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How to become ideal parents?

Many dream to become for the child ideal parents. Present that during a growing of the kid parents did not make any mistake, did not make any miss and were always right. Possibly it? I think that hardly. to Children the object of resistance is simply necessary for

, and parents have to give them such opportunity. It is easier for children to accuse parents of something and parents have to accept it.

Of what children can accuse parents? This is not about ill treatment and a deviation from universal norms, but we can decide in what it is possible to give a weak point in order that the child understood that we are ordinary people and are not ideal. You should not look for in yourself weak places, but sometimes it is possible to give in to the small shortcomings and to prove. Unusual situations and demonstration of the fact that you not are ready to everything can exert a great influence and play a role in educational process.

It does not mean that it is possible to lower hands and not to try to be improved not to make mistakes and to become ideal parents. Each person can make mistakes, and children do not need before eyes an example of the person who is not able to be mistaken and is not capable to recognize the misses.

When your children will grow up, they will be grateful that you were not ideal parents. Children always accuse parents, even that they were perfection.

Whom personally you consider as ideal parents? If to think, then this list generally will include parents who did not worry about the role. Parents who were not afraid to become them and from outside could seem that a roditelstvo at them in blood.

It is not necessary to wait for anything good from mothers and fathers who shiver over the children, forbid them to run, be soiled, to rustle, swear at other children. Parents - realists understand that kids will do all this anyway.

There is no need something to forbid children and to force them to something from the early childhood. Some parents are mad about purity or write down children on various sections and demand from them victories in all competitions. The loving mother and the father have to help the child to make a choice, to direct it and not to show disappointment from - that it could not become “first“.

At many children the whole day is painted on minutes: occupations at school, the ballet, soccer, swimming, drawing, lessons at music school. If your child does not want to practise music, then allow it to throw music school. Usually, when you ask children who visit a large number of circles and additional classes where he wants to spend summer - in mountains or at the sea, he can become puzzled. Why? Because, as always, parents make the choice for it.

If the child constantly is busy with something, then he does not have forces and time for proving in in what it would like. And it is sometimes easier for ideal parents to understand the child when it plays on a grass or drives in soccer with friends in the yard.

Mothers and fathers should be limited to two types of occupations a week for the child. Let the child choose them independently. If it does not like one occupations, change them for others.

Do not burden children with household chores, but also do not do for them what they can independently execute. They can collect a portfolio, make to themselves a light breakfast: to make sandwich, to wash apple, to warm something. Teachers advise to do with children homework only in the first class, further the child can act itself, and parents only have to check performance of homework. If there is a difficulty, then it is possible to explain a task, but no more.

Parents have 18 years on growing up from little rascals of decent adults. Everything is good in its season, do not deprive of them the childhood, they will always manage to become adults. There is enough of that small children were healthy, full, favourite and, as a result, happy.