes turn of potato. It is cleaned and washed then take “dzyaryv“ as still in popular speech call a grater, and white ruchenka, without blenders and combines, rub in gruel.

Potato porridge is wrung out in a gauze, excess water to dumplings to anything. Then as binding add eggs to cake. Their number depends on amount of potatoes. The consistence kartofelno - egg weight has to be such that balls from it did not collapse. “Kachats of dumpling“ means to form of weight Koloboks of the suitable size.

The formed dumplings not for long fry on a frying pan in the furnace. Previously it is smeared “podmazky“ which represents a piece of usual fat, crude or salty.

To a table of dumpling give, having filled in with stewed milk. But not “with a heat about a heat“ and after slightly cool down.

Bon appetit!


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