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What is the children`s neuropsychology engaged in?

actively introduce in recent years the Children`s neuropsychology in psychological service of educational institutions. In what cases it is possible to address the neuropsychologist?

the Children`s neuropsychology is allocated in the separate direction, but her founder, as well as the general neuropsychology, there was Alexander Luriya. Its many works are devoted to development of the speech and intelligence in children. Subsequently other scientists, for example, Simernitskaya, Semenovich, Homskaya, Akhutina and other, developed the developing and psychocorrectional programs. Neuropsychologists are engaged both with healthy, and with sick children.

In modern conditions children often have problems with adaptation at school. Considering that children go to school in six years, many of them are not ready to intellectual and physical activities. Every year requirements of the school program become higher. Children behave badly, refuse to go to school, quickly are tired. Parents quite often ignore a problem, considering what will pass over time by itself. At the same time the child suffers itself and torments parents who consider him disobedient and uncontrollable. Besides, poor progress leads to different psychological problems. There are a fear, alarm, uncertainty in itself, feeling of “loser“, difficulty in communication with schoolmates.

It is possible to address the neuropsychologist if at the child note the following problems:

to the Child should go to school, and parents want to be convinced whether he answers norms of age development, that is whether it is ready to school loadings.

If it is difficult to span to study the child in group from - for features of the development, it has a constant poor progress. The frequent absent-mindedness, difficulties in storing of information, restlessness, a carelessness and so forth is noted.

If to the child it is difficult for span to consider, to write, read, and additional classes with teachers do not give visible improvements. For example, at a dyslexia there are difficulties in mastering reading at the sufficient level of intellectual development and the speech. It is difficult for child to put syllables in words, as a result he not really well understands read. Also there can be difficulties in mastering the letter.

the Child was born premature, there was a patrimonial trauma, he had infectious diseases to the first months of life, and also encephalitis, meningitis or is black - a brain trauma. In such cases it is necessary to define how these diseases were reflected in work of a brain. the Neuropsychologist works as

also with sick children. For example, if the child has a delay of mental development, then with it it is necessary to be engaged in addition with use of the special developing techniques. With children who lag behind in speech development carry out various correctional exercises. Unlike the logopedist, the neuropsychologist carries out diagnostics of that in the beginning, the certain sites of a brain which are responsible for development of these or those functions are how created. Consultation of the neuropsychologist is also necessary to children with such diagnoses as a syndrome of deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity (SDVG), autism, a tic, enuresis, an adynamy, psychosomatic states and so forth.

It is the best of all to carry out neuropsychological correction at preschool and younger school age. This results from the fact that at this age there are active processes of formation of a brain, and also early experience of development of the child undertakes in attention.

During consultation first of all carry out diagnostics by means of special exercises to define as far as development of the child meets age standards. Tests are carried out in the form of game exercises which allow to define degree of formation of communications between different sites of a brain.

After that correctional work is carried out. It passes in a type of game exercises too. They are directed to the touch and motive sphere of the child, development of small and large motility, memory, thinking, imagination, perception, the speech. The majority of exercises were developed by such scientists as A. Luriya, L. Tsvetkov, A. Semenovich, and are used by most of the practicing neuropsychologists. Occupations can individually take place or in small groups. Duration of psychocorrectional work depends on a level of development of the child. Also exercises need to be done houses that the result was more effective. Game - one of necessary conditions of development of children therefore the thicket that development of the child went a natural way should play houses.

Support of parents and the benevolent atmosphere in a family - one of the main conditions of the fact that the child will grow at healthy.