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“There is only an instant!.“ It is called life?

Not the truth, whether great phrase. And how often we remember it and we reflect on its essence? Well, I think only when a lot of miscellaneous gathered and you find what there is a wish to hold to continue a way on the river of life in corridors of memory.

For the life the person lives many billion seconds and hours. And what we remember? Offenses, bitterness of treacheries and disappointment or just pain which to us was brought by relatives. Or nevertheless we remember other? Someone will tell that human life is, first of all, overcoming of personal and others` defects. And someone will just tell that to remember the best - more correctly, but it is more difficult. I will agree with both parties as in approximately equal shares I support both those, and others.

Why I started talking about it? Probably, because I am now just in that situation when it is necessary to choose where and why to continue the way … And, above all, to understand whether correctly I make the movements by the extremities for continuation of a way on the great river of life.

Memory - great piece! When there is a wish to remember good - the different phrases thrown into my address by close people climb; it is remembered wounds which were put by friends; grief about not reached tops and the missed opportunities. And has to be on the contrary. All right, “let`s rake an attic“ memories and to look for MiG which is called life.

… I in the capital, represent the interests of the Volgograd region in the organization and carrying out one of the international competitions. We drink tea at office of the organization - the organizer of a competition … And I, without reflecting, having stirred tea, I lick a spoon and I put it on a saucer. This my action causes emergence of gloss in the opinion of “host“. Eh, and what eyes at this “party“!!! It seemed to me that in these eyes all Universe began to shine. Instant? I think, even very much!

… Brought the former wife to maternity hospital. First labor. The doctor promised that we will give birth not less than 12 hours. But the nature itself knows as when has to occur. Fights became frequent, childbirth began. I not to disturb, very quietly sit in a corner and I observe over greatness of the woman who, feeling pain, does not shout unceasingly as it is done by another in the neighboring hall and on all floor, and just quietly clenches a fist till white color and breathes … breathes … Here and son. Such small, all in amniotic waters. And a this second ago the woman suffering pain takes it on a breast and just smiles to all heart and so that it seemed, time stopped around and her words “Little Mine!“ were told by heaven. Instant? Yes, and still what!

… A small small village on the suburb of Russia. Late night. Two on a bench speak about something. It it is gentle, seeking to keep heat of her body, embraces her. She with pleasure kisses it on gratitude for his care. The lightning pierces heaven from their kiss, apparently, the new star is born... One more, still … and so to the first roosters on the far street. It is possible to remember it? Quite.

Then who will tell me why to begin to live here in such moments, we need understanding of “boundary“? Why to remember something bright and pleasant of the life, we need to recognize that the majority of us are lonely, even living “in crowd“? Why the people surrounding us will spit in a back rather, than will remind of the best in you? What is necessary for the person to live in pleasure? Instant!? So let`s increase such moments in our life and we will learn to multiply them in life of others!