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How to make Nezhinsky salad? History of favourite cucumbers of tsars and the proletariat of

a table bursts in the Hot summer with fresh vegetables and fruit. But it is necessary to think also of the future winter. Salty and pickles - invariable attribute on a table in a cold season. Still the empress Ekaterina loved tasty cucumbers from Nezhin. Probably, thanks to it, nonfeminine cucumbers also became such popular. Locals even delivered to

a monument to this vegetable. Usually all tourists who come to the city first of all ask: “So where this well-known cucumber?“ It is on the suburb of the city near Nezhinsky canning combine - 50 - the kilogram handsome on a barrel for a pickles which costs on a granite cellar. This dish has not only special taste, but also rich history.

All secret of taste of cucumbers - in the grade “Nezhinsky“. Greeks who brought from the homeland seeds of tiny cucumbers, unknown in local places earlier lodged in the second half of the 17th century in this region. Descendants of Greeks grew up vegetables near the river Oster where there was a special soil with impurity of ions of silver, and water is rich with calcium ions. Salted cucumbers according to the special Greek recipe too. Probably, these two factors also played a role: cucumbers were crackling, and when salting emptiness were not formed. For this reason of attempt to grow up nonfeminine cucumbers in other regions came to grief - taste was not that any more. Besides, the product could be stored in a flank very long and did not lose tastes.

The snack so was pleasant to Grigory Potemkin that he sent behind them messengers for hundreds of versts. And when Ekaterina ˛˛ traveled around Ukraine and at the suggestion of the favourite tried a local delicacy, told the well-known phrase: “From now on it is invariable to deliver nonfeminine cucumbers to an imperial table to St. Petersburg“.

In H_H a century sale of pickles was the important income item of citizens and peasants. Businessmen of Goldenbergi founded the whole enterprise, and cucumbers went for export to 56 countries of the world. In Soviet period on the basis of this enterprise the Nezhinsky canning combine was constructed and production was resumed. Up to now the interesting document - the letter of the Leningrad workers remained: “Companions workers of Nezhinsky zasolzavod! You perfectly understand that the cucumber is the main snack of the proletariat. So we ask you to increase release of this product“ . It is interesting that cucumbers exported to 70 countries, and in the most Soviet Union they were in deficiency. Since 2004 cucumbers deliver also to a table of the British queen Elizabeth ˛˛.

Now many claim that after the Chernobyl accident the real grade of cucumbers “Nezhinsky“ was lost in connection with pollution of the soil and distribution of an illness mealy dew. But the Ukrainian selectors removed a grade Levadny who on tastes practically same as original. Now the combine lets out cucumbers under the Nezhinskiye brand. They too tasty, but here the presents nonfeminine already, most likely, became a beautiful legend.

Nevertheless we will remember the recipe of salting of nonfeminine cucumbers .

It is necessary to take cucumbers of the identical size - 3 - 4,5 cm, to wash out, scald 3% salt boiled water, after that to pour ice water and to lay out on a sieve that they dried out. On a bottom of a barrel spread spices, to a half put cucumbers, then a layer of spices, fill a barrel up to the top, again a layer of spices, from above a cotton napkin, on it - a wooden circle and oppression. After that fill in a brine.

For spices: fresh greens of fennel, parsley, celery, leaves of cherry, horse-radish and blackcurrant.

For a brine on 10 kg of cucumbers: vinegar of 6% - 100 g, bay leaf - 30 g (150 leaflets), pepper siliculose bitter - 15 g (1 piece), water boiled cooled - 5 liters, salt - 325 g. If cucumbers of the bigger size - from 5 to 6,5 cm, then increase amount of vinegar to 200 g

Among hostesses now popular remain tinned Nezhinsky salad . It can be prepared from cucumbers of any grade and the different size. There are several kinds of recipes, here one of them.

Fresh cucumbers - 1,5 kg, onion small - 0,5 kg, salt - 1,5 tablespoons (without top), sugar - 3 tablespoons (without top), vinegar of 6% - 9 tablespoons, sunflower oil - 1 tablespoon, bell pepper - 8 pieces on each 0,5 one-liter jar.

To cut cucumbers and onions with rings (if big - half rings), to add vinegar, salt and sugar, to allow to stand that vegetables started up juice then to merge it. To add sunflower oil, to put on small fire and to bring to boiling, constantly stirring slowly. To boil thoroughly 5 minutes, to spread out in a floor - one-liter jars, to sterilize 15 more minutes then to roll up covers.

In the winter this salad always helps out, when there is no time to prepare. Opened - and on a table ready tasty snack to meat or sandwiches. Before giving it is possible to add a little sunflower oil and greens. Bon appetit!


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