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3 factors by means of which you can lift a margin on the goods without loss of a client stream.

Occur opinion that if to raise the prices of the goods above average market, then all clients from you will run up to competitors.

Today in the market there are a lot of same offers and as a rule all try to reduce the price of goods to attract the buyer.

In this article I want to give 3 simple examples which will help you to increase a margin by your goods without prejudice to business and loss of clients.

As a rule these factors even on the contrary work in a positive key for customer acquisition.

So, give, start.

1) Increase in the price for urgency of delivery.

One of the easiest ways to increase a margin. And this option will be suitable as for wholesale, and retail business.

For example, standard process of delivery in your branch makes 3 days. Quite often there is a client to whom it was necessary still yesterday. By the experience I can tell - very few companies agree to depart from the regulations and to make any effort to go to a meeting to the client.

Make at yourself the service “urgent delivery“ with a margin of 20 - 30%. The person at whom burns with pleasure will agree to these conditions. Moreover and in the future for certain will remain to your devoted clients.

2) The accelerated production terms.

If the standard of production of your production makes week (for example, production of furniture on the order), then and there will always be people to whom it is necessary urgently.

Offer this service and everywhere advertize it. Make a margin for urgency and there will always be people. which with pleasure will seize this opportunity. Especially very few people want to strain and provide similar service to clients.

3) Customization under the client. If you sell to

goods which have standard parameters (length, width, color, a form), then you can think of proposing to the client non-standard solutions.

For example if you sell the same furniture, and you have standard sets, then there will always be a person who needs to make any non-standard option. Create such service and make it also with a margin, for example 20 - 30%. It is clear, that figures conditional it is also necessary to proceed from your situation, but, I think, the idea is clear to you.

The sense is in creating non-standard decisions under a small amount of clients and to sell it much more expensively. Always there will be people who will buy it. You should not lose sight of them.

Actually there is a set of options as it is possible to increase a margin without loss of a client stream, it is worth looking on the business a little in other plane what I do not do the most part of businessmen.

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