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Travel across France. In what true beauty of Provence?

If you appeared in the south of France, in the well-known Provence, and at your disposal the car, the good company and two - three days off, surely visit one of the listed below places, and it is better - at once everything, seldom where you will see such beauty. we Will begin

with a small village under the name of Fontaine - de Vocluz (Fontaine de Vaucluse ) which was constructed near the largest source of fresh water in France. It represents the deep lake in which water strikes in the turquoise color. Depending on a season water level changes, but less beautiful this place definitely does not become.

Walk to a source will take you about 10 - 15 minutes. On the way of many will interest various souvenir shops, children will not be able to pass by multi-colored ice cream and sweets. But I advise much more attention to give to an old water-mill (Moulin à papier) which will appear on the way to a source on the right. Inside, where it is possible to glance absolutely free of charge, you will be struck with the power by the mechanism thanks to which paper is still made in the traditional way. And surely glance in the shop which is literally under a mill where it is possible to get various notebooks, cards and other unusual production from paper, surprise the friends and relatives!

The only minus of a small village can become as it is easy to guess, shortage of parking spaces and a large number of the got hungry tourists. In our case it was succeeded to leave the car on the parking on entrance to the settlement if to head from the city of Avignon. And it was necessary to satisfy hunger with couple of sandwiches as the arrow on hours approached to treasured 20:00 and local restaurants and cafe were filled by the visitors wishing to have supper in so picturesque place. I hope, you did not forget to take with yourself the camera?

Speaking about picturesque places, it is just impossible to avoid other charming village called by Mustye`s - Seng - Mari (Moustiers - Sainte - Marie) . It towers on the hill, and its gold star shining between two slopes crowns. It is senseless to tell a legend of its emergence in so unusual place now, it is necessary to learn fascinating secret directly on the place. It is only worth noting that diameter of the well-known star is impressive - about 80 cm, and a chain thanks to which it soars in air all 400 kg weigh!

However besides a gold star, still mysterious for you, Mustye - Seng - Mari is famous for the products from ceramics. You will find ancient exhibits of 17 - 18 centuries in the small museum, and modern options wait for you in the numerous gift shops which hid in narrow rural small streets. Agree, a two-three ceramic plitochek, designating number of your apartment in a megalopolis high-rise building, every time will return you in the unforgettable day spent in this wonderful place, being pleasing to the eye the patterns, for example, with a lavender and glossy gloss. Each housewife will be impressed by a colourful salad bowl with the image of olives, and fellow workers can bring small ornament on a wall in the form of a butterfly, a ladybug or a cicada - one of symbols of Provence.

There is a wish to note that from - for flow of tourists in Mustye - Seng - Mari will not get up a question of where to be supported. Locals are ready to offer you as a full-fledged lunch, so-called plat du jour, and insignificant having a snack in the form of ice cream or pancakes with notorious shokoladno - nut paste.

But remember that it is worth leaving this marvelous village only in case you head to one of the most unforgettable places of all Provence - Gorge du Verdon`s (Gorges du Verdon) , namely the Varnish - - Saint - Krua (Lac de Sainte - Croix) . There is it, by the way, with only several minutes of driving the car just from Mustye - Seng - Mari. Couple of turns on “serpentine“, and your look will appear unusual beauty a view of the turquoise lake which is a final point of the canyon, largest in Europe. The beginning of water is prevailed in Rugona where two rivers merge. Extent of a way of this turquoise water to the lake reaches 23 km.

With bated breath from what was seen, it is worth reflecting, where to park. It is possible to leave the car directly at water. Of course, everything depends on the number of already appeared suddenly people, and their quantity depends on time of day and a season. I hope, to you will carry, having forgotten about the car, you will be able to enjoy solar bathtubs, to hire a catamaran in the summer and to go to the gorge where daredevils get on the rocky coast and under an enthusiastic applause jump in water. But if floating under the bridge you will feel how on a back goosebumps ran, it is possible the cause is at all not whiff of wind, and the mysterious past of this site of the road which appeared at you over the head at present.

Say that inveterate players, without having caught the success in various casinos in French riviera, heading home where the family should declare bankruptcy, could master themselves and were dumped from the bridge directly in lake waters. Subsequently on both parties of this site of the road the strong protection was established. Now it is even terrible to present that it there once was not at all! And prick to you any fear not pisan, the Verdonsky gorge is ready to please you with rafting, before appearing in the lake, tempting turquoise water gains serious steam. And as if the types surrounding from all directions were not beautiful, do not yawn, otherwise the meeting with the following rock will wet you from legs to the head.

And still, it is as if sad sounded, but as soon as the sun begins to sit down, in Gorge du Verdone becomes somehow promozglo and it is uncomfortable, water does not please in the bright color any more, and the stomach hums, demanding a high-calorie dinner after so busy day if, of course, you did not take with yourself anything for small picnic. And, it is as if cold with you “the French Grand Canyon“ said goodbye, I am sure that you will return here still.