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Where it is possible to see a monument to the mail carrier?

you Remember a rhyme from the far childhood? “Who knocks at the door to me / With a thick bag on a belt?. / It it, it it, / Leningrad mail carrier“. The mail carrier more to us does not knock at the door. Because paper letters we each other write less and less. Even their progressive grandsons trained grandmothers and grandfathers in all delights of e-mail. Unless in small towns yes in villages from the house to the house letter carriers still go. Rarities, the leaving nature... to

the Leaving nature is lovely to heart. Here and mail carriers, having been gone from streets, began to cause warm feelings. As certificate of the past, as vintage... Many cities considered for due to immortalize this modest profession, having put monuments to mail carriers.

A sculpture - generalization art. The majority of monuments are monuments to abstract letter carriers. Only a few from them are devoted to specific people or events.

One of these events - truly tragic defense of the building of the Polish post office in Danzig (now this city is called Gdansk). It was the first battle of World War II which happened on September 1, 1939. In 40 - yu anniversary of heroic defense on the square in front of that building where there was the Polish post office earlier, opened a monument. Author of a monument Vintsenty Kuchma (Wincenty Ku ć ma) represented fatally wounded mail carrier which of bag letters get enough sleep. He dies, but does not give up, squeezing a rifle which to it is given by the goddess of victory Nika in a hand. On a monument socle - a bronze post stamp with an inscription “The Polish post service. Gdansk“ and with date 1. 09. 1939. Actually it is a monument not to one mail carrier, but 55, holding the fort in the first day of World War II. The majority of them died.

Other monument to the real mail carrier is established in the city of Perechin of the Zakarpatye area of Ukraine. The mail carrier of it called Fedor Feketa (1789-1839) . He was born in Turyi Remeta`s village, near Perechin. And to Uzhhorod from Turyikh Remet there were more than 25 kilometers. A vigorous pace it is possible to pass in 4 hours. However, not it is necessary to go along the flat road, and on mountain paths. Fedor Feketa made this way several times in a week because there was it the mail carrier at the foundry which opened in Turyikh Remetakh.

Having done a way to Uzhhorod, Fedor came to Sobranetskaya Street where in the house No. 5 there was point karetno - the post line of Budapest-Koshitse-Lviv. Having received correspondence there, the mail carrier came back to the native village. With a thick bag on a belt, as well as it is necessary. And Fedor Feketa served the arising technical progress. So far once, passing the Po River to slippery stones, did not fall in ice water then caught a cold, ached and on March 18, 1839 died of pneumonia.

The monument to the mail carrier Fedor Feketa in Perechin, is created by the Uzhhorod sculptor Mikhail Belenem . Except this two-meter statue memory of the Zakarpatye mail carrier is stored also by the memorial board attached to a wall of local church. The board is cast soon after Fedor Feketa`s death at that foundry where he carried mail.

13 memorable signs and monuments to mail carriers are delivered to the USA in the cities which were on the way of the well-known fast mail “Pony - the Express“. That which more will be to the taste can choose everyone.

In Russia too the considerable quantity of monuments to mail carriers, are what to choose from. As it is strange, I most of all liked the most probably modest monument to a pochtalyonka in the village of Homutovo which is kilometers in 20 from Irkutsk. Such plaster work of mass Soviet art of the end 1940 - x years, colored paint - a serebryanka. At first this sculpture stood near Irkutsk post office, than brought esthetic pleasure and decorated. In 1970 - x years the monument seemed modest and for “the Capital of Eastern Siberia“ a little suitable. But as the statue was registered on balance of Ministry of Communications, from “capital“ mail it was cleaned and presented to post office in not distant Homutovo. Now in all respects this sculpture representing the girl with a post bag - a rarity. It will be a pity if take down!

By the way origin of a post bag interestingly in itself. Even the name of her first owner is known. The mail carrier Aaron Samuel Bloch from Germany, thinking of facilitating the hard work, decided to carry mail not in a bag, and in a special bag through a shoulder. He explained to the wife what for a bag is required to it, and asked to sew such. That not too tried. Pritorochila to a linen bag a leather belt to hang up a bag on a shoulder. On October 15, 1897 Bloch made operational tests on the site entrusted to him. Tests took place successfully. The innovation of the colleague was to the taste to other mail carriers and the post administration too. Cheap but good. And at the beginning of 20 - go centuries all European mail carriers including in Russia, already went “with a thick bag on a belt“.

On a monument to the letter carrier in the city of Marburg, in Germany, it is possible to see how that post bag which mail carriers had to carry before the post bag was invented looked. It is obvious that the bag was easier to be carried. Truly, useful invention!

Other useful invention mastered by mail carriers - the bicycle. Really, than to trample down legs on rural roads where as it is more pleasant to twist pedals with convenience and to rush to bright future. As the hero of the pre-war movie - the comedy “Tractor Operators“, “accurate mail carrier“ of Haritosh.

Therefore on many monuments to mail carriers the bicycle - the same important attribute as a post bag. The bicycle holds the mail carrier - the woman on a monument in Yelabuga that in Tatarstan. On the same platform - a monument to one more profession consigning to the past, the electrician. The guy - the repairman climbed on a column, and the girl - the mail carrier looks at it from below. The bicycle - nearby, has a rest after hard day flight. Judging from the fact that the post bag is already empty, the girl finished a daily detour of the post site.

By the way, it also monument to international friendship. The girl of the Russian look, and the guy who climbed on a column in a skullcap, the Tatar.

The bicycle is present at monuments to the mail carrier at Nizhny Novgorod, at Minsk, at the German city of Flensburg and even at the far capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Well, and if the speech went about the mail carrier and about the bicycle how not to remember one more well-known in the Soviet Union (and in present Russia, apparently, too) the mail carrier Pechkina, the hero of books E. Uspensky about the Uncle Fedor. The bicycle absolutely changed this person what he also admitted: “I why before angry was? Because I had no bicycle“. to

However, the monument to the mail carrier Pechkinu for the lack of the real village Prostokvashino was delivered in Lukhovitsy situated near Moscow. Well for what this Lukhovitsy was known earlier? Anything. Only aircraft factory. Yes you never know in Russia of aircraft factories? And the mail carrier Pechkin at us one. And monument to it too one.