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Madrid. What it is possible to look in the city at?

Madrid - one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. And one of the most attractive to tourists city. Its name sounds as the refreshing fruit cocktail. And in translation from Arab “Madrid“ means “a deep source“. So by what it is so attractive?

This city has enormous art and cultural heritage. In it marvelously are combined medieval authentic architecture and large modern business - the centers, fine parks, the most interesting museums and one of the best in Europe night clubs. Any city visitor will find in him something to liking.

The airport of Madrid is located in only twelve kilometers from the city. And direct flights to it carry out practically all airlines of the world.

The continental climate of the Spanish capital does it hospitable practically at all seasons of the year. Summer here - roast, but very short. Winter - cool and rainy. And the fall and spring - are simply ideal for tourist visits.

Certainly, there will be few couple of days to get acquainted with the city and at least fluently to see all its sights. Palaces, squares, churches, the museums and parks of Madrid are worth it to see them with own eyes.

Well-known the Madrid museum of Prado is the precious casket storing unique collections of painting, sculptures and jewelry not only local masters, but also Dutch and Italian artists.

The Madrid Royal palace - one of the most popular illustrations on post cards. To admit, in reality it looks not less colourfully. It is the official royal residence. External and internal the furniture of the palace simply strikes. Interiors of the building are decorated with works of art - cloths of the famous masters. Besides, the exclusive collection of original Stradivarius violins, and also much ancient weapon is stored in the palace. Before an entrance to the palace there is a huge area. On it the monument to the famous character of Miguel de Cervantes - to Don Quixote is established.

The well-known stadium of Santiago Bernabeu is popular among fans of soccer. Not only matches of local “Real“, but also the largest European football duels take place at this stadium. It looks extremely! Besides, accomodates 80 thousand viewers who create just unreal fan atmosphere.

The San church - Antonio kept the original neoclassical style. The building was restored. Now there is a city museum. The place is unique the fact that in it the rare collection of fresco is collected. Since 1905 this place is declared by a national monument.

Madrid remarkably combines a spirit of the age and rate of modern Europe. What is the atmosphere of Madrid - not to express in words. It is worth arriving, inhaling personally its air, to walk on parks and the areas, to stand turn in the largest museums, to sit in cozy cafes and to glance to souvenir shops.

By the way, the prices of residence in Madrid - very different. Each tourist will be able to find the place on the purse - from smart five-stars hotels to democratic small hostels. The only thing what it is necessary to pay attention at the settlement to is an arrangement of hotel or hostel. It is better if you are able to reach the main sights on foot.

And in general, Madrid - very solar and very hospitable. All who visited it once surely left the coin in one of fountains symbolizing desire to come back again.