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Development of the website. What to lean during creation of the website on? Before beginning creation of the website you need to understand

why your organization needs the website.

Just ask yourself a question if you had the working website what we have to get from it a job? Any action of the visitor has to be a product of work of the website, as a rule, relying on this principle it is possible to begin to think of type of your website.

For example, you just want to tell about business in which you are engaged and to find adherents. Then the website - the business card will be suitable for you. It is possible to post summary of you and your business on such website, to add several photos, to give contact information and the reference to a profile in social networks. Visitors, if they were interested in your field of activity, without problems will be able to contact you.

If you want to tell not about yourself, and more about the company which you represent, then the website - the business card not to manage any more. The website representation or the corporate website contains the bigger number of sections and can be directed not only to acquaintance with the company, but also acquisition of its production. For this purpose it is necessary to post the catalog of the offered goods or services on the website and in an available form to tell the visitor as such goods can be acquired.

If to you the platform is necessary for media of information for the publication any in the form of articles, polls, charts and adio - and video records, you in the best degree will suit the website information portal. Such website is, as a rule, equipped with various tools for interaction between visitors: comments to articles, addition of own materials, integration with social networks. Information portal can be the actual instrument of interaction for print media as, at the expense of fast feedback by means of the website, it is possible to react to opinion of readers on this or that material quickly.

If your company successfully is engaged offline in trade, then it is possible, it needs expansion and in the sphere online. For this purpose you will need to develop the Internet - shop. Modern the Internet - shops can be integrated and synchronized with accounting programs and programs of the accounting of goods in a warehouse. So you will need only to think over logistics of delivery of goods. The order, payment and registration of the order can happen in the automatic mode, practically without your participation.