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How to prepare stewed fish on - Estonian?

Everything, ate my house dzhuvech. Also hopes that on weekdays it will not be necessary to become to a plate failed. Were scattered to the basis as a house of cards. Dissipated as morning fog under still warm beams of the Karelian sun. And the whole cauldron was! And what now to do?

It is good, the neighbor podsuropit a little. On holiday it. And on fishing went. Yesterday by the evening returned. And probably, languished from a heat water not to intrigues and wrecking was. With good production the neighbor returned. From the bounties and that I what he is a fisherman successful experienced, broke off to me on a darmovshchinka of steam of pike perches.

Therefore on the fact that to prepare for me, even questions any were not. Here, they. Pike perches. I will come in the evening from work, I will get them from the lower shelf of the refrigerator and … I will begin to conjure! It was necessary only to be defined - as in what conjure direction. And what, besides fish, still is required to me for this purpose.

Here I also remembered about fish on - Estonian. And what? Estonians, they are the same a Finn - Ugra. As well as our Karelians. Or their neighbors that slightly to the west, on that side of border. In that party which they call the Country thousands of lakes, or, at the worst, Suomi. Well, and we it is simpler, it is not so intricate - Finland. The country in which there live Finns.

And I it seems as have to know the Karelian and Finnish cuisine. I live - that where? Yes not the first decade! Also it is remembered, somehow already told. And about the first. And about the second. However, time since then already passed … Therefore, I think if I remind - will not be superfluous.

Characteristic feature of the Karelian cuisine - its sharply expressed fish bias. “It is better a beskhlebya, than an absence of fish“, - so speak on all republic. That in Karelia and without fish? Whether imaginable business?! Here … And to what bad - no distance. Karelians without fish - in any way cannot. If someone from them two in a row fishes did not eat day, then for the third day lays down and … Dies!

Estonians, maybe, and not so much think of fish, but too love her. Very much love! And fish dishes in the Estonian cuisine … Well, there is a lot of.

And still Karelians … Do not fry! At them in the Karelian language even of a verb corresponding is not present. Probably, and at Estonians for this reason fish - stewed. However, to be fair, it should be noted that in Estonia everything is fry. But this not traditional, national. Borrowed from kitchens of other countries which exerted the impact on the Estonian. In this case, concerning frying, it is Russian and German.

If concerning Finnish cuisine, then it has, naturally, characteristics. The first of them - a traditional combination of fish and dairy products. It is enough to remember of the same kalakeyto - fish potatoes, onions soup and addition of milk.

The second feature of Finnish cuisine - a combination in dishes of fish and meat. To prepare, for example, kalakukko (fish pie from the fresh rye test) the hostess needs not only a ryapushka (a small fresh-water small fish from a sort sigovy), but also lard pieces. Originally? Not only. Also it is practical. Milk, lard, is equal as sour cream or egg yolks (proteins), are used by kitchens of the different countries as peculiar adsorbents (absorbers) for neutralization of a smell of fresh fish.

I think, this small theoretical digression on features different the Finn - Ugrian kitchens it is, quite enough, to understand what, besides the fish, is required to us to stew her on - Estonian. It is time to pass to practice.

We clean and we clean our pike perches. We delete gills and we separate from head carcasses. They together with tails, fins and hrebtiny still will be useful to us when we cook a fish soup. For now we postpone the heads away. Carcasses we wash out under cold water, filetiruy them, we undress fillet on portion pieces, we put in the enameled bowl, we pepper, prisalivay.

We take grams 200 - 250 lard, we cut it on small, 2 millimeters thick, pieces. We throw them on the frying pan standing on a plate and we begin to melt fat. In order that it did not burn slightly, we hold fire between average and small, and pieces it is overturned from time to time.

While fat burns, we clean 3 - 4 average bulbs, we slice them half rings. As pork fat will be melted, we clean cracklings from a frying pan, we put in it the shredded onions and, stirring slowly, we begin to fry it.

Generally, Estonians do not clean cracklings from a frying pan. Probably, it is pleasant to them when in sauce that it will turn out at us at the final stage of preparation of a dish, besides onions there are also small pieces of a salets. But at my place boiled fat is eaten by nobody. Also “fukat“ loudly if it gets to someone in a plate. Therefore - I do not risk. I better itself - one zazharisty shkvarochka in pleasure will crackle. They and with a slice of a rye small loaf … Oh, as tasty! Did not try?! And you try. If who loves chips, so cracklings … Better! Much better. Besides - a natural product. And our grandfathers ate them …

As onions zazolotitsya and pomyagchet, we take couple of tablespoons of flour, a thin layer we powder with it onions and, stirring slowly, we fry frying pan contents 2 - 3 more minutes. After that slowly, besides stirring slowly to achieve a uniform consistence of liquid, we add to a frying pan of grams 700 (3 glasses) milk and we cook it minutes 5 - 7 that it thickened a little. We spread fish fillet in our future sauce, we bring to boiling, we diminish fire, we cover a frying pan and we extinguish minutes 10 - 15. As this time will leave, we add to a frying pan of a half-glass of low-fat cream, everything it is evenly strewed with small chopped greens of fennel, we bring liquid to boiling, we disconnect fire, we cover a frying pan and we give to our fish on - Estonian to be drawn a little.

Well, and after that it is possible it and on a table to give. The best garnish to this dish, in my opinion and taste, - boiled potatoes. Love it in Estonia. Potatoes there, as well as fish, one of the most popular products. But if someone loves rice or pasta, it is not forbidden to use as a garnish and them. Oil to potato, rice or macaroni - without need. We have a sauce! And in it it is a lot of chopped greens. So separately to cut it to strew a garnish, is not necessary too.

Laid out fish to a garnish, sauced it and … Eat on health.

Eat and remember Estonia. And at the same time and about Karelia with Finland. About the Republics of Komi, Udmurtia, Mordovia, Mari El. About Veps and bodices which have no republics. Remember. Because all of them, and not only they, - the Finn - Ugra. And therefore, is given to me, know how to cook fish not worse than Estonians. Also it is sure, there are in store rooms of their national cuisines such dishes, at which it is possible to look narrowly …, of

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