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How to make the Poltava dumplings?

“With such luxury one of days of hot August of one thousand eight hundred … when the road, versts for ten to the town of Sorochinets shone, boiled the people, hurrying from all neighboring and distant farms on a fair“. In spite of the fact that the Sorochynsk fair was not big, in comparison with other cities, Nikolay Gogol glorified it for ages. And now every year in the middle of August thousands of people on a big festival of folk art gather in the village Great Sorochintsa of the Mirgorod region of Poltava region. to

As well as at the time of Gogol, at a fair it is possible to buy all the soul will wish. But the big clay bowl can become the main purchase. Ask - for what? That there are Poltava dumplings.

Nikolay Vasilyevich wrote that in the evening when people went home: “Where the spark began to sparkle, and fragrant steam from the cooking dumplings was carried on the ceasing streets“. Dumplings were eaten not only at the Sorochynsk fair. When the smith Vakula from “Evenings on the farm near Dykanka“ came to Big-bellied Patsyuk, that savoured dumplings too. And when he ate up them, undertook sour cream dumplings which jumped to it in a mouth.

If you are in Poltava, then you will be able to see the only monument to dumpling in the world. It is at Sobornaya Square opposite to Ivan Kotlyarevsky`s estate. The Ukrainian classic also glorified this dish. By the way, the monument was opened in anniversary since the birth of Gogol. In old times of dumpling symbolized prosperity and wellbeing in a family. So and now speak: if you want that the house was as a full bowl, be photographed near a monument. Poltavchane joke: “You can get into a big spoon and too to become dumpling, the main thing, do not allow anybody themselves to eat“.

In Poltava the dumpling holiday on which it is possible to try many kinds of this dish - with meat, cottage cheese, a liver, potato, cracklings (fried fat), spices is annually spent. Though in Poltava it is not necessary to wait for a holiday. Traditional dumplings can be tasted at restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine.

In old times of dumpling on an equal basis with vareniki were one of the most popular dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Alexander Pushkin in the poem “Hussar“ wrote: “That put Kiev! That for edge! Dumplings in a mouth fall!“ But now hostesses not so often train them: in shops a huge number of pasta from around the world. Though one of my childhood memories - dumplings with a chicken sauce. So prepared to Podolia, but in different regions there are features. For example, in Zakarpatye they are trained with sheep cheese. Dumplings can be eaten as a separate dish or to cook dumplings soup.

But we will remember the recipe of traditional Poltava dumplings . It is very simple. We take 500 g of wheat flour, 2 eggs, 1,5 glasses of water (or sour milk), it is a little salt and soda (on a knife tip). We sift flour through a sieve. We knead dough of average density, we roll 1 - 1,5 cm thick, we cut about 3 cm of width on squares. From them we pinch off small pieces and we cook in the added some salt water, milk or meat broth about 5 minutes, periodically stirring slowly.

The size of dumplings depends on the hostess, but it is necessary to remember that during cooking they will increase approximately twice. Taste will be a little another if instead of water to use house sour milk or kefir. Wheat flour can be replaced with buckwheat or their mix. Serve dumplings with butter, sour cream, cracklings (fried fat) which is slightly roasted on sunflower oil by onions, different sauces (chicken, mushroom).

As I already mentioned, we ate dumplings with chicken sauce . Here one of recipes of its preparation. We cook chicken fillet, we get meat from broth. We do a zazharka of the onions which are small cut with cubes and carrots (on 1 piece), we add 2 - 3 spoons of sour cream. Separately we overroast one spoon of flour till golden color, we add 5 - 6 spoons of broth, we fray to receive homogeneous mass. We connect all ingredients, we fill in with chicken broth, we add pepper, bay leaf. Once again we boil 5 - 10 minutes and we add the chicken meat cut with pieces. In a plate we put dumplings, we water from above with a sauce and we strew with greens of fennel or parsley.

Bon appetit!


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