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you know reflections about patriotism how many different words I heard about patriotism? I think, each of us heard them much. To me it is more difficult as was born in the city of fighting Glory - Volgograd. It would seem, I already absorbed everyone and everything … An did not. Essentially I do not read to

news about the Crimea! As I understand that all news write as it is necessary for the customer. But I want to tell

about the feelings. Yesterday we were in the evening at the sea. Weather stood excellent: clear sky, sun and quiet sea. Already being going to leave, we paid attention that at the sea along all water area at distance visual contacts were built our warships. Yes, we heard that over our heads planes of different configurations rustle long ago, but that the country so to seek for preservation of the open spaces we did not notice. And me it was thought - patriotism, not only in what was, but it is more in what will be. Here I remembered how I was learned to respect glory and a feat of ancestors and as it is necessary to behave somewhere. And here it is simple - you raise the head and you understand that not some sanctions, but officers and sailors protect our dream and will make everything, but within the law that what moron could disturb my dream and a dream of many other citizens of the Great Country.

Of course, it is possible to abuse the power of Russia today, but only then when you live somewhere far, and you do not breathe air of its fields, mountains and woods. Or just when someone pays you for your opinion. I worked hard in the sphere about political sciences and understood the main thing - not important that is told, it is important that is done.

For me today full feeling that to us allowed “to inhale“ Greatness of the country. As if gave the chance to absorb aroma of heritage of the Great Power. Also told: “You know, and you are dear to us and we are ready to go on a lot of things for the sake of integrity of the country“.

Ya was born in Russia. Of course, differently I can estimate decisions of the government and the President for all summer of my life, but now completely I share aspiration of the power to integrity and support of our brothers in all countries.

Is clear that in the Crimea there is a lot of miscellaneous today, but as it is pleasant to realize to all of us here living that Russia is ready to protect us and to support. It is sure that all these events will be able to increase belief in the country at many Sons and her Daughters.