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How turtles rescued pirates from hunger?

Sluggishness of a turtle entered proverbs and became a source of uncountable number of jokes.

So in one of them a turtle is sent behind vodka and when in two hours drinking companions begin to be nervous, she leans out of bushes and speaks: “You will stir much, in general I will not go anywhere!“

B another a turtle comes four days to the bar, orders a glass of water and leaves, and surprisingly the bartender sadly answers: “I have no time to explain. The house at me burns“.

In the third joke at the addict put to guard the open-air cage with turtles, all pets run up (“I only a door slightly opened , and they as will flock!“ )

generally, “a turtle - not luxury, but a vehicle of snails - thrill-seekers“. At the same time, if in the western tradition this reptile often symbolizes cowardice, then in east - concentration and meditation.

However, not so coward Roman legionaries had no objection to turn “turtle“. So the special dense system when the group of infantrymen turned by means of boards into a peculiar bronevichok was called. The first rank closed boards before itself, lateral soldiers covered flanks, and the others lifted boards over the heads. Such system did not suit for hand-to-hand fight, and here to approach enemies or to walls of the besieged city in the rain of arrows and stones - it was just right.

Amusing case. Once during the Parthian campaign Anthony`s brand (36 BC) the Roman soldiers got up on a knee and took cover from arrows under habitual “turtle“. Parthians treated behavior of Romans wrongly, decided that the enemy was tired, and rushed in fight. With consequences, sad for parthians, …

But we will return to the real turtles …

The one who accuses these animals of block, never saw them during the marriage period. Then it is more than enough of energy at turtles! Males arrange the real knightly tournaments during which ram rivals armors. And especially do not stand on ceremony with a female - even for paws bite her.

A. Karr “In the ocean without compass“:

“Sea turtles, naturally, breathe air, and therefore a male, and a female in the course of rough courting at the same time try to remain on a water surface. It complicates acrobatic numbers which already the male should make, and he with a bigger rage scratches and pulls an armor of the named. In completion of all the female coquettishly resists, in our opinion, excessively long. And meanwhile other males gather around, and all of them try to get up at once on a female, disappearing together with her in without restraint the curling penalty fee, and from the coast it is already impossible to sort that there occurs, - it is visible only that passions storm“.

By the way, in the ancient time was considered that the turtle becomes pregnant, simply... having thought of it, and “a turtle spawn“ abused illegitimate children. The similar opinion is connected not only with what pairing of turtles is allowed to behold not to everyone. The matter is that females of turtles possess surprising feature. After pairing their genital tract is capable to store sperm long time, as in bank. To go out as a result constantly on dates to them without need, sperm is enough for impregnating and laying eggs during... 4 - x years.

Postponement of eggs brings the biggest problems to sea turtles. Such is irreversibility of evolution - you can return to the sea, and here eggs, if you please, lay on the land. Sea turtles under the land “are not strongly ground“, some on it hardly move. But there is nothing to do therefore every season hundreds and thousands of individuals leave the sea on the earth of ancestors - in direct and figurative sense of this word.

The matter is that the sea turtle always buries eggs in sand on that beach where itself was born. It comes back to “maternity hospital“ at times for thousands of kilometers, using some phenomenal intuition.

A. Karr “In the ocean without compass“: “On the earth, despite the weight and force, the green turtle, in effect, is defenseless

. She moves slowly, very short-sightedly and is completely subordinated to aspiration to the one and only purpose. If the turtle began to dig a nest, she will stubborn continue this ceremony lasting kind hour, at least the pack of dogs rummaged in its nest directly under it or the cheered-up drunkard drummed on her back“.
Many noticed

how during postponement of eggs the sea turtle cries - the truth, at all not in the fulness of the heart and to bring surplus of salts out of an organism. And it was worth crying...

People long since estimated both turtle eggs, and turtle meat. Room scientists did not trust rumors about giant elephant turtles when seamen and pirates devoured them with thousands. And business was not only in remarkable taste of meat...

It is known that in those distant centuries with provisions by the ships was hardly - even sauerkraut and corned beef for long time of wanderings spoiled. And here on Galapagos Islands seamen find the whole herds of huge turtles. At first reptiles just ate and melted from them fat. Then some lucid mind suggested to take turtles aboard alive. These animals can long do without food and water, at the same time practically do not lose flesh. As a result by the ship also tasty meat will always be near at hand fresher.

U. Dempshir, English seafarer of the end of the 17th century:

“They unusually big and fat, and meat at them such gentle that no poultry will be compared to them to taste“.

Captain Porter, 1813:

“Meat of these animals easily is digested and if even to eat it in such quantity which is impossible for other food will not feel any indispositions“.

of Turtles was really eaten quite actively. Judging by entries in logbooks, only during 1811 - 44 of 105 American vessels took out 15 thousand elephant turtles with Galapagosov!

A. Karr:

“Any activity in tropical regions of the New World during the early period of its colonization, scientific researches, sea robbery and even doctrines of sea squadrons were in some measure and in some way are connected with turtles“.
the Special status among gourmets the sea green turtle whom also call soup, and in England also “oldermensky“ has

. Was considered that at the solemn lunch arranged by the London alderman at the menu there has to be surely a turtle soup. It is considered the main component of tortoise soup of “kalipa“ - a cartilage from the lower board of an armor, a peculiar turtle fillet. 120 - a kilogram turtle it is possible to receive 2,5 kg of a kalipa from one.

Kozma Prutkov:

“Wisdom, like tortoise soup, is available not to everyone“.

By the way, the Australian natives wish to regale on a green turtle, however, too they prepare a dish much more simply - cut off to an animal the head with paws, dig in in sand and fry directly in an armor.

Some handymen got the hang to catch sea turtles by means of clingfishes. These fishes are tied for a tail to a strong scaffold, thrown in the sea and waited until they are attached to a turtle by the suckers.

Today the livestock of sea turtles sharply decreased and in many countries they were taken under protection (first of all, places of a laying of eggs are protected). But once there were so many green turtles that their herds blocked a way to the ships. Struck with such abundance, Columbus even called group of islands of the Caribbean Sea Las - Tortugas (isp. “turtle“). However, crocodiles was found too much there, and today these islands are called Kaymanov.

And here legendary Tortuga kept the name. Moreover, it is perfectly known, thanks to novels of the captain Blood and to the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“. Haiti located close and similar in a form to a turtle, this unapproachable island with the only bay long formed base for pirates and other shady characters.

On it so far all. The following time we will talk about the most surprising and fancy turtles.