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How to keep white handles on a kitchen garden?

B sadovo - a garden season very few people from us are able to afford to be a shirker (so disapprovingly call the person avoiding hard and dirty work). And here to keep own handles white, and still it is desirable smooth and soft, there is a wish to each summer resident. Who is guilty


needs to be understood from what hands can blacken. And the reason is most often covered not in the chernozem as it would be possible to think, and that it on it grows. Contact with the earth takes place without special consequences for hands - rather carefully to wash them after work. Another matter - vegetables and fruit.

In the summer the main enemy of our handles - senor Pomidor. Harmless, at first sight, tomatoes, to be exact, their tops of vegetable - contains a huge amount of iron. Being oxidized on air, it promptly blackens. Respectively, also your hands when on them juice of these plants gets will blacken, and there will be many such chances during the summer, the diligent ogorodnitsa adjoins to tomatoes often: to tear off excess leaves, to tie up a tops of vegetable, to collect fruits … When time of tomatoes comes to an end with

, time of apples begins. How the taken a bite apple quickly darkens, it is necessary to tell nobody. The same reason - the high content of iron. Sorting, cleaning and processing of fruits - and many are engaged in it directly on a garden site - can cause essential damage to your hands.

Mushrooms can cause not less troubles. Of course, saffron milk caps, aspen mushrooms and slippery jacks do not grow on beds, but many go to silent hunting from giving - to the next coppice. So will be to consider this factor not so superfluous especially as on ability to “name calling“ they can be compared to the same tomatoes.

What to do?

Forewarned is forearmed. Not superfluous will be to arm also before fight against a harvest.

The first security measure which occurs, - gloves. Rubber gloves perfectly protect hands from dirt, but long it is impossible to work in them, especially during a heat - it not only is unpleasant, but also threatens with emergence of an intertrigo on skin. Therefore choose them only for the most “black“ work. Gloves cotton - more humane option, skin in them not bad breathes, and excess sweat is absorbed in fabric (do not forget to erase this subject of country clothes regularly!) however completely they do not rescue from pollution.

To prevent absorption of harmful juice in skin or at least to minimize its influence, use hand cream. Silicone cream will approach - it well envelops skin and not only protects it from harmful effects, but also softens and humidifies. An interesting novelty - so-called liquid gloves. When drawing on dry hands cream turns into the thinnest film which is easily washed away after work. However be careful: if you are going to take mature fruit and vegetables in hand, do not abuse cream - it can remain on fruits, and it is fraught with poisoning.

One more effective reception - to scratch soap. Yes, you did not mishear. Before starting garden efforts, scratch soap whetstone (economic or toilet - does not matter), so that its particles appeared under nails. It will not allow lands and to juice of plants to spoil your manicure black “half moons“. When finish works, take hands in warm water - soap will be dissolved and will be washed away without the rest.

And if it did not turn out?

If despite all measures of prevention, your hands lost a whiteness, it is possible to return it by means of improvised, to be exact, underfoot means.

The simplest of them (besides available during the whole garden season) - an ordinary sorrel. Break several leaflets, you remember them, so that they were softened and gave juice, and massage this mass of a hand. Oxalic acid perfectly bleaches skin, and at the same time saturates it with vitamin C. Currant which contains fruit acids has the same effect, - try “to wash up“ hands a handful of berries. And if in country kitchen the lemon was overlooked - also it will approach; squeeze out several drops on a palm and wipe skin.

However, you remember: acid, even “U-00BBwhich grew on own seasonal dacha, is a strong and not harmless means. Therefore after bleaching of a hand it is necessary to provide with food. Use for this purpose ready cream - or prepare a mask. Boil couple of fresh potatoes, knead and add to the turned-out mashed potatoes it is a little milk, curdled milk or oil. Apply weight on hands for 10-15 minutes - it not only will soften skin, but also will make it is a little more lighter.

And let then grandmothers - neigbours look reproachfully at your white handles: you - that know that it is not result of inaction, but an award for your works.