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Who will confirm your existence?

“Who I am and what I do here?“ - such amnesia can cover not only in the morning after a rough party. The person needs to be someone confirmed, and thousands of hours of positive affirmation in front of the mirror will not open true pleasure until in a flash somebody does not say: “You are something!“ What ways of social confirmation exist?

the Passport, diplomas, certificates

Information which confirms our sex, age, a blood type, a habitat and all useful merits before society. Even bums and hermits need recognition of their existence, free from identification.

the Husband, the wife, children, relatives - a so-called family

Can happen so that you are not necessary to none of this group of companions at all, at the same time and to suffer existence of such list of the immediate environment which by definition is obliged to accept you with all cockroaches, adds presence weight, and for some even sense of existence: “I live for children!“, “The family is the main thing!“

Work, a hobby, activity fruits

the Set of talents and abilities - piece relative and very subjective. To survive, people are not always engaged in what is pleasant and to discharge tension, carry away themselves different types of activity which cause interest and without violence motivate to get out of a bed and to live new day. At any deal, there is a wish for fruits, the finished cycle. Otherwise the nezavershenka beats mentality and weakens as well as ignoring of results.

Sex, sport, food

Instincts of a survival are eager for satisfaction. And though the body does not need such variety and amount of carnal pleasures, mind induces to search of confirmation through sex, sport and food, especially if in other spheres it is impossible to receive that fully.

the Love and friendship

of the Relation without the status oppress, and the few are capable of unconditional pure love. Religion, science, mysticism

Scientists recognize by

you as a unique phenomenon in the nature, mystics add to your physical body aura, an astral cover, energy and everything in what the science limited. And if no option of confirmation in this world suits you, there is God who gives absolute acceptance, forgiveness and such cool safe perfect counters as hope and belief. To receive such confirmation from above, you should most confirm authority of the absolute absolute and presence at yourself of soul, as regularly functioning conductor divine.

Why and why so everything is arranged?

“All our life - game …“, - the phrase of legendary Shakespeare who did not gain final recognition of the existence and talents gives version of the answer to the eternal philosophical questions “What For?“ and “Why?“ remarkable and convenient in every respect game attracts existence of rules and restrictions, notice, confirmed and accepted by others. Creativity begins when these rules can be brought to perfection or to avoid. For this purpose there are all tools and existence of the game field. Here and we have a good time …

And what with all this to do?

Yes anything. Everything depends on your desire. It is only necessary to remember that the desire causes intention, and intention motivates to act which always leads to certain consequences.

What gives own confirmation?

Next time when you have a melancholy for stars and doubts into the account, think how many it opens opportunities when the urgent need that someone another in the only thing or plural recognized you as the great personality entirely or in parts disappears. The bureaucracy exists for natural selection of players of universal scale: the more you should collect allowing documents, the you receive more limiting factors in the life, and this lovely occupation has the right for existence too.

A freedom of choice - the most powerful tool. It was necessary to understand as to use it.