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10 preparations for the winter!

1. Home-made ketchup


- 350 gr tomatoes,

- 4 St of a spoon of vegetable oil,

- 1/3 h a spoon of salt,

- 1/4 h a spoon of sugar,

- 3 segments of garlic,

- 1/2 h a spoon of vinegar, pepper


Tomatoes to scald, husk and cut out shanks. to Fry

on vegetable oil to softness. To wipe through a small sieve for disposal of grains. To lay out in a pan and to evaporate excess liquid.

For reduction of time of evaporation is better to pour out the liquid which merged right after a vykladyvaniye in a sieve.

to Add salt, sugar, vinegar and the crushed garlic.

At desire before wiping through a sieve can add the browned onions and carrots to tomatoes.

2. Just Ingenious salad.


● 1 kg. - cabbage

● 1 kg. -

tomato ● 1 kg. - cucumbers

● 1 kg. - sweet pepper

● 1 kg. there is no

carrot If something from vegetables - that a beret of 2 kg. other vegetable.


To cut everything as on salatik, carrot on a grater. All vegetables to mix

. there to add


rast. oil - 200gr.

of vinegar of 9% 200 gr.

salt - 8 h spoons

sugar - 16 h spoons

Everything to mix

to Put on

fire to Bring to boiling

I to boil for exactly 2 min.

At once to spread out on banks. To roll up. To wrap up

3. Spark

adjika Ingredients:

- 1 kg tomato,

- 1 kg sweet paprika (it is desirable red),

- 0. 5 kg of garlic,

- 1 pack chili pepper (20 g)

- 3 tablespoons of salt,

- 100 g a dried root of parsley.


1. To overwind garlic, tomatoes, paprika on the meat grinder. (small lattice).

2. To add chili pepper, salt and the crushed parsley root, to mix and leave for days constantly stirring slowly.

3. To spread out in the dry, sterile and cooled glass jars, to store indefinite time in the refrigerator.

4. The frozen tomatoes


About a pomidorok to remove a skin, to overwind in the blender and to shift in molds for 2 hours in the freezer.

It is possible to use such frozen tomatoes when cooking borsch, vegetable soup, stewing potato or in sauces.

5. Tomatoes salad for the winter

Except that tomatoes can be pickled and salted for the winter, from them it is possible to cook very tasty salads. Today we will tell about very simple tomatoes salad for the winter which does not need to be sterilized, it is enough to boil thoroughly and spread out carefully of it on banks.

To make tomatoes salad for the winter for you it will be required:

* tomatoes - 2 kg.,

* fresh cucumbers - 500 grams,

* onions - 0,5 kg.,

* carrots - 0,5 kg.,

* paprika (color) - 1,5 kg.,

* black allspice peas - 10 pieces,

* bay leaf - 2 pieces,

* (flavourless) vegetable oil - 1 glass,

* granulated sugar - 1 glass,

* salt - 2,5 tablespoons,

* vinegar (9%) - 0,5 glasses.

As it is correct to make tomatoes salad for the winter

For a start it is necessary to wash out and to dry all vegetables a little. Then it is necessary to clean paprika, having removed seeds and a fruit stem.

We peel carrots and we grate for the Korean salads.

The washed-out tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper are cut randomly, it is desirable that all this was cut equally.

The onions are cleared and we cut thick half rings.

We shift all prepared vegetables in a deep pan and we add sugar, salt, bell pepper, bay leaf, then we pour in oil and vinegar. Everything is accurately mixed. We cover a pan and we leave to be drawn at the room temperature not less than one hour.

Later we put a pan on fire and we bring weight to boiling, later we diminish fire and without forgetting to stir slowly with weight we cook even minutes 10.

In previously prepared (sterilized) banks we display hot salad and we roll up prokipyachenny metal covers. We wrap up banks with a warm blanket and we leave for the night before full cooling. We store tomatoes salad in the cool place.

Ready salad is good as independent snack, as a garnish for pilaf, meat dishes or boiled potatoes and macaroni, and as an additive in soups, a rassolnik.


A few years ago got acquainted with this recipe at the girlfriend during preparation for a party. She opened a jar of tomatoes, suggested to try, we tasted tomatoes... then brine... also did not carry tomatoes to a holiday table, all ate in kitchen.

So, we begin. We select tomatoes of one size, any as you love. We wash, we stack in the sterilized banks. Usually I pickle in one - or polutoralitrovy, but it according to other recipes. According to this recipe I use only 3-liter jars (when you try, you will understand why).

Further. I fill in with boiled water, I maintain 5 - 7 minutes, I merge in a pan, I add for the portion of the merged infusion with everyone 3 - x a one-liter jar: 2,5 tablespoons of salt, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 5 gvozdichek, 10 peas of black pepper, a pinch of chili powder, 2 laurel leaves, 2 cleared garlic gloves.

we Bring everything to boiling, at the time of boiling we pour in a brine on 1 tablespoon of acetic essence and vodka, we fill in in bank, we roll up, we overturn. After cooling we overturn back and we store as got used.

Taste turns out unusual, the brine is drunk as pleasant drink. Despite vinegar availability, it is not felt at all!

7. The snack from vegetable marrows with tomatoes

of 3 kg of vegetable marrows

of 1 kg of sweet

pepper of 1 kg of ripe

tomatoes of 200 g of

parsley an exit of 4 - 4,5 l

Tomatoes and garlic to pass 2 - 3 heads of garlic

of 80 g of

salt of 200 g of

sugar of 350 ml of

vegetable oil of 100 ml of 9% of

vinegar of 6 - 10 peas of black pepper

via the meat grinder, to add small cut parsley, sugar, salt, oil, pepper and vinegar and to bring to boiling. To put the vegetable marrows cut with large cubes (2 - 3 cm) and the sweet pepper cut with pieces of 2 - 3 cm in the boiling marinade. To boil 45 - 60 min., we heat to spread out in the prepared banks, to roll up, turn before full cooling.

p. s. instead of vegetable marrows it is possible to use eggplants or to take them in identical proportions with vegetable marrows

8. Tomato juice for the winter.



salt Sugar


With 1 kg of tomatoes turns out about 1 liter of juice.

Tomatoes is washed well out in water, then we cut out the impaired a little places and we cut on pieces. We put in a pan, we pour a little water (that tomatoes did not burn 1/4 glass) on a bottom and we put to cook on slow fire. Gradually, tomatoes begin to uvarivatsya give juice and begin to boil. We allow them to boil a few minutes 10, we switch off fire and we allow to cool down. Then we wipe through a sieve. From that, it is how good to wipe tomatoes depends how many the pulp will be in juice. The wiped tomato juice is returned on fire. We add salt and sugar who what taste loves to a pan. We add on a half of a tablespoon of salt and sugar. Juice turns out slightly added some salt. After juice began to boil, we allow it to boil 15 - 20 minutes. By this time banks for conservation have to be ready: we wash and put in an oven to be sterilized for 15 - 20 minutes. Juice boiled, we get hot banks from an oven, we spill in them the boiling juice and it is more strong twisted by covers which were sterilized in the boiling water too. We overturn banks covers down and we leave them to cool down.

Tomato juice is ready, we clean banks on storage. By the way, such juice can be stored in the apartment.

9. Ankl - Bens

salad Ingredients:

- tomatoes - 2 - 2,5 kg of

tomatoes - garlic - 100 grams

- chili pepper - 1/2 piece

- pepper sweet - three pieces.

- eggplants - 500 grams

- onion - 3 heads

- carrots - three pieces.

- sugar - 1 glass

- salt - two tablespoons

- sunflower oil - 1 glass

- essence acetic - 1 des. spoon

Way of preparation:

we Will cut in small cubes tomatoes, we will add chopped garlic, small cut bitter pepper, eggplants cut in cubes, sweet pepper, onions, the grated carrots, oil, salt. We extinguish after boiling of 45 - 50 min.

Then we will add vinegar, to boil 5 more min. Let`s spread out in the glass sterilized jars at once and we will roll up iron covers.

10. Barrel tomatoes in bank.

Soon we will begin a time of preparations for the winter, I mean, conservation. But such, barrel tomatoes which can be made in bank, they will be able to please you earlier, than you will begin preservation. Very simple recipe. Turn out very tasty. They can be done at you fresh tomatoes so far.


tomatoes (on 3 - x a one-liter jar about 1. 5 kg)

of 8 peas of the

black pepper of 8 peas of

allspice of 6 laurel leaves

4 garlic gloves

of 10 - 20 g of the

mustard powder hot pepper to taste

a greens bouquet (cherry, currant, horse-radish, fennel)

on 1 liter of cold boiled water 2 tablespoons of coarse salt with a hill

white x / rags

mustard powder for a prisypaniye.

We boil water at the rate of 1. The 5th liter on one 3 - x a one-liter jar.

is necessary to us cold boiled water.

In pure dry banks we put all spices, a greens bouquet, mustard.

Further the tomatoes which are densely washed up and pinned by a toothpick in several places, (it is possible not to prick, it influences only salting time). to dissolve with

In 1 liter of boiled water of room temperature salt and to fill in a brine in bank with tomatoes. to put

On tomatoes scalded white hlopchato - a paper rag and on it to fill a tablespoon of mustard powder. It becomes in order that the mold from above did not begin to be formed.

to Bank, without closing a cover, to leave at the room temperature on 1 ~ 2 weeks. to close

After this time a polyethylene cover (without removing a rag) and to clean in the refrigerator for final ripening.

Readiness through 2 ~ 4 weeks.

Therein can evaporate a little a brine or will appear from above a mold, then water to add, and to replace a rag with mustard with new.

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