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Who such Izrael Kamakavivo`ole and why he is considered the national hero of Hawaii?

Izrael Kamakavivo`ole are considered the great Hawaiian musician. Performance of songs to the accompaniment to an ukulela - a small plucked guitar became its distinctive feature. This tool is national in Hawaii probably therefore the musician and chose it since the childhood.

Also it was distinguished by unique manner of performance of pieces of music and expressive appearance - the musician weighed more than 300 kg and at the same time sang by very melodious and gentle voice. In the people he got the nickname “Gentle Giant“.

Izrael Kamakavivo`ole began to execute music on a small four-string Hawaiian guitar since the childhood. Its group was called “The Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau“. He went on tour with it and let out five albums.

Izrael Kamakavivo`ole let out the first plate in 1990. It was highly appreciated enough critics and the first awards. With an exit of the second album “Facing Future“ it gained deserved fame far outside the homeland. This album became a platinum and first platinum album in the history of Hawaii. Only in America bought up nearly 2. 5th million its copies. To the potpourri from “Over The Rainbow“ and “What A Wonderful World“ it was shown in several movies and series. These and other songs were noted by awards and awards.

But only whether the musician is famous for it? The number of his admirers grows even after his death not only from - for the fact that its direction became the conventional music style in Hawaii, but also thanks to its social activity. Izrael Kamakavivo`ole propagandized and asserted the rights of Hawaiians as free nation. The sincere love to the people made him the true national hero. It expressed the relation in songs - and it was enough that many around it felt taste of freedom and took pride of themselves and the nation. How it managed it?

Probably, it became the carrier of national idea which forced to feel all people around that they are involved in that freedom which was personified by Izrael. And it generously shared with all this feeling, without entering political fights and without creating any parties and the movements. Just extended what did people around it by a little others: happier and solid.

In recent years the life Izrael Kamakavivo`ole very much suffered from obesity (its maximum weight made 344 kg with a height of 190 cm). He hard transferred hospitalization and died of the diseases of respiratory system connected with the excess weight of 26 June of 1997, having lived only 38 years. Day of a funeral of Iz (so it was tenderly called by friends and admirers) became national mourning. This day national flag of Hawaii was lowered half. He was the third person in the Hawaiian history who received such honor.

At a funeral of Iz there were more than 10 000 people. They gathered on July 12, 1997 on the Makoua beach to follow the great musician to the grave and to dispel his ashes over the Pacific Ocean.

The death did not stop its music. Popularity of music of Iz began to grow after its leaving. The song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow“ got own life. After death of the musician it was licensed for a set of television shows and movies.

Promoting of the Hawaiian music around the world can be considered it as a merit. He granted a vote for the Hawaiian people and even presented more - belief in freedom.