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What problems concern Muscovites?

This summer not system (i.e. real) the opposition made desperate attempt to go to the Moscow City Council. Owing to a fossil of the political system which developed in Russia over the last 10 years almost nobody managed even to be registered by the candidate. during our election campaign we made by

what any candidate had to make, but nobody for some reason did. We interrogated people what problems of the area concern them. Deputies receive from the people mandates on the solution of these problems.

So, on July 5 and 6 around the Perovo subway we interrogated about 60 people, previously asking a question: “You live in this area?“ If received the affirmative answer, then suggested the passerby to fill in the questionnaire where he could note those problems of the area which concern him most of all. During poll 2 happy persons who, according to them, are happy with everything were revealed and do not consider that in their area there are some problems. The others as it became clear, the following most of all disturbs:

1. The lack of parkings, cars parked on sidewalks, the thrown cars. This problem concerns 41% of respondents. I live in other area, but we have the same problem also - at all points. Directly at my house “Volga“ abandoned by unknown owners decays long ago. Down the street, conducting to the subway, it is impossible to pass not across the carriageway (violating, by the way, traffic regulations) as all sidewalk is occupied with the parked cars. And, of course, they cost not for harm there, and from - for universal shortages of the equipped parkings. In the yard at us put the parking, but all the same it is not enough for all and all entrances are always forced by cars. So this problem is actual not only in Perovo, but also at us, and, I suspect, across all Moscow.

2. Traffic jams, low-quality condition of a roadbed, insufficiency of underground and above-ground crossings. It concerns 32% of respondents. About the Moscow traffic jams over all country legends go. About the Russian roads of a legend go worldwide. And traffic jams, roads and transitions - the problems interconnected. To solve one - and two others will be much easier to be solved. To construct transition, to remove the traffic light - here and it is less traffic jams. To lay a qualitative roadbed, to reduce accident rate - here them even less. But is not present, not on the cards. There is no money eternally, all on the Olympic Games, the APEC summit, soccer and the Crimea. And there and bases on the Moon, and apple-trees on Mars... Always will be. for what it is more important to spend money, than for roads.

3. Condition of the yards: garbage, lack of the equipped platforms for children, for sport, for animals, insufficient gardening, etc. a Quarter of the interrogated residents of the area is concerned by this problem. If for children very many platforms are lately built, then with sport and especially with animals all it is much worse.

4. Insufficiency of infrastructure facilities: kindergartens, schools, hospitals, policlinics, shops, cafe. This problem is noticed by every fifth perovets. From - for this insufficiency the existing hospitals and policlinics are overloaded, in them constant turns, and in gardens and schools it is difficult to register. By the way, this problem influences traffic jams too, much should go to other areas and by that to increase a traffic.

5. Unsatisfactory work of municipal services concerns 19% of inhabitants. Badly clean the yards, entrances, on-door speakerphones knock, elevators do not work, there are interruptions in water, electricity.

6. A bad ecological situation in the area, the polluted air, high noise level are noted by 17% of our interlocutors. Especially it becomes noticeable now, during a heat, at eternally smoking peat bogs.

7. High crime rate in the area, inefficient work of police marked out 14% of respondents. Perovo - the area working, suburban. For such districts of megalopolises it is a characteristic problem.

8. 12% noted such problem as domination of migrants. can solve This problem strengthening of migratory control, it is only not favorable to authorities to solve it. Work of migrants is cheap, they do not stand up for the rights, on them it is possible to profit at the expense of a difference of salaries according to the sheet and handed out.

Another 8% pointed to other problems of the area.

If to reflect, then for the effective solution of all these problems there is one general way - it is necessary to fight against corruption because the majority of these problems are directly or indirectly generated by it, darling. But so far corruption as a web in the abandoned house, braided all authorities, fight against corruption will not be. There will be only a fight against those who fight against corruption. And for the people the old kind attraction under the name “fight of the Nanaian boys“ when the actor puts on boots hands will be shown, binds 2 “heads“ on a back and represents the fighting people, doing to itself cuttings and footboards.

Yes, to us during propaganda 2 persons convinced met that our main problem are NATO, CIA and Ukraine. In the opinion of these people some bad spark shone, and it seemed to me that they here - here are ready to rush to a fight.

Different people met to us: someone specially came to put the signature, someone treated us with cake, someone rushed damnations, someone tried to steal leaflets, someone daily filmed us with the camera from ominous white Mercedes. Most of all to us two of our voters were remembered: one grandfather trading in wooden shovels and the grandmother - the pensioner. Both of them were ready to put for us the signature (passports, certainly at them were not), but “took out a brain“ capitally. The grandmother, according to her, nursed on the son Stalin`s hands as she native knew Gorbachev and Zhirinovsky, apparently, in general all our establishment visited her cradle. And the grandfather is the former cynologist of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, visited us regularly and brought us stories about the life rich with events to the fact that we hid from it in an agitkub! However, I`m sorry, I distracted.

Well, we were not allowed before elections, the problems which are really concerning Muscovites will be waited to the following electoral cycle now. When they even more expand and will intertwine as a Gordian knot. As if it was not necessary to solve them Alexander of Macedon`s by method...